April to May skiing is providing perfect spring skiing conditions and so much snow this year that we’ll be skiing in June. A short month round of skiing below.Lyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_copyright_3Janet Summit To Sea directLyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_copyrightAtlantic dolphins visiting the Lyngen Fjord and passing our boat within only a few metersLyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_copyright_1Skiing by boat from from the lodge to ski on UløyaLyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_copyright_2David ski touring in Norway high above the fjordsLyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_copyright_4Gail from Scotland on Uløya with the Lyngen Alps in the back groundLyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_copyright_5Northern Norway all year roundLyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_copyright_6Still fjord makes for wonderful reflections across to the Lyngen AlpsLyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_copyright_7Spirit of Lyngen transporting skiers from the Lyngen Lodge to the north for skiingLyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_copyright_9The midnight sun is looming and the light is simply spectacular over the northern horizonskiing_by_boat_norway_4Matts showing just how it’s done in the deep powder entering the forestskiing_by_boat_norway_5Smoking powder on Sorbmegaisaskiing_by_boat_norway_1Beach drop off with the family!skiing_by_boat_norway_2Yeps here I amskiing_by_boat_norway_3Across the wond blow summit region of Blåtinden UløyaLyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_copyright_5Burkhard’s group headed to Blåtinden and the conditions are brilliant after the heavy snow that løanded in the Lyngen Alps region

April 4 – is heaven the place where it snows in the night and only sunshine during the day? Well if it is then I’ve arrived.skiing_Lyngen_alps_Norway_1The best day, perfect powder, low avalanche risk, sunshine and good company!skiing_Lyngen_alps_Norway_2Gemma deep in the white cloudskiing_Lyngen_alps_Norway_3Jamie powering downskiing_Lyngen_alps_Norway_4Simon in top gear to the sea belowskiing_Lyngen_alps_Norway_5Mark thinking of booking another tripskiing_Lyngen_alps_Norway_6It’s time to cancel your flight home and rethink the career path…skiing_Lyngen_alps_Norway_7Jamie in the lower section just entering the forestskiing_Lyngen_alps_Norway_8Mid mountain on the ascentskiing_Lyngen_alps_Norway_9Upwards with wonderful views over the northern part of the Lyngen Fjordskiing_Lyngen_alps_Norway_10One ascent is not enough so we did it 3 times…

April 2 – heavy snow (powder snow) fell again mid morning providing incredible skiing through the Kåfjord trees. Temperatures remain lower than forecasted and the powder really dry and cold. Check the action… 🙂skiing_Lyngen_alps_2
Gemma full power turns into the deep snow of the forestskiing_Lyngen_alps_1
Dougal getting the powder rush above the trees on Sorbmegaisaskiing_Lyngen_alps_4
Simon and Gemma sharing turns on the ramp above the treesskiing_Lyngen_alps_5
Mark’s first time to Lyngen and maybe not his lastskiing_Lyngen_alps_3
Ripping some sweet lines between the birch treesskiing_Lyngen_alpsGo BIG or…
Go Home…!

April 1 – Welcoming another week and 3rd time returners from the UK – The Ashwell family and Dirk and Gertrud from Belgium. Other first time guests from the UK, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, full name mentions later in the week with photos. Great conditions prevail at the lodge this week with powder and empty mountains!Lyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_AustickGraham’s group with Jamie and co, it’s his third week visit and a new descent for him today down Uløytinden in smoking powpowLyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_1Gemma approaching the first summit of day Kjelvågtinden on UløyaLyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_2Anyone fancy a cod head? These fellas are hung to dry for 3 months then shipped to Africa for fish head soup, yummy & healthy…Lyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_3Doug (Lukas group) off the boat with skis in handLyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_4The Ashwell family left to right Jamie, mark, Simon and GemmaLyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_7Daniel Schliefsteiner and Yves from SwitzerlandLyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_8Daniel’s group heading up through prestine powder snow.skiing_in_Lyngen_Norway9Excellent telemarker in action – Juan getting low down on Sorbmegaisaskiing_in_Lyngen_Norway5Fernando shreading the pow on Uløyaskiing_in_Lyngen_Norway11Happy days Lukas’s group loving Blåtinden’s excellent views over the Lyngen Alpsskiing_in_Lyngen_Norway1Skipper mat wading in for a beach drop offskiing_in_Lyngen_Norway3Juan above the Spirit of Lyngen on Arnøya Islandskiing_in_Lyngen_Norway8Lukas guiding in actionskiing_in_Lyngen_Norway2It’s been windy, no lunch stop here…skiing_in_Lyngen_Norway4If you have a good pair of binoculars Alvaro would see the back of his head!skiing_in_Lyngen_Norway7Diego heading down for a beach pick up with the ski boat back to the lodgeskiing_in_Lyngen_Norway6Pepe showing the young guns how to shread itskiing_in_Lyngen_NorwayEnrique Jr. enjoying the snow down to the sea on ArnøyaLyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_3

March 21 – NRK Norway national TV station arrived to film our operations for a safety documentary for education which will appear soon on in Norway. Luckily the weather was perfect sunshine and no wind which provided ideal conditions for a glacier day on the Strupbreen and an island traverse of Uløya for both groups.

Lyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_AustickIn Sync across the Strupbreen Glacier

Lyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_1It’s a long way up from the boat

summLyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_2Sweet line down Blåtindenskiing_Lyngen_alps_2_1Strong winds provided high lenticular clouds over the fjord, great views in still good snowskiing_Lyngen_alps_1_1It’s a rock in the forest! Not a too close to the edge cornice moment! Left to right David, Sandy, orange hat Patrick! and Charlieskiing_Lyngen_alps_4_1There are several way on how to ski over streams, this is recommended way…skiing_Lyngen_alps_3_1High on Uløya with Mikal’s groupskiing_Lyngen_alps_3John from the UK closing in on the South summit of Storhaugenskiing_Lyngen_alps_4Less wind today made for a pleasant ascent where the scenery could be enjoyed rather than the view of the inside of your jacket hood!skiing_Lyngen_alps_1Steve getting loud cheers for his outstanding King Crab creationsskiing_Lyngen_alps_2The long Viking style dining table is cosy, social and sometimes noisy with BIG ski stories!!!skiing_in_Lyngen_alps_1_1This is why we ski… powder, blue sky and deep inky blue fjord below. Nice turns!skiing_in_Lyngen_alps_4Powder to the arm pits? Mid mountain on the spectacular Gillivarri high above Olderdalen in Kåfjordskiing_in_Lyngen_alps_3Florian’s group left to right Sojiro, Marika, Richard and Fredskiing_in_Lyngen_alps_2Marika making the journey from Japan was worth every turn of the 20.000 miles!skiing_in_Lyngen_alps_5Lyngen Alps behind, the Lyngen Fjord below and Gillivarri under the feetskiing_in_Lyngen_alps_6That’s deep snow right there, Gillivarri taking most of the deepest snow this last stormskiing_in_Lyngen_alps_1Fred in actionskiing_in_Lyngen_alps_8Stefan’s group summiting out.Lyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_16Natalia lapping up the fun with powder from top to bottomLyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_17Mariko from Japan deep down in the powLyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_15Endless turns directly to the beach and a cold beer on ice waiting on the boat!!Lyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_AustickJust what the doctor ordered – waist deep powder lighter than Japan!Lyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_1Richard heading for a tight gap in the trees and looking like he isn’t wanting to stop for any photoLyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_6Ski touring in Norway at it’s best and the mountains above the Lyngen Lodge offer direct access to the best skiing on bad weather days in the Lyngen AlpsLyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_7Sorjiro heading up in the trees above the lodgeLyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_8A brief opening in the clouds allowed a perfect descent from the summit. Then the clouds came back and it’s snowed ever since none stop!Lyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_11Mid mountain on StorhaugenLyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_12Our classic home mountain and so fine she is…skiing_in_Lyngen_5A brief opening in the clouds between heavy snow bursts gave us a wonderful view down the fjord todayskiing_in_Lyngen_2Smiles all round with Stefan guide, Anne and Malcolm gearing up for the day aheadskiing_in_Lyngen_3Olli the sauna king from Finland, about to lay the skin on his “water skis”skiing_in_Lyngen_6The forests of the Lyngen Alps, kåfjord and Troms in general are all birch trees which provide great dry bark for starting BBQ’s and photo props!skiing_in_Lyngen_1Pernilla our sausage queen seemingly very motivated to get the BBQ into actionski_touring_norway_2High on the Sormegaisa Plateau with a cold wind making lunch a quick stop onlyski_touring_norway_1Swiss power, close to the top, the lodge right belowski_touring_norway_3The top ramp is nicely angled to let the skis run…ski_touring_norway_4Swiss power!ski_touring_norwayHeading up the middle ridge of Sorbmegaisa with the Lyngen Fjord and the Lyngen Lodge visible left corner of photo.Snow_shoeing_norway_4Reaching the wonderful point of Dalbergen over the Lyngen FjordSnow_shoeing_norway_1From left to right Neville, Caroline, Jan and Ilene claiming victorySnow_shoeing_norway_2Tracks from a lynx wandering through winter landscape

