APRIL 2009

April 28: Two new groups arrived this week Kurt Wolf from Austria is back for his second visit with Jenny, Mark, Mans and Rob. And the second group is the Warren Miller film crew from the USA with pro the skiers Chris Davenport, Lorraine Huber and Karine Falck Pedersen. We’ve had a run of poor weather lately but this week the conditions are improving and today the weather has been fantastic which allowed us to film for 14 hours on the mountain. We headed to Ulø¸ya with the Spirit of Lyngen to the zone 2 drop off to film some classic Lyngen skiing above the fjords and the results where perfect. Some photos from today.01
Arriving on the beautiful beach of Ulø¸ya via the Spirit of Lyngen02
Chris, Lorraine and Karine with Peppartinden on the main Lyngen peninsula behind03
Tom Day from Warren Miller setting up shot for the summit shoot on Blaatinden04
Tom Day and Joshua Haskins05
Lorraine Huber skiing the wonderful open midsection of Blåtinden06
Chris Davenport in cruise mode towards the beach in evening light 9pm

April 24: After a cloudy start the sunshine appeared and both groups made use of the sunshine on the mountain. Mario’s group headed up to Giilavarri and reported good skiing for the first sections off the summit. Paul headed up behind the lodge for too good skiing upper mountain but wet snow through the forest. Photos from Mario.07
Giilavarri summit, at long last the sun really came out..08
Long turns down to the fjord above Olderdalen.

April 22: The sun greeted the day and there was panic among the Italians to get out on the hill early doors. Mario Dibona’s group from Dolomiti Italy jumped onto the Spirit of Lyngen for the 15 minute boat journey past the nature reservation towards Ulø¸ya island. The sun held until about 2pm then the snow began to fall at the top of the mountain. Paul headed to Sorbmegaisa and reported wind on the summit, compressed snow from 1000m to 600m then wet snow through the forest. Happy days and smiles all round… it’s amazing what a bit of sunshine can do..
Photos from the Italian group from Mario and Federico09
Team Italiano (Ciabattoni) in Lyngen Lodge!
On the Spirit of Lyngen to Ulø¸ya
Federico X2 climbing above Havnnes
Summit of Kjelvågtinden with great views today over the northern Lyngen fjord
Giovanni skiing down towards the fjord in Italian race style !
Only one photo from the team UK today skiing up the Sorbmegaisa with john leading the pack.

April 21: It’s been a full white out day with snow above 300m. Paul headed to Ulø¸ya and Mario to Svartfjellet. Good snow, thick clouds and big waves. The hot tub seems to be the hot spot for today!
John enjoying the views.
The ride on the Spirit always brings a smile on even the biggest whiteout days.

April 19: Full storm providing proper weather… amazing amount of snow, it was tree line skiing only for both new groups this week. I took a photo of a light on the lodge today as that was the only interesting thing I could see in the storm, I spent most the afternoon securing the Spirit of Lyngen boat as the northerly storm was giving the harbour a fair old bashing. Just to remind you if you ever forget that nature has full control here.

April 16: Paul and I joined forces and headed for a Store Galten traverse from east to west on the northern Lyngen Peninsula starting from Ytre Gammvik to Nordlenangen. This spectacular summit offers a direct 1300m ski perfectly in the fall line. We started the day in the Spirit of Lyngen for a beach drop off and began climbing in sunshine. By mid afternoon the forecasted storm was approaching and the summit was super windy. It became a proper mountain day out as we had to climb over the steep cornice ridge to reach the summit in full windy conditions! The ski down was superb, we hit the left couloir and steamed down the excellent mid slopes for a short forest battle before the we reached the bridge pick up from the boat. The journey back was hardcore through 2 meter waves… my favourite..
Heading up to the Gammvik Glacier with the Kaldalstinden on the right
On the summit Store Galten with a strong wind bringing snow from the south
More sheltered lower down inside the couloir, the snow was good right to the beach.

April 15: We seem to be the blizzard magnets as where ever we go it’s snowing! Today was no exception as it dumped down on us the entire day… great snow but couldn’t see much. It’s weather from the north and this brings in the moist air off the ocean and in turn brings local snow showers that can be real heavy in local areas. Today we went inland to Rotsunddalen to try and get some sunshine but the snow followed us for the whole day. We travelled 16km by ski and had some great powder turns. Paul headed for the Blåtinden traverse from Ulø¸ybukta and had a little more sun than we did.
Crossing the river… best done quickly!
Katarina cranking some turns in the soft snow that fell all day.
Rohan giving gas
Charlie… his blisters almost made him give up the will to live… 😉
Back at base the red wine flowing… blisters forgotten…

April 14: We headed north to Kagen today as the northern winds bring most snow to the Kågen region. And what a surprise with boot deep powder on a hard base but the snow has bonded well together. We made a traverse of the island taking in 3 climbs and reaching the col on Storesandnestinden covering 1600m today. The visibility was poor but the snow fall heavy and turns excellent. Paul headed to Svartfjellet and also reported excellent skiing 10cm of fresh on a hard smooth base. Photos today from Kågen.
The beach drop off today “no wet feet”
Skinning up early morning
The clouds opened for the first ski down to the east of Kågen
The “Konge Stol” (the king’s seat) under Sø¸r Kågtinden – an amazing place
Super powder down the Sø¸r Kågtinden East glacier under the Konge Stol

April 13: It’s colder and snowing again with good skiing above 700m. It’s been warm over the last few days but now winter is returning …so nobody panic!!!

