APRIL 2008


May 2– It is now our final day for the week and the team are ready for a grand finale… It’s been warm again overnight so I had to pull out of the Kagen tour I had in mind and instead opted for an equally beautiful tour but on a lower safer angle. We headed over to Uloya for a east west traverse. The fjord was again millpond calm without a ripple in site for the 20 minute journey to the start point. Luckily it clouded over slightly keeping the heat of sun at bay for the morning walk. We reached the Blaatinden summit at 2pm and skied to zone 4 beach pick up where Peter was waiting. Stop Press: It was time for the first season swim for me!! It had to be done, a quick strip down to the undies (no Speedo’s!) and dived in for a quick splash round the natural rocky bay. The proof of the cold water was not a pleasant sight!! I’d like to thank all three groups for a great fun week and looking forward to welcoming all again next season or in a few years 🙂Week09_01
It’s a Spring day and we’re heading off to Uloya for a traverse of the islandWeek09_02
The lakes are opening and the fish are waking up. Photo: Konrad BartelskiWeek09_03
High up on the ridge as the cloud cover increasesWeek09_04
Elisabeth made it out of the office and joined us today for a few turns. Photo: Konrad BartelskiWeek09_05
Contemplating the swim….I did go for it… Photo: Konrad BartelskiWeek09_06
Konrad Bartelski (Olympic Skier UK) rounds up the week with a few stories of the groups antics

May 1– The happy new month brought sunshine and zero wind so the fjord was flat calm with wonderful reflections off all the mountains. Due to warm air and the wet snow it was best to start early or keep to north aspects and not too steep terrain, so my group headed up the north flank of Nordmannviktinden which dominates the eastern side of the Lyngen Fjord, it boasts a huge northern flank which provides seemingly endless turns and today it provided a super ski in sensational classic fjord scenery. The snow was quite frozen above 700m (on north aspects only) and softened up only around 3pm. The lower slopes below 600m were saturated and any terrain above 30+ degrees was at danger from releasing. Kurt and Franz headed for the Uloya traverse and skied Blaatinden for a zone 4 pick up. Photos today from the Nordmannviktinden.Week09_07
Skiining up NordmannviltindenWeek09_08
Lucinda’s sunshineWeek09_09
Billy going for air over VagastindenWeek09_10
Competition was hot as Dan launches and Billy hikes us again for moreWeek09_11
Dan cruising the lower slopes of Nordmannvik

April 30– A warm clear and sunny day, we’ve been plunged into instant summer! I’m sure it’s only short lived but it has saturated the snowpack causing a high risk of wet avalanches which as a result has dictated the locations where we have to ski. Basically we have to remain under 30 degrees which is no problem as the terrain behind the lodge is perfect for that. I headed up to Storehaugen and skied the north ridge down towards Uloya Island. It’s the first time I’ve skied this line and was super impressed with the rolling pitches (the photo of Laura skiing is from this line) Kurt headed off to the Nordmannviktinden but due to the heavy snow he had a picnic instead and watched a pair of sea eagles chasing each other in the sky. Franz headed up the Nordmannvik valley and skied good slush and had a load of fun with his mad group. We all arrived back at the lodge around 4pm and had a BBQ outside in the sun.Week09_12
Wind still day and reflections in the fjord uptowards Storehaugen above homeWeek09_13
Konrad and ocean reflectionsWeek09_14
Laura skiing the north face line from Storehaugen down towards Uloya and the open fjord to the northWeek09_15
Julian from Franzi’s group enjoying the dayWeek09_16
Lucinda and Carrie first time for the reindeer steak served for dinner

April 29– A clear night froze the snow slightly, so we decided on a traverse of the northern tip of the peninsular from Gamvik over the glacier to reach the summit of Store Galten. This fantastic line offers a huge ski in breathtaking scenery over the ocean and isolated islands north of Lyngen. Kurt and I joined forces and enjoyed really a super day. The weather is delivering warm weather so the snow is turning soft very quickly. Franz skied two lines with his group on the Sorbmegaiser and Store Haugen behind the lodge. The weather will continue to be warm for a few days still, so it’s spring skiing for the rest of the week and it’s time for swimming as it’s so warm! Watch this space for the next loonies to go swimming! Photos today from the Store Galten. Weather +10. Avalanche grade 2 at am and 3+ risk of self releasing wet avalanches in the mid day to afternoon.Week09_17Lucinda, Daniel and Laura skinning up the Gamvik Glacier towards Store Galten at the head of the Peninsula
Laura and the last few meters before the summit
Sweet reflections on the water and in the mind – the Store Galten is a classic descent in tremendous scenery
In total wind still conditions it’s perfect for mountain relections in the fjords
Bow pick up on the western side of the Lyngen Peninsula

