JAN-FEB 2011

Feb 20: Another amazing winter day began with a sea safari to see the eagles, deep sea fishing for cod, a cruise under the sea cliffs of Lyngen and then a quick ski to Store Haugen… and then to cap that all off with spectacular Northern Lights. Our guests are now relaxing in the hot-tub!

Sea Safari cruising under the dominating cliffs of Stovelfjellet in the Lyngen Fjord

I’m just going through the route for today on the sea chart

A tour of the Havnnes dry fish industry is always a highlight of the Norwegian culture part

Fish head soup anyone??

hang on it’s a whoppa… could be a record for Virginia

Ski touring with Hannes up towards Store Haugen behind the lodge

Perfect position Hannes… you look like an Austrian! Virginia looking very relaxed behind

And just to wrap up a super fun weekend, the Northern Lights gave us a show over dinner. Thank you for a great day…

Feb 16: Our Swiss skiing group with Hannes boarded the Spirit and headed across the fjord to Uløya (island) and skied to Kjelvågtinden under amazing Arctic sunlight and sensational views over the Lyngen Alps. We also guided them around the dry fish factory of Havnness where drying cod fish hang for 3 months in the salty air before being used for several recipes in Norway and around the world.

Northern Lights above the lodge
Heading over to Havnness in the Spirit of Lyngen
The lads checking out the hanging drying fish
The view over the Lyngen Fjord to the main Lyngen Alps

Feb 14: Wonderful light today with the sun rising over Store Reindalstinden. Today is the start of our ski touring season, with our first group heading up to Storehaugen and skiing powder through the forest back to the lodge.

From left: David, Alice(US) Toby, Ali, Jim and Emma(UK)
Deep powder snow, powpow funpow – that’s a buried ski pole in over 1m (3ft) of fresh snow. Insane!!
If they didn’t have snowshoes on their feet you’d only see hats
Lunch tastes so much better under an open sky
Alice and David from California has entered winter wonderland
After Elisabeth led the charge by somersaulting they rest of the team joined in with some airtime
David heard there was cold beers in the hot tub, he was stopping for nothing…
Jim, even though afraid of heights, the girls were watching so it was time to deliver

Jan 23:
The fun and games continue today with snow shoeing for the McEwan family up to Hammersletta, which is a 350m snowshoe climb through the open birch tree forest above the lodge that leads to a wonderful view point high above the Spåkenes nature reserve. Today’s weather was snow, snow, snow which is excellent news for the downhill ski touring which begins very soon. Richard and Daisy opted for the x country skiing down in Storslett and from the pictures it’s clear they had a great time.

The McEwan clan tooled up with snowshoes head off into the snow with guide Elisabeth
I see some red cheeks and you’re not even halfway!
Now either that’s record deep powder snow for Lyngen Lodge or Grant took a face plant
The hotpot soothing our hardened adventurers
It seems we didn’t exhaust you enough, be prepared Elisabeth will up the pace tomorrow
R and D completing their victory lap, they are both searching for professional sponsorship

Jan 21:
Horse sledding day along the frozen shore line of the Reisa Fjord with 3 sleds being pulled by the regions very own horse breed the Lyngshest. Champagne lunch and reindeer stew was served in a wooden Lavo on reindeer skins and open fire in the forest. Local guides recited stories and history from the regions intriguing past. Photos today from Elisabeth.

Horse sleighing along the frozen fjord – I’ve 50:1 bet that the little one in the back will win in the last furlong!!
You can’t have a Norwegian adventure without a open fire and fresh coffee
From from left: Nick, Roche-Gordon, Anita McEwen, Grant,
Jim, Kathy, Helen
Norwegian style, wooden plates, and champagne from wooden cups, definitely the best way to drink the bubbly!
A different type of beach party… we’re liking the hat choices guys 😉
The return journey along the frozen Reisa Fjord

Jan 20: High pressure weather system has landed which means clear skies, rich colours from the low Arctic light and high probability of the Northern Lights. Today’s coastal walk along the eastern Lyngen Fjord presented these views to the north. The sun is still low and still only illuminating the summits of the highest mountains on the Lyngen peninsula. Pictures today from Richard Forward, showing the clicking skills…

View to Peppardtinden on the Northern Peninsular

Richard and Daisy off to catch some fresh air and see the fjord from higher up on the mountain

Just about the rise above the tree line

Daisy made it to the Dalbergen view point high above the forest line. From this point you can see almost 70km of fjord and far out into the Barents Sea.

Northern Lights
are showing their colours on a regular basis this early winter season. Our Northern Lights activity weeks begin in January for dog sledding, snow shoeing and sea safaris.


Early snowfall has made it possible to ski from the summits down to around 400m. Great snow cover, even cold powder snow was skied from storehaugen directly behind the lodge.

