July Glacier 2016

The best way to experience the Arctic summer is having an adventurous spirit, good clothing, a guide, a boat and rucksack full of snacks and chocolate. This tour we are heading off onto the glacier explorer day on the Strupbreen directly opposite the lodge across the fjord. Photos courtesy of Jan-Stefan Knick & Anke Wittkowski Glacier Adventure Norway 1Looking up from inside a crevasse – a deep ice slot split by pressure in the ice.
Glacier Adventure Norway 2 With the security of a rope and Graham the lodge owner and mountain guide, it’s possible to look down inside the glacier.Glacier Adventure Norway 3 The Strupbreen carves mini icebergs into the glacier terminal lakeGlacier Adventure Norway 4The surface ice melt creates waterfalls and ice canyons which create these wonderful twists and curls into the deep.