12 February.Spectacular sunrise this morning over Stø¸velfjellet. The February light is low and full of rich pinks “Alpenglow” that last for several hours in the morning from 7.30 onwards.Jan-09-02-LARGE

February 2. Northern Lights experience has begun at the lodge for the whole of February. Recent strong solar flare activity has resulted in strong Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) which creates these wonderful green curtains of light. We still have remaining places so see here to book your Northern Lights experience
Photographer:Ian Horsfield03

December 16. Photo taken at 1.30pm. The sun, now well below the horizon and on clear days the suns rays only shine from under the horizon to catch the mountain summits and cover them in a violet light that relects strongly off the snow covered slopes. It’s simply spectacular.04

December 16. Photo of Isskardtindane on the western side of the Lyngen Penninsula with svensby village below the massif.05

November 26. This evening was amazing Northern Lights spanning across the nights sky. The show last about 1 hour and colours of green and occasionally violet were combined together lighting up the sky in for a remarkable spectacle.

November 23 The first ski tour of the season, it was powder and the light was deep Arctic blue. The nights are drawing in giving us light from 8am until 2.30pm. The Arctic comes now into true form with a midnight blue and violet light ove the mountains. The snow is naturally powder as it’s -7 degrees and no sun rising to effect the snow. I skied Store Haugen behind the lodge and enjoyed perfect turns from the summit to the hot-tub! See the two photos below.
07Mid Night Blue covers the mountains, it’s truely a spectacular atmosphere skiing in this light.
08The lodge now snow covered ready for winter skiing.

21 Oct – Sunrise this morning over the impressive Store Lenangstinden capping the northern flank of the Strupbreen (Glacier) opposite the lodge. This impressive peak reminds me of Alpamayo one of South America’s most famous ice summits. The walk in summer under the north face is a great adventure. We need the boat to access this area.

18 October – Today’s sunset at 4pm falls directly in the centre of the Russaedalen opposite the lodge and creates wonderful reflections under the clouds onto the fjord. The Spirit of Lyngen boat is out of the water now and we’ll begin servicing next week before work begins in winter.

16 October – The lodge is seeing a new colour as it’s now time to “base” the outside walls to protect from the weather and salty air from the ocean. We have taken a mountain grey/brown colour to blend in with the surroundings. Autumn has passed now and the nights are drawing in with snow still on the mid mountain.

13 October – The Northern Lights as seen from the main living room in the lodge. This time of year it’s now dark at 5.30pm and the lights can be seen on clear nights from inside. They were particularly strong with a little cloud cover to spread the lights further.

10 October – the corporate group finished with their 3 day seminar. They enjoyed their time hard working and relaxing.

08 October – Corporate group of 25 arrived today from the different regions of Northern Norway. After a full 8 hours of seminars it was time to sit in the hot tub to wind down. Wonderful weather today with chilly Autumn temperatures. I think there’s a high chance of the Northern Lights tonight.

07 October – It’s been raining all day but beginning to slowly clear mid afternoon. We’ve a corporate seminar here for the next few days and this morning a visit from the King’s representative. News is travelling about the lodge and Graham’s legendary afternoon teas… so will soon hopefully be served to the Royals.. Today’s photo taken across the fjord from the lodge, it’s been raining too hard to venture outside.. you can just make out the autumn colours still hanging in there at the bottom of the mountain.

06 October – the fjord was mirror calm and after some hours in the office it’s time to keep basing the walls of the lodge outside before the winter arrives. It’s not paint is a dye protection, mountain grey, about another day and it’s in the bag. Good snow still above 600m.

03 October – Flat calm fjord today with snow showers drifting in and out of the mountain and over the fjord. the low sun is now creating great light across the water and between the clouds. Should have been painting today but rain stopped play…:)

02 October – The first snow has arrived and covering the mountains to the tree line. We’re at the moment preparing ski routes through the forests for winter!

It’s getting colder with minus degrees at nights and we’re into the Northern Lights season. Photo taken from the lodge towards Strupbreen Glacier which is directly opposite the lodge.