April 28– A cloudy start and quite warm today so the snow was already a little spring like in the early hours. Kurt Wolf’s group headed of to the Strupbreen Glacier for a Tafeltinden summit and Franz and I headed to Uloya for a traverse of Blaatinden south to west. The snow was really spring skiing at altitudes of 1000m to 500m then it was like skiing through porridge which made negotiating the trees a little challenging . It’s now a clear evening and it will freeze tonight proving I think really good corn snow for tomorrow. Photos today from a little boating adventures and climbing. Avalanche grade 3 (wet avalanches on all aspects above 35 degrees) +10 degrees. Light SW wind.
The wild one ibex from Tirol – Kurti at the helm

The troops loaded and ready for action
Calm sea makes for great bow landings – Mark disembarking here in Strupbreen opposite the lodge with Kurt’s group
My guys high on the Blaatinden traverse with the Lyngen Peninsula on the right side
Gotta love your skins

April 27– We welcome our 9th week of guests with three groups at the lodge this week. We have Kurt Wolf guide from St.Anton with 4 guests. Laura Westmacott’s group of friends guided by myself and Franz including
Mr. Konrad Bartelski who we are pleased to see is loving the transition from downhill racer to ski tourer!
Kurt headed up to Storehaugen and Franz and I headed up to Sorbmegaiser to grab the last of powder snow before the warm sun and temperatures snap it up. The day was unusually warm but we skied spring snow on the west facing slopes and soft powdery snow on the shaded north west. The trees were like porridge best just to go straight and make sure both legs end up the same side of the tree. Photos today from Sorbmegaiser.
+10 at sea level – sunshine and avalanche grade 3 with wet avalanche risk below 600m on S,W & E slopes.
Kurt leaving the lodge up towards Storehaugen
My team enjoying the spring temperatures
Konrad living the moment and wondering where his other glove is….
Happy chickas – Emma and Carrie found the schnapps filled ski poles from Germany a great help for climbing up…
Konrad Bartelski – no down hill gates in sight the finish line is only the fjord below
Not sure what’s going on here but we found a rare species climbing up a rock – it’s anyone’s guess what the pole is doing ……??

April 26
– It is transfer day but I managed to swing in a days guiding for two visiting journalists, Oscar and Suzanne from Campo Base a outdoor magazine from Spain. We headed up to Storehaugen for some powder action. It was an amazing day for the weather, clear skies and powder above 600m. It’s amazing what the sun does for moral and the scenery and visibility today over the ocean was incredibly amazing. Our new groups arrived and they’re ready for the off tomorrow.
Oscar Journalist from Spain skining up with an ocean back drop – a sight hard to believe exists while skiing.
The summit ridge to the southern summit of Storehaugen
Open slopes – let it rip

April 25– Aghh finally the sun! High pressure has moved in and kicked the clouds out!! It was a cold start with – 6 and the snow is now showing signs of positive bonding. For the last day our groups needed to experience what skiing in Lyngen is all about. The plan was a traverse of Blaatinden on Uloya Island, this would provide super scenery and a great ski down the west face for a boat beach pick up. The result was good…. powder, sunshine, scenery and smiling faces…. It was a challenging week with good skiing but challenging visibility. We had an after-ski BBQ out the front of the lodge over looking the fjord. I’ll be back Sunday with a new report. Our new group from the UK and Austria will be arriving Saturday afternoon. Photos today from Franzi and myself.
Dick Jackson’s group from Aspen Expeditons heading out to Blaatinden
The Spirit of Lyngen carving on a mill pond fjord day….
High up on the Blaatinden ridge… now they see what skiing in Lyngen is all about
Toby Mace skiing the classic Lyngen line down to the fjord for a boat beach pickup

