March 6. A perfect way to relax after skiing or as part of our Northern Lights package! Take a relaxing and picturesque sled ride from the unique horse breed actually from this region called the Lynghest (Lyngen Horse) If you need a romantic break then this is it. You take a 3 hour tour along the fjord beache with a lavo stop off and open fire. The views are spectacular over the Kagen Mountain. click image to enlarge.01-Lyngshest
The breed of horse from Lyngen called Lyngshest is at your service for unique horse sledding in the region.

March 4. I’ve been waiting years to ski this line, finally the right conditions.
The new first descent was down the magestic east face of Store Reindalstinden 1334m that lays directly opposite the lodge. This is one of the finest shaped mountains on the Lyngen Peninsula. A super 50 degree line down the technical east face with cliffs and interlinking couloirs. The ascent involved 50 degree climbing with ice and rock sections. Ali and myself reached the summit at 2pm, made boat contact to Petter who was fishing cod to come to the pick up zone. The top summit slopes where powder and the technical face for 900 meters went well once we found the couloir between the complex cliff systems. It was epic and one of the most memorable descents yet. 02-Reindalstinden-vei-opp-og-ned-markert
Yellow way up and Red way down on Store Reindalstinden 1334m03-reindalstinden-opp
The ascent was not so straight forward, up the north face, it’s also well hidden. The ascent involved skis on the pack for the first 800m.04-Ali-climb
A little techy section on ice and rock. Ali beefing up with the crampons and ice axe.05-Ali-ridge
Half way up the climb, high above the fjord, after the ice section there was only one way to go…and that was up…
Climb completed, now on the last section over the Stø¸velbreen (glacier) to the summit. Views were just magnificent.
Off the summit, super powder, safe and ideal conditions for the steep skiing section lower down the mountain.
The summit slope was sweet snow and plenty of space to open up the turns
East face, good steep skiing, steepest section around 55 degrees, average 45 to 50 degrees for 900m
The exit couloir was truly spectacular with frozen waterfalls on all sides. This was one of the most rewarding skis of my life today.

March 3. The Northern Lights are back and I’m loving my new camera which is just brill. A warming temperature today has settled the snow pack allowing for some steeper mountains to be skied. Tomorrow we are attempting a first descent down from Reindalstinden the huge face opposite the lodge across the fjord on the peninsula. So check tomorrow for hopfully a successful mission!


March: Fantastic snow on Ulø¸ya from Kvelvagtinden with Marius (journalist from Capital Oslo) and Eirik (photographer) we had good powder all the waydown to the beach. We’ve had fresh snow up to 60cm.
Photos today from Eirik Lied.
Ali carving it up in great powder on the Kvelvagtinden. Photo Eirik Lied
Summit view over Rotsund. Photo Eirik Lied
The otherside of the lens, I’m skiing!! Photo Eirik Lied
Me again a sweet shoulder down to the beach with the Spirit of Lyngen in view on the sea coming to collect us. Photo Eirik Lied

Feb 25: Snow Storm approaching over the Ullsfjord into the Lyngen Fjord. We’ve now snow fall and the skiing will be excellent when it clears up, but we’ve a few days of snow still to come. The ski touring season is off to a great start.

Feb 22: Crazy Austrian snow shoe guests went simply bananas and began jumping all over when they saw the views. Apparently this is quite normal behaviour for Judith and Christopher from “Salzburgerland”. It was snow shoe day and we headed up to Dalbergen view point to see the fjord and the Lyngen Alps. The clouds broke and the sun began to shine… it was amazing light today. We headed down in sunset to the lavo Sami tent that we put up last week and made a open fire and sat around the fire on reindeer skins. Now they are in the hot-tub 🙂 Happy days.
Jump Jump for hours on end…
Anyone for tennis??
Walking up to Dalbergen
A summit jump.
Walking down from Dalbergen in the setting sun.

Feb 21: Surf breaking on the beach below the lodge. After 3 days of strong winds the wave sizes have increased creating a foaming white fjord. If you enjoy feeling the power of nature then these last few days would be a perfect experience for watching and photographing. I skied with a small group up towards Svartfjellet in the Rotsunddalen in the lee of the wind and had some happy turns through the forest.

February 18: Wave action today in the Spirit of Lyngen photographed by John Johansen. It was crew training day out in the Lyngen Fjord with a sporty 2 meter waves which proved perfect for a skills day.

Second photo: Sunset over the Lyngen Fjord towards Russedalen, the sun now creeping each day further round to the west along the skyline of the Lyngen Alps.
Wave Action in the Lyngen Fjord
Sunset over Russedalen.

February 16: Our Northern Lights weekend has been a fantastic success with snow shoeing, dog sledding and a visit to the historic fishing settlement of Havnnes with a sea safari to the Lyngen Fjord west side. Last night was dog sledding in the Tamok Valley where our guests mush their own dog sleds after a instruction lesson. Dinner is served in a lavo tent surrounded by sled dogs and reindeers. It’s been a fantastic few days, see the photos below from the dog sledding last night. Thank you to Denise, Warren, Evelyn, Paul from the UK, Mico, Concha, Christina from Spain for a wonderful weekend also.
Lavo tent with open fire inside
Christina from Spain driving and in full control!
En route down the valley in wilderness with -25 degrees.
Reindeer sledding and experiencing the Sami culture.

February 14: Start to the season at Lyngen Lodge. We already have 8 hours of light and the sun is still quiet low in the sky which is producing incredible light. We skinned up to Storehaugen North summit and enjoyed a mixture of old freeze dried powder and surface hoar from the summit right down to the lodge. Photos from today below.
Skinning up Storehaugen
View from the north summit
Skiing down to the fjord with a layer of cloud mid mountain creating a sureal atmosphere.
Sunset at 4pm opposite the lodge looking across to Strupbreen on the main Lyngen Peninsula.