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Dates: November - March

Winter is the perfect time to discover the very best of the Arctic and this specific slice of northern Norway. From dog sledding to the magical and indescribable phenomenon of the northern lights, you can appreciate it all from the luxurious comfort of Lyngen Lodge.

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  • Thrilling adventures in the winter wonderland of the Lyngen Alps. Expert guided trips to frozen lakes, or densely packed forests.
  • Knowledge-packed presentations on the Northern Lights, with special photography sessions at optimal photo locations.
  • Experience the Arctic winter by alternative means; perhaps on a Dog Sled, a Snowmobile, Cross Country Skiing, or with Snow Shoes.
  • Witness the magical beauty of the unforgettable Northern Lights.
  • Explore the Lyngen fjord by speedboat for a thrilling Sea Safari.
  • Gain deeper insights into the history, culture and traditions of the native Sami people.
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Dates: March - May

In springtime, the fjords and valleys of Norway teem with new life. Amidst this natural beauty, Lyngen Lodge offers luxurious experiences and unforgettable memories.

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  • All-inclusive luxury ski packages, including the services of IFMGA (UIAGM) accredited mountain guides and transport to the best skiing locations.
  • Stunning nature tours with expert guides and sociable sled dogs.
  • All-inclusive packages offering routes of varying length and duration, suitable for a range of ages and abilities.
  • Snowmobile transport to the best skiing terrain around the Lyngen fjord, covering over 60 summits over a huge range of different terrains.
  • Hit the wintery peaks, characterised by magnificent nature and diverse snow conditions. Options include Ski Touring and Snowboarding.
  • Explore the rapidly changing landscape of the Lyngen Alps the traditional way: by Dog Sled.


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Dates: June - August

During the summer, the Arctic shines with an inner radiance and beauty. The long days of sunshine provide the chance to go trekking, biking, and to experience the local wildlife, amongst other things.

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  • Guided tours to remarkable sights such as the Strupbreen glacier and the coastal islands of the Lyngen peninsular, with routes adjusted for different fitness levels.
  • All equipment and accessories required for water sports provided by Lyngen Lodge.
  • Fact filled safaris and animal watching covering both land and sea.
  • All-inclusive yoga retreats under the direction of renowned yoga teacher Minna Skirgard.


  • Navigate the many waterways of the Norwegian Arctic on expert-led Reisa River Boat Trips.
  • Get active and immerse yourself in the stunning summertime scenery, be it on E Fat Bike, Horseback, or simply going Hiking on foot.
  • Take to the waters of the rivers, lakes and fjords of the Lyngen Alps to do Kayaking, Stand Up Paddling, and other fun activities.
  • Get up close with nature, and spend some peaceful time Whale Watching, Fishing, and going on a Summer Safari.
  • Observe amazing natural phenomena like the Kåfjord Canyon and Waterfalls.
  • Unwind in a peaceful and tranquil setting, on a Yoga Retreat to our luxurious lodge, or by whiling away time under the Midnight Sun.
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Dates: September - November

An autumn in the Lyngen Alps is a time of great natural change. Whether you are on the clear water, in the dense forests, or on a rugged mountainside, a visit to Lyngen Lodge will immerse you in this ever-changing world of impressive natural beauty.

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  • Remarkably diverse guided hikes, taking you to shaded forests, to stark mountains, and to secluded beaches.
  • Full-board Yoga Retreats led by Minna Skirgard, a certified Vinyasa flow teacher.
  • Boat transport to amazing sites of outstanding natural beauty in the Lyngen fjord and Kåfjord, and photography classes to help turn the experience into powerful memories.
  • Go native and take in the scenery, going on both Hikes and Horse Rides.
  • De-stress in a luxurious environment with expert-led Yoga Retreats.
  • Make memories for life with boat trips to some stunning Waterfalls, or by taking shots of the remarkable Northern Lights.


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