April 24– A cloudy start with warm temperatures. Avalanche grade 3 and 3 degrees at sea level. The guides meeting this morning was to discuss the complicated snow pack that we have at present. Both groups stayed fjord side (west facing above the lodge) these slopes offer the most favourable conditions but the avalanche grade is considerable at 3. Dickie boy skied up behind the lodge to our favourite Storehaugen (Reindeer Mountain) and Franz and the gang headed down to Olderdalen for an excellent ski on Gillivarri. The snow pack seems to be showing some improved signs of stabilizing but only on this western aspect. The weather is improving with tomorrow giving our first day of sun in over 8 days! There were smiles today as the powder was good above 600m 🙂
Picco skinning up at the lodge with his new prototype ski from Pieps the transceiver brand
Tina just loving the lat light!
Jack from the US could be the first 8 year old guided by Dick to ski the lodge line from Storehaugen
Franzi finding the way in good snow but low visibility

April 23– Warm conditions are continuing which is saturating the snow pack below 500m creating soggy skiing conditions, above 500m to 1000m the fresh snow from over the past week is accumulating to high amounts which is creating a critical avalanche risk on terrain in excess of 30 degrees. As a result groups are being extremely cautious in route planning and today no progress was made above 700m where snow tests on the slab layers were made and the results were such that 700m was the turn around height. The best skiing was just above the tree line on the Rotsunddalen, two valleys behind the lodge. It was an early afternoon finish and we made use of the time by presenting our avalanche seminar and discussion to Franzi’s and Picco’s group.
Heading up above the Rotsunddalen heavy snow conditions on the mountain are proving a little tough
Shereen at the top of the forest – Rotsunddalen provides great open forest.

April 22– Groups today headed to Uloya and Sorbmegaiser. The conditions are similar to yesterday although a significant amount of snow fell at altitude. Dick Jackson and crew and headed for an ascent of Kjelvagtinden and reported heavy cloud cover above 600m but good snow and powdery above 700m. Franz and Picco headed to Sorbmegaiser and reported excellent snow above 700m although increasing risk of slabs due some weaknesses up 60cm within the snowpack. The conditions seems to be continuing throughout the week with a warmer trend to temperatures. Photos today of boating and ski jungle skiing!
Dick Jackson boarding the Spirit of Lyngen for a journey to the “Island” he’s off to Uloya.
Some breaks in the cloud appear between the snow showers throughout the day
The terrible twins…. taking tree skiing to a new dimension…

April 21– Warm temperatures prevail from a north westerly direction providing spring like skiing conditions with a little heavy snow for skiing. Temperatures raising to +3 degrees at SL and the visibility is variable and avalanche risk increasing in localized areas due to past wind and warm temps. Routes this week will be carefully planned to suit the conditions. Franz and Picco headed to the island of Uloya to ski Kvelvagtinden which due to the weather and visibility it’s really the best and safest choice for the day. The group had fun in the Spirit of Lyngen to the drop off and reported good skiing right down to beach for a 3.30pm pick up. Dick Jackson headed to Sormegaiser as the views opened up mid morning and reported heavy snow in the forest but compact enough to carve through and stay on top. Photo from Franzi’s group today.
The group: Left to right, Ian, Charlotte, Simon,Bertrand, Neil, Philip, Toby, Tina, Picco and Franz
Low tide means a high climb up to the pier for today’s drop off.
Up through the nature reserve home to moose…..
Down through the forest some lines are tighter than others but they all look the same from above!

April 20– Week 8 welcomes Dick Jackson IFMGA guide from Aspen USA and friends and also a group from PTP guided by Franz and Picco from our St.Anton team. The weather is… hmmm how can I say it, well a little unpredictable…. one minute snowing, the next a little sun and the snowing again, great news actually as the skiing is quality and very powdery for April but the flat light does pose a extra challenge for planning. As it’s the first day Storehaugen above the lodge is the best mountain for familiarization of the area, so all skiers headed out in various directions up towards the summit for a warm up day. Temperatures are -1 degrees at SL and -8 up top. Avi grade 2/3. Photos today from Dick’s and Franzi’s group.
Dick Jackson and Chadwick leaving base
Franzi heading up the excellent skiing slopes of Storehaugen (Reindeer Mountain)
Chadwick enjoying first turns above the water
Fish buffet for tonight’s meal includes cray fish, salmon and Russian King Crabs
This weeks crew spread as far as USA, Canada and the UK