Dogsledding and ice fishing have been favourite activities for our January visitors. Strong northern lights have provided exciting evening shows and there’s more to come for those of you due a visit with us in February.Snow_mobile_Lyngen_Lodge_Norway_1Snow mobile tour to see the winter solstice
Snow_mobile_Lyngen_Lodge_Norway_2Megumi and Matt
Snow_mobile_Lyngen_Lodge_Norway_3Wonderful route through picturesque scenery
Snow_mobile_Lyngen_Lodge_Norway_4The light to the south remains intensely coloured for around 4 hoursLyngen_Lodge_Norway_1Polar light through the day, this magical light lasts 5 hours
Lyngen_Lodge_Norway_2Veronika and Finlay out for spot of fishing
Lyngen_Lodge_Norway_3Back to basics – hunting and collecting. One nice cod for dinner.
Lyngen_Lodge_Norway_4It’s almost dark but the light still shines on the mountains from the hidden sunLyngen AlpsIt has arrived! Snow, snow, snow. We are crazy for skiing. The ski season began with a quick ski… ok it was on the roof of the lodge but it still counts!!!
Piste_To_Powder_-_Graham_Austick_1_1The feeling the snow gives you is undescribable – You feel you could fly with the eagles
Piste_To_Powder_-_Graham_Austick_2_1OK, no big mountain but it feels so good to slide again even if on the lodge roof….
Piste_To_Powder_-_Graham_Austick_3_1Kastle skis youngest sponsored skier – (lowest in the photo!) Finlay (6 months) gets some ski action with papa!DSC_7887Laurence first day at exploring the fun of a glacier day
DSC_7906Louisa loving the giant freezer
DSC_8001River boat tour up to Norththern Norway’s highest waterfall – Mollisfossen
DSC_8071Sea Kayaking with Tom in the Lyngen Fjord
DSC_8100The amazing hike to Rotsund high mountain lake
Trekking Holidays NorwayOld trees mark the path
Reindeers NorwayRebecca Street and Steve finding a herd of reindeer high up on Uloya island
Photo: Rebecca Street
Walking Holidays NorwayThey seemed to like the snow, keeping cool in the summer warmth along the coast
Photo: Rebecca Street
Glacier Adventure Lyngen LodgeJumping across a deep blue gap. The ice is brilliant blue on sunshine days
Glacier Adventure NorwayLearning the skills before the real climbing starts
Ice Climbing Lyngen LodgeLowering by rope into a crevasse is the best way to feel the magesty of the inside of a glacier
IMG_4361There is only one way out! Rebecca drawing on her rock climbing experience
Ice Climbing Lyngen LodgeSteve showing great skill and strength for his first day ever on ice
Ice Climbing Lyngen AlpsThe glacier day is open for all active and experienced mountain walkers. Rebecca Street on her way up from another blue experience

Lyngen_Lodge_-_Graham_AustickIt’s a whopper – 170m down into the narrow gorge
Lyngen_Lodge_-_Graham_Austick_3On the bridge with Ian, Sue, Laurence and Luisa
Lyngen_Lodge_-_Graham_Austick_4Visiting the historic copper mine
Lyngen_Lodge_-_Graham_Austick_2A lunch spot with a drop!!!

photo_1The scenic and peaceful Strupbreen. Only accessible via boat. Our new boat for the summer sport “The Cod Father”
IMG_1035Reindeers greet us as we arrived onto the beach
IMG_1078Ice adventure with a tour through the labyrinth of ice corridors
IMG_1062Checking out the techniques before the real ice climbing…
IMG_1074Anke showing talent for her first try ever at ice climbing and the rope makes it more relaxed!
IMG_1075Stefan showing how it’s done! Climbing out from a very blue slot in the ice.DSC_6307Pernilla hiking the trail up the ridge above the waterfall
DSC_6152River boat up towards the Mollisfossen waterfall
DSC_6238Frank and Gabriel at the foot of the rainbow
DSC_6214Pernilla feeling free
DSC_6336On board for the journey down river
DSC_6332BBQ Lyngen Lodge style – reindeer burgers!Lyngen Fjord TromsøSummer season has begun with an incredible nature tour to Reisa Valley. So much wildlife in one day, moose, reindeer, golden eagles and the icing on the cake was a once in a life time sight of a wild Wolverine from 20 meters distance. A truly brilliant start to the season.
DSC_2329_2The chances of seeing a wolverine in the wild face to face is like winning the lottery. As we paddled down river he seemed just as interested in us as we were of him as he scurried along the river bank! I fumbled for my camera in the shock and managed to capture him in a panic as the canoe rolled from side to side in the current. He’s an aggressive hunter for reindeer, a lonesome traveller and extraordinary rare. Think of him as a cross between a bear and a badger type animal which moves like a Komodo Dragon!
DSC_2216Over the hanging bridge
DSC_2223An exposed cliff walk with a safety cable makes the heart race
DSC_2235It’s off to Imofosen and the unique “Box Canyon” waterfall
DSC_2245Up the ladder through the rock garden
DSC_2254The terrain is almost fairy tale like with hidden lakes and mesmerizing reflections
DSC_2264The river before the waterfall
DSC_2281Sheer power and volume as it plunges into the box canyon
DSC_2323Down river in the open canoe
DSC_2237Reindeers beside the river
DSC_2342Mid river the Mollisfosen waterfall is in full flow
DSC_2348The powerful spray almost knocks Tom over. Nature in full force