On the way up to Storehaugen in late afternoon light setting over the Lyngen Peninsula



Some pictures from our autumn season taken by Jane Zwerrenz. This years autumn was rich in colour due to low wind conditions so the leaves remained on the trees. An early season snowfall quickly brought the first signs of winter with snow lying down to sea level.

Still fjord in evening light

Vibrant colours behind the lodge

The descending sun over Lyngen

Important weekend in the Norwegian hunting calendar is the opening of the grouse season. Mack brewery from Tromsø visited the lodge for 3 days of “ruper” (grouse) hunting, fishing and corporate socialising. Five groups in total, each group consisted of two hunters, 1 guide with 2 dogs. Three locations were chosen on the Lyngen and accessed by boat, one group to Uløya Island and the last to Arnøya. Great success not only for the grouse numbers but also the outstanding beauty of the terrain, our hunting visitors expressed that the Lyngen Alps and the surrounding islands provided some of Norway’s most spectacular hunting scenery. The weather for the past three days was unbroken sunshine, warm temperatures and ideal conditions. A selection of photos from the weekend below.

Team Mack brewery and associated friends

View out across the Lyngen Fjord from the lodge

Trained dogs an experienced guide and of course an accurate shot provides a game bird for dinner

Veronika from Tromsø holding the biggest catch of the day in the Reisa Fjord. The group caught huge Torsk (cod), Sei (cole fish) and a Huse (haddock)

A passing Sea Eagle watching our fish closely…

In the Lyngen Fjord, some mist drifting onto Uløya Island with Kågen in the back ground.

The silver birch forest behind the lodge catching some autumn sunshine.

September: The autumn colours are appearing, trees, mountainsides and the high plateaus are beginning to turn shades or vibrant reds and oranges. It’s a perfect time to visit for some cool mountain walking in an extraordinary colourful Arctic environment.

Today’s surpise visitor – huge seal catching a cod breakfast outside the lodge

Sea Safari Norway
Not sure if the seal is eyeing me or the ducks up next….

Glacier adventure – learning the techniques for ice climbing

Ice climbing Norway
Lars swinging some axes up a 8m ice wall

Glacier adventure norway
No place for golf – that’s a rather large hole down there…

The magnificent Strupbreen Glacier carving icebergs into lake below

River boat trip up the Reisa River inside the Nationpark to visit the Mollisfossen Waterfall

Autumn colours beging to show up the Reisa River

The short walk to the base of the Mollisfossen

When the sun shines the lady of the Mollis casts her rainbow

Buring sausages over the open fire at the base of the waterfall.

August: Full moon over the Lyngen Fjord, our nights are slowly drawing and the northern lights season is arriving so I’ll be updating with some photos when they occur. Photo taken from outside the lodge.


August: Glacier exploring in the Lyngen Alps up to the Steindalsbreen. Our groups from France and the UK enjoyed discovering the ins and outs of glaciology and even tried their arms at ice climbing and BBQ’ing Norwegian style…

Pierre getting to grips with the ice tools


Wonderful valley approach to the glacier

Kerry – next step Eiger North Face

There’s a mad man in red on the end of my rope – Ian chomping at the horses bit for some vertical ice action… taking it fully in his stride


River boat trip up the Reisa River to visit the Mollisfossen waterfall which at the moment is in full flow The drop is 274m and spray from the fall makes the surrounding area seem like a rain forest. It’s now possible to kayak down river and make an overnight camp and fish for salmon. Anyone interested in a Reisa River boat fishing tour contact us here Salmon Fishing Norway>>


June 24:
Mid Summer nights with 24 hours sunlight. Christian and Michaela from Austria are both relaxing and organising their wedding plans for next summer in a stress free environment! Two of our Norwegian guests took the Reisa River tour today by boat and couldn’t believe the incredible nature inside their own country. Good weather continuing.

Christian and Micheala enjoying the evening sun light

June 21:
The Reisa River is in full flow and perfect for boating up to the Mollisfossen waterfall.

I’ve never seen so much water plunging over the 270m drop. The blast from the air wave created from waterfall is enough to blow you over on the walk up to the high view point (optional!) Our groups today staying at the lodge are from Austria, UK and Norway. It’s full summer here and the action is just beginning with our mountain activities. If you’re looking for a weekend away give us a call and let us help organize a visit to the lodge.

At the Mollisfossen – they look happy because I’m cooking lunch over the fire

Checking the map – has anyone any clue where we are..??

The river boat trip for 35km through breathtaking scenery

The walk up the ridge to the view point, you’ll get wet and blown over but it’s totally worth it…

June 17:
Ray and Liz from the UK are here to visit the Arctic for 5 days and for the first day opted for the trekking tour to the magnificent view point at Dalberget 500m above the fjord. The views over the Lyngen Alps and the entire fjord are impressive from here and even better when lunch is served over a reindeer skin!