April 13
– We welcome our 7th week of guests and it’s full house with 16 and two guides. Franzi is over from St.Anton and taking one of the groups along with myself. The day started with a rather large breakfast! Then my group headed out in the boat Spirit of Lyngen to ascend the Kvelvagtinden on Uloya. The sun has shone and it’s the first day which really feels spring like and the snow is now softer producing some signs of corn snow skiing. We headed up and reached the summit at 2pm, the descent was hard pack turning to soft snow lower down. We skied a new line which I haven’t tried before through an exciting gully system that worked it’s way through the forest….super fun kind of like a giant half pipe which avoided all the usual bush whacking on this side of the island. Franzi skied Storehaugen and found good snow in a shaded gully before having a good run through the forest above the lodge. Photos from my group on Uloya today.
Disembarking in Havnnes – an ancient fishing settlement on Uloya Island
Drying fish city (torfiske) they hang for 3 months until crusty then eaten
Chris, Davis, John, Barney and Peter heading to the summit with the Lyngen Fjord behind and below.
Peering over the summit ridge with the Rotsund below
Peter carving the hard pack snow towards the beach
Crusing the Lyngen Fjord at 30 knots towards our drop off location
Ascending through the open forests of birch trees
Now high up heading toward Blaatinden summit with the Lyngen fjord and Peninsula in the background
Enjoying a spectacular summit lunch stop with Kagen Island in the distance below
Brian Griffiths lapping up the sheltered powder in the west gully of Blaatinden.

April 14– A proper Arctic weather day with strong winds whipping up a swell in the fjord,on the mountain the wind chill made for quick lunches on the summit and a fast ski down to the hot-tub! Franz headed to Uloya (Island) and skied about 10cm of fresh snow down the west face providing good skiing in mixed light. Photos from his trip today as my camera died after the 2nd picture (probably from over use!!) Franz used the boat and the group enjoyed a little bounce about on the 1.5 meter waves. My group headed to Storbmegaiser which proved once again that this mountain offers great skiing whatever the weather. Some snow is forecast over the next days but we seem to be in a turbulent weather system that doesn’t seem to know what it’s doing – but if it was always sunny that would be boring!
Arctic weather produced sporty sea conditions which add a little adrenaline into the mix
Helmets on in the boat… I want to know who was driving?!
On route up to the summit with a strong wind blowing
Hester and Kate diving into dinner after a cold day warmed by hot-tub, beer and a buffet dinner…

April 15– Kagen Island to the north of the lodge was the plan for the day for my group and Franz headed up behind the lodge to Sorbmegaiser to search for some powder after last nights light snow fall. My guys headed to the boat for 9am and cruised north through moderate swell for a good ride to the drop zone on the beach of Kagen. The weather changed to flat light and light snow which made me divert from the original plan to an alternative line where we ended up skinning twice to reach a high col dividing two couloirs. The scenery was super impressive and the ski matched. A good adventure today, Kagen delivers again!
Climbing the final stages to reach the col. The descent is right down to the sea, it’s a long valley with great variable terrain.
Peter digging a snow hole over lunch to shelter from a little wind – way too much energy!
Ian Filby (Mr.Boots chemist) – with his new anti ageing cream he’s ready for any descent in flat light.

April 16– Temp 0 degrees SL, Avalanche grade 2. A sunny start to the day was followed by heavy snowfall which began falling around 2pm. Franz headed with Spirit of Lyngen to Kagen for an island traverse and I headed inland into the Rostsundalen for an ascent of the impressive Svartfjellet with it’s towering rockwalls dominating the surrounding scenery. The weather front approached quickly and high winds at the col sent us back home without lunch at the top as it was just too cold to hang around. The ski down was good although the light was flat until we reached the trees. Tonight we have a few visitors arriving from Discovery Channel including “Who Want’s To Be A Millionaire” (yes please) host Chris Tarrant as he is shooting a documentary on Lyngen and featuring the lodge for the skiing section. So hopefully he’ll enjoy the fresh lobsters we’re going to feed them. Firstly they have to fish em out of the hot tub!
On route to Svartfjellet
Towering rockwalls on all sides makes for an atmospheric ascent
Steve Banfield making sure both feet keep the same side of the tree…..
Safely back home and it’s still snowing