My bunch of hardened guys and gals headed directly behind the lodge to ski Store Haugen and the snow firmed up as we climbed as the temperatures plummeted to minus below. It was like skiing piste as the wet base from yesterday has set hard and now the snow is steadily falling. It’s still slushy in the trees but overnight it will also freeze. Paul headed to Ulø¸ya and visited some dried fish before skiing Kjelvågtinden down to the zone 2 beach pick up. It was an all round great day full of laughs and wipeouts. Photos today from Store Haugen.
Checking out the atmospheric light across the fjord as the snow storm approaches.
Charlie taking air and the result a face plant on landing!
The face plant, Charlie always ready to test the terrain ahead…
The Vancouver Groover (Mark) enjoying the ski down nearly as much as the walk up;)

April 12: Our new groups have arrived and we welcome some old friends back, Jim, Rohan, Charlie from the UK and Mark from Canada who will ski with me this week along with Katrina from Sweden. Paul has a group from the UK too. The weather has been warm and today it snowed above 1000m and some rain below. This happens in April occasionally but the forecast is positive with minus degrees at sea level on Tuesday with heavy snow so we will be back to powder skiing by Tuesday pm:) Today Paul skied Sorbmegaisa and I headed over to Ulø¸ybukta for a traverse of Ulø¸ya and Blåtinden. The snow was wet but we had fun. Photos from my group today.
Katrina from Sweden and Mark from Canada warming up in the hot tub and the help of an Arctic beer after a wet day on the mountain.
The team.
Perfect wet powder today 😉

April 8: A sunny day but the last of the cold days as it’s forecast to warm up a little, so Paul headed to Olderdalen to ski Giilavarri and abrice headed over to the Strupbreen to climb the Tafeltinden.

All reported good powder.
Paul’s group on the Giilavarri above Olderdalen village.
The fine ski through a fantastic valley above the Kåfjord.

April 7: Blue sky day again and Paul headed for a Ulø¸ya traverse from Ulø¸ybukta to Blåtinden via the Spirit of Lyngen. Daniel headed to Kågen for a traverse of Storesandnestinden and Fabrice summited the Sorbmegaisa. Petter went fishing but came back with an empty bucket… no fish today from the Cod Father.. Photos today from Paul’s Eagle ski club group and Fabrice who is shown first today.
Fabrice and team heading up the Sorbmegaisa.
There can be only ONE Sorbmegaisa.
Anybody would think he was on holiday!!

Paul’s photos from April 7 today
Spectacular views approaching the Blåtinden summit.
Untracked powder is guaranteed 🙂
Jay cruising towards the beach.
Euro turns… pack em in guys..

April 6: Full action at the Lyngen Lodge today with 3 groups out and some interesting descents.
Daniel, Neffi and I headed north onto the main peninsula to ski a new line down the Indre Gammvika glacier which was just spectacular as now there is enough snow to ski down the steep glacier between the huge hanging seracs of ice on the glacier. The ski down the ice couloir was truly amazing and I’ve been waiting for years to ski this line. So super happy today! Photos below.
Paul skied into the Rotsunddalen to Stortinden and the traverse to Nordmannvikdalen. Fabrice joined the boat tour and we dropped him off in Havnnes on Ulø¸ya for a traverse of Blåtinden and a zone 4 beach pick up. Everyone super big smiles today. Lyngen is at it’s best now with great stable powder skiing. First 5 photos from Graham. Second 3 Photos from Paul’s group.
The route up the centre glacier direct from the beach.
Daniel and Neffi heading up from the beach drop off up towards the In Gammvikbreen
Working up the face with the descent couloir tucked in behind the rock wall behind
Topping out in the mid section which is a face to the right that avoids the steep serac couloir that we later ski down.
The upper section of the was a new amazing place to visit.
Daniel skiing into the start of the steep couloir that works down the side of the ice seracs of the glacier.
Neffi skiing the steepest section of the couloir with the impressive blue glacier serac ice above.
There was no place to stop for lunch here…

Paul’s photos April 6.
Inside the Rotsunddalen with a big halo around the sun.
The magnificent ski down from Stortinden
Paul (guest not guide) and Rupert happy to reach the summit. They climbed 1500m today! Team hard core.

