Autumn News 2015

The most spectacular Northern Lights in over 10 years of viewing this autumn 2015.
It looks for a very exciting season ahead with powerful activity from the sun which provides the magnificent Aurora displays.Blog-Autumn-News-002Passing earth over the Lyngen Alps Asteroid 86666 is the closest and largest to pass earth in recent years. Took this photo through a telescope size binoculars.Blog-Autumn-News-006Blog-Autumn-News-004Huge Atlantic cod fresh from the fjord weighing at 17kgBlog-Autumn-News-005Autumn view towards the Strupbreen glacier across the Lyngen Fjord from the boat.Blog-Autumn-News-007The short walk to Mollisfossen waterfall from the boat transport up river is worth every stepBlog-Autumn-News-008Glacier day to the Steindals Glacier. We take you on a tour onto the ice and show you the life of a glacier from source to sea.Blog-Autumn-News-009The ice is receding at a rate of 200m in 5 years. Not only melting in length but alos volume. Global warming is assisting in speeding the meltingBlog-Autumn-News-011Our guests from Saudi Arabia enjoying the ice contrast of the glacier to the hot deserts from back homeBlog-Autumn-News-012It could almost be mistaken for the Caribbean but it’s Arctic Lyngen’s golden sand just 3km from the lodge via boat. On this hike you experience recently discovered cave paintings from 3000 years old, fantastic rock gardens of heather and a back drop scenery of glaciers and high mountain peaks to stun the mind.