April 17– heavy snow fall over night and powder conditions on the mountain. Temperatures hovering around 0 degrees at sea level so the snow was heavy up to the tree line then becoming very light above 500m. With low visibility we decided the best option was to climb our home mountain from the back door Storehaugen (Reindeer Mountain Sami name) it’s simply a great ski with spaced forest and constant angled slopes to the summit. Our descent began in cloud but vision soon improved 100m below the summit where we skied three long sections of great powder before we stopped and skinned back up to 1000m and skied it again, this time right through my favourite forest line skiing between the birches and hopping off the rocks and buried tree stumps to end back at the lodge. p.s unfortunately no millionaires today after Chris Tarrants visit, there were no questions about skiing so we were all a bit stumped!
Fresh snow today motivated the team for a descent of the home mountain
The silence of the forest always makes for a peaceful start to the day
Peter very close to wiping me out, but I got this shot before diving for cover…
Barny enjoying the fresh
Happy dayz

April 18– A welcome present …30cm of powder fell over night. -2 degrees in the morning and the avalanche grade rose to 3. A great day to wrap up the week for our two groups. No boat was needed as the best skiing for the conditions today were definitely up behind the lodge. Storehaugen is moderately angled and favourable after fresh snow and generally provides safe powder skiing lines. We took a slightly alternative route to yesterday and reached the southern summit where we could enjoy views of the dramatic summit ridge that divides the mountain. The weather cleared slightly but there were still dark clouds swirling over the fjord below creating a surreal atmosphere for the ski down. A little party has begun and the hot tub seems to be the centre of it!! Apparently rolling in snow is good for the health and as for the Scandinavian birch whippings….. well you have to be here to experience that 🙂
Leaving late morning as the weather slowly began to clear across the fjord
Super snow mid mountain – Peter lapping up the fluff
The forest …here I come
Steve B surfs up…
It’s clean fun at the hot tub
Room for a few more?

Week 6 – April 6
. First day for the new ones and we welcome Brian and John Griffiths from the USA, Oliver and Harry from the UK, Tappo and Jerome from NL, Henry Druce from the Daily Mail UK, and Janicke from Norway.
It has been snowing heavily with 20cm of fresh powder, the visibility was low so we headed up behind the lodge for a warm up day to Storehaugen and enjoyed good skiing especially in the trees. Today is quite a special day as it’s exactly two 2 years since I lost my camera on this mountain. It was then found by local John Johansen, which after returning it to me led to a series of events that made the Lyngen Lodge project become actual…so it’s a large party tonight as John, his wife Kristin and daughter Solfrid are coming for dinner.
John from Utah enjoying the Norwegian trees and Artcic conditions!
Two years on and writing in the book that led to the lodge being built.
On the summit fo Storehaugen (Reindeer Mountain) and not a mountain of fjord to be seen…. weather forecast is looking sunny from tomorrow onwards, so with this fresh snow it’s looking promising.

April 7– It’s been a perfect sunny day, so as planned we headed north in the boat Spirit of Lyngen to the island of Oloya to make a traverse and take in the summit of Blaatinden. En route it was evident that the wind had been blowing hard during the night which had changed the snow quality a little. We had a sheltered bowl planned which I hoped had escaped the wind and would offer 1200m of fall line powder. We arrived on the summit at 2pm and the bowl we planned to ski down the west face was in fact really good snow and the group enjoyed hooning down towards the beach. Five photos from today.
Cruising the Lyngen Fjord at 30 knots towards our drop off location
Ascending through the open forests of birch trees
Now high up heading toward Blaatinden summit with the Lyngen fjord and Peninsula in the back ground
Enjoying a spectacular summit lunch stop with Kagen Island in the distance below
Brian Griffiths lapping up the sheltered powder in the west gully of Blaatinden.