April 5: It couldn’t be better as it’s snowing in the night and sunny in the day! Well, the weather is from the north so it’s blowing snow squalls in and out during the day and the snow is fantastic.
New groups arrived, one from the UK and one from France. Paul is guiding again and visiting guide this week is Fabrice from Val D’Isere. I caught a huge cod fish which the guests are now eating for dinner tonight 7kg 🙂 Paul’s group who went to Ulø¸ya and skied Kjelvågtinden and so did Daniel and Neffi from Switzerland, Paul’s group also had a boat pickup on the beach at zone 2 under the bread bun gully! Fabrice started this week with a warm up on the lodge mountain Store Haugen.
Photos from Paul’s group.
Declan and Pip. Safety training in the morning of the first day for every group of every week, so the group work as a team in the event of any situation during the week.
Pip skiing the mid slopes before the forest section on Ulø¸ya.
It’s a beach pickup – Daniel loading the boat with the K2’s.

April 3: The last day of the week for Shep and Paul’s group. Shep headed to Store Galten for a traverse of the northern end of the Lyngen Peninsula and Paul headed up to Kågen with the Spanish Armarda for a traverse of Storesandnestinden which provides one of the finest views over the eastern side of the range. It was again a wonderful week packed with adventure and quality snow. Paul stays on for another week at the lodge. Photos today from Paul’s group.
The team on board the Spirit of Lyngen.
Enrique secundo skiing the wonderful glacier down to the eastern shoreline.
Enrique secundo… it’s hard to stop when you have a view below you like this..

April 2: The northerly storm has left and now the sun has broken through to reveal perfect powder over every mountain. During the night the temperature dropped and dried the snow out somewhat removing some of the tension in the snow that was built up yesterday. All groups stayed local and remained in moderate angled terrain as the risk is still level 3 avalanche grade. Daniel from Villars went to Rotsunddalen, Paul headed to Giilavarri and Niogel to Sorbmegaisa. All reported super snow. I stayed in the office but went up to Store Haugen for an afternoon blow out… and stole back the record time of lodge to Store Haugen summit from Ali… now he’s already breaking out the lycra to win it back and beat 1hr 19 mins..;) Photos today from Shep on Sorbmegaisa.
Fiona leading the way… “I think we’re lost”
Fiona leading the descent ” I think it’s this way?” 😉
Jon mid mountain on Sormegaisa
Euro turns 😉
Adrian finding a line through the excellent trees

April 1: Happy new month! And April came with a snow storm from the north, so all groups stayed fairly local today with Shep heading down the valley to Giilavarri, Paul to Rotsunddalen and Daniel a guide who arrived from Switzerland headed to Nordmannviktinden but got beaten off by the wind. Snow forecast for tomorrow also and sun for Friday. Photos from Giilavarri today.
Heading up through the trees on Giilavarri
Dr. Loxton
Many rocks for shelter from the strong winds today from the north.

March 31: Postcard day with no wind and not a cloud in the sky. Paul headed over to the Strupbreen glacier to take the Spanish Armarda to the summit of Tafeltinden. Enrique was over enthusiastic to get to the beach and slipped on some seaweed (as you do) and ended up a little wet, well ok very wet and had to empty his ski boots of salty water!

Shep took his merry band up to Storetinden in the Rotsunddalen and traversed over to Kippeldalen and Nordmannvik for a bus pick up. Shep had good powder from the summit and enjoyed the stunning inland scenery which is quite different from the fjord side. Photos from Shep today.
En route up to Storetinden
It’s mountain carnage 😉
Jon enjoying powder in Rotsunddalen

March 30: The weather is holding up so the island of Ulø¸ya was on the plan for both groups from different directions. Paul headed up to Kjelvågtinden from Havnnes and Nigel headed round to Ulø¸ybukt for a ascent on Blåtinden. Both took beach pick ups and the reported super snow.
Dr. Loxton on the summit edge..literally
John skiing the upper slopes of Blåtinden
Beach pick up on the west of Ulø¸ya

March 29: Two new groups this week. I have the week off from skiing and Paul is guiding the lodge group and we welcome back our visiting guide Nigel Sherpherd who has brought his own group of regular tourers Paul and Fiona, John, John, Adrain who are back for a second time to the lodge.

The weather this week looked a little unsettled with a mixture of some snow and sun so Nigel Shepherd decided to take advantage of the good weather and head to the Strupbreen Glacier up to Tafeltinden. A big day for the first day but his group are hard core so they enjoyed the walk through the spectacular scenery. Paul began gently and toured up to Store Haugen with a mixture of a crazy Spanish group Pepe and Enrique x 2 and two Germans Florian and Anja from Munchen.
Photos today from Shep.