April 8– Toptastic! It was a day for a journey as the weather was super good with no wind and sunshine all day. The boat was packed up ready for sea and we headed off opposite the lodge towards the Strupbreen Glacier for a ascent of the Tafeltinden 1395m. This route is amazingly beautiful as you pass peaked summits and jagged glaciers all with a back drop over the sea below. We reached the summit at 3pm and skied down the long long descent back to the beach where the Spirit of Lyngen was waiting with beer to take us back to the lodge and the hot tub!
Upwards above the Lyngen Fjord on the main Peninsula heading for Tafeltinden on the Stupbreen.
The mighty Lenangstinden 1575m dominates the skyline enroute up the glacier
Janicke on the summit
Glacial ice formations break up the sea of ice on the Strupbreen
First steep turns of the day as Brian from the US drops in the south east face of Tafeltinden
The next route, dropping into the hot tub….

April 9– A cloudy start but by 10am the sun had burnt through to leave a cloudless sky which seemed perfect for our ascent of Kagen island west face and a descent of the east taking in the summit of Store Kagtinden. This is one of my favourite summits as you climb the steep slopes with incredible views over the high summits of the Lyngen Peninsula. At around 900 meters the wind grew to ferocious strength beating us back from the summit ridge so we decided to escape the wind and ski the west face back down the beach which actually offered good skiing on grippy snow. We headed home and although we didn’t reach the summit we did catch two large cod for dinner! We are also happy to welcome friends from Janicke one of our guests. They are travelling on a sail boat and popped in for dinner. Six photos from today.
Skinning up Kagen west face, loving that backdrop!
Henry, Tappo and Franz working it on the steep climb up. Conditions were quite hard pack today
The wind grew and blew hard forcing us to turn at 1000m
Franz over from St.Anton for 4 weeks guiding in Lyngen – cranking it
Tappo Summit to Sea’ing
A full table with drop in guests from a sail boat who came to visit friends staying with us this week.

April 10– After the wind from yesterday it was a day for hunting out a sheltered mountain with some softer snow – Alas!! we had to look no further than Sorbmegaiser right behind our back door, she never fails to deliver a good ski when I really need it! Due to the different terrain features and large rocky walls on the southern side creates a sheltered area that keeps the snow well. It really felt like a another mountain range compared to yesterday but we enjoyed 1000m of undisturbed powder down the south west ramp that offers perfect angled terrain to crank large turns. A good day today, thank you…
Super lines along the ridge behind the lodge – today heading up to Sorbmegaiser
Tappo lapping up the bonus powder mid mountain
Oli on the upper south west flank
Henry Druce getting inspired for his magazine article for the Daily Mail… remember to stop at the bottom…
A born tree magnet – Tappo homing in!

April 11– Sunshine -6 degrees. Avalanche grade 2/3. Today was tremendous and could well be the tour of the season so far. To find powder we had to go inland away from the fjord so we drove to the Rotsunddalen tucked away behind and to the east of our home mountain Storehaugen (Reindeer Mountain). It’s the first time I’ve been in there, so it’s been a discovery day. We spotted a line on a sheltered huge face on Stortinden set in the most impressive surroundings with gigantic cliffs, ridges, bowls and gullies. In total isolation we skinned for over 1000m before reaching the summit and skiing down in super freeze dried powder. We skinned to a second col and descended another empty valley towards the Lyngen Fjord to end in Nordmannvik. This is a tour and a day to remember. A perfect finish to a great week. Thanks to all for another sensational week.
The group skinning up Stortinden in Rotsunddalen, one of the most dramatic valley’s in the region
A feeling of isolation
John, cranking well earned turns from the summit of Stortinden 1077m
The second descent of the day into Kippeldalen – an amazing post glacial wide valley
Spring has arrived with after-ski and BBQ out in front of the lodge.

April 4. Last day for Nigel’s group and luckily it was a sunny start, so perfect for a big last day ski. The engines were fired up on the Spirit of Lyngen and the destination was north bound on the main Lyngen Peninsula to Peppardtinden and a ski descent down the exhilarating south side. Low tide made for a technical boat drop off where the tender was used to ferry loads to the beach. The ascent led the group through spectacular scenery across the Gammvikblaaisen (glacier) and they reached the summit at 2pm. The ski down was just ahead of the descending clouds and fortunately the fjord was now dead calm which enabled us to pick up the group directly on the bow for a beach pick up. Many thanks to Nigel and the group for being great guests who we hope to welcome back next season for more skiing action.
Fiona leading the way through the forest
Crossing the forest plateau
On the col before celebrating a successful week of skiing adventure high above the Arctic circle
John in full swing
Final turns towards the beach where the Spirit of Lyngen is waiting
A bit slippy on that seaweed is it Shep??
Replacing those burnt calories and a glass of wine or two on the last evening

April 3. The forecast was for sun all day, so after the porridge, eggs and salmon breakfast (not all together though!) Nigel’s group headed down to the Spirit of Lyngen for the 50 minute journey to Kagen Island for an ascent of the mighty Store Kagtinden which dominates the skyline on the northern end of the range. The ascent begins through open forest and then up wide but steep faces that lead to a spectacular summit pinnacle. All the group were super overwhelmed by the spectacular views over lunch on the summit. While the group were skiing Petter (Skipper) was fishing for dinner and caught a whopping Cod fish that ended up on the dinner table back at the lodge this evening…. It’s all good!
Summit ridge of Storekagtinden high above the Lyngen Fjord
Houghty dedicating the ascent to his friend Babs back in the UK
John enjoying his turns towards the ocean – the contrast between ocean and mountain is what makes Lyngen as a location so exciting to ski.
Nick cruising the mid slopes
Hallo I have a surprise….

April 2. Sunshine breaking though the clouds and the group were hopeful for a day with good visibility!! There was a little fresh snow overnight which resulted in big smiles at breakfast. The plan was to ski Oloya Island to make quick time and take advantage for the improved conditions. Nigel and his team boarded the Spirit of Lyngen for an action packed ride over pretty big waves to reach their destination. Nigel sat up front and was bouncing off the roof a few times while the others in the back clung onto each other and all I could hear was laughter and few yeehaa’s as the boat was airborn a few times. The skiing proved to be excellent on wide open faces and super tree skiing….
Arriving Oloya
skiing down towards the sea is a surreal experience
Houghty and Nick
Susie dodging the trees – slalom style
Summit to Sea!

April 1.A full month has passed since we opened the lodge so it’s an excuse for a little celebration tonight! Any excuse! And the days just seem to be flying by. Nigel’s group were hoping for a little sunshine today but there is no sign of spring as the snowfall is persisting and accumulating well up on the mountain. Due to the weather there was no advantage to use the boat today so Nigel decided to head up the home mountain and head off directly from the lodge up to Storehaugen (Reindeer Mountain in Sami language) the clear advantage here is that the trees are excellently spaced and offer the best tree skiing on bad weather days.
There was some good skiing today, but the squirrel seems to have been left in the forest…..
Susie, Houghty and the squirrel heading up through the forest.
The group at the summit of Storehaugen high above the lodge – somewhere above the clouds the sun is shining brilliantly….
Fiona in great form carving through the powder on the summit slopes
Afternoon tea by the fire after a wild weather day

March 31. Snowy weather continues with slightly warmer temperatures this week. Nigel took his group over to Uloya for a traverse of the island from east to west taking in the summit of Blaatinden. After the boat safety briefing Petter took the group for the 20 minute journey to the start point. The weather gradually closed in and visibility was reduced to only a few feet so the group diverted to another option for the ski descent which offered good skiing which led back to the beach for the boat pick up. Nigel’s pictures from today.
Fiona Helming the Spirit of Lyngen on the way back to the lodge
Flat light and heavy cloud changed the descent plans.
The clearing cloud by late afternoon as seen from the lodge
The squirrel – show boating his helming skills after hoisting Fiona from the seat.

March 30. New week welcomes Nigel Shepherd guide with his group of guests. I get to have a few days in the office and maintain the hot tub at least for a few hours each day this week, the manual says it’s best to be in it to clean it… Nigel’s group below consists of John, John & John Houghty, Nick, Susie, Dr.Loxton & Fiona Loxton. They began with Sorbmegaiser summit behind the lodge for the first day and reported good snow but poor visibility above 800m during the afternoon. The temperatures have risen slightly but some snow is forecast during the week. Photos this week taken by Nigel Shepherd.
Susie cranking turns down the Sorbmegaiser west face towards the hot tub.
Dr. Loxton GP (specially prescribed powder)
Haughty, Nick and Little Steve ( the squirrel bagging a ride on Haughty’s sack….)
The new group enjoying the king crab dish at dinner