Day 1. Opening day ski tour from Lyngen Lodge March 2. Air temp -6. Avalanche grade 2. weather clear.

Our inaugural guests arrived and their first ski tour was to Uloya Island 15 minutes via boat Spirit of Lyngen. After ascending 1200m to the summit of Kvelvagtinden we enjoyed magnificent views before skiing the perfect slopes down to a remote beach were Petter and Charles our boat skippers collected us via boat to return the group to lodge for afternoon tea.Week01_01
March 2 – Transport via Spirit of Lyngen to HavnnesWeek01_02
Skinning up above the fjordsWeek01_03
Closing in on the summit of KvelvagtindenWeek01_04
Our group of 8 – from left to right Andy, James, Rob, Matt, Paul, Peter, Adrian, Andrew.Week01_05
Rob cranking some tele turns in the powderWeek01_06
Lyngen in perfect form – A skiers paradise

March 3 – Day 2. Air Temp -6. Avalanche grade 2. Weather cloudy with hazy sun. Snow, Powder.
Reindeer Mountain which is located directly behind the lodge and accessed from the lodge door. This was an incredible day with excellent snow and the bonus of crossing a Wolverine track zigzagging up the mountain was a highlight. See photo below!!Week01_07
Touring up to Reindeer Mountain or Storhaugen 1147m. En route first passing Dalbergen where the sun was shining through a thin layer of cloud.Week01_08
We crossed the Wolverine (Jerv in Norwegian) track several times on our route up. These incredible tough mammals have no predators in the Arctic. They may even nibble on a straggling skier!Week01_09
Reaching the summit with breathtaking scenery across the Lyngen Fjord.Week01_10
Skiing down the southeast flank of Reindeer Mountain under the setting sun.Week01_11
Lyngen’s best forest skiing is above the Lyngen Lodge, the mature birch trees are finely spaced providing super skiing provided you keep both legs the same side of the trees!

Day 3. Traverse of Kaagen IslandWeek01_12
Early morning drop off at Kagen IslandWeek01_13
Skinning up the west face with Lyngen Peninsula in the back groundWeek01_14
What a view over lunchWeek01_15
Paul skiing South east on the Kagen island traverseWeek01_16
Paul on of the guests this week trying his hand at the helm with Petter the Skipper explaining the ropesWeek01_17
Magnificent sunset at 5pm over the Lyngen Peninsula

March 5. Day 4 – Clear skies and -2 degrees with 5m/s wind from SW. Tour to Blaatinden on Oloya.Week01_18
Boarding the Spirit of Lyngen boat at 8.30am to be transported 10km to the eastern side of Oloya for the island traverse.
Skinning towards Blaatinden on the island traverse
The Lyngen Fjord below on the track up
What a descent! 1000m of near perfect powder snow. Skier James Whitehead
Carving turns towards the fjord, Andy Gorton in good form
The Northern Lights appeared behind the lodge at 8.30pm providing a spectacular display of green dancing light across the night sky.

March 6Day 5. Increasing cloud cover. -4 degrees and avalanche grade 2. Summit Sorbmegaisa 1288m.
Sorbmegaisa Ascent – this mountain along with it’s abundance of wildlife is one of the finest in the Lyngen area offering excellent variety.
Paul skiing the upper slopes of sorbmegaisa as the cloud pulled in during the afternoon.
Evening events, shuffle board champs Brits verses the Norwegians….

March 6: Day6. Sunny weather wind still. -6 degrees. Traverse of the northern Lyngen Peninsula.
The last day for the Andrew Hall group: Perfect weather for the boat Spirit of Lyngen to tour up the east shore line under breathtaking scenery to our ski on the northern end of the Lyngen Peninsula
Leaving the calm bay below to begin the ascent
Gaining meters on the Gammelvik
Traverse complete below Lille Galten into the Nordlenangen western side of the peninsula.

A fantastic week with our first group, Andrew, Rob, Matt, Andy, James, Peter, Paul, Adrian – I would like to thank them for being great company and fun on the mountain and look forward to welcoming them back to the lodge for another round.

March 23. New week welcomes new group Jim, Catherine, Caroline, Tom, Mike, Matthew, Julian and Peter.
A cold start to the week coupled with very strong winds on the mountain made for a challenging first day on the skis. We headed up to Storehaugen behind the lodge and found great skiing in the tree line but above it is best not talked about! As the snow has been blown by the wind to a sort of crusty layer. We’ll try and seek out some sheltered areas tomorrow.
Jim boarding through the wide open forest below Storehaugen
Mike from the US surrendering to the wind
Skinning up towards the summit – strong winds made it a good challenge for the first day – but if it was easy then everyone would be doing it!!

March 24. Day 2. Sunshine, wind has dropped thankfully to 2 m/s but still relatively cold at -8 degrees. The mission today was to find some snow that has escaped the brutal wind from yesterday. It was a boat day the first for the group this week and we decided to go to Havnnes to climb Kvelvagtinden and ski a sheltered aspect that I hoped would hold some good snow. We reached the summit at 1pm and the weather closed reducing visibility a little. The ski down was good with plenty of good turns mid mountain and we ended up with some serious bush whacking before the forest spat us out on the beach where the boat Spirit of Lyngen and Petter were waiting.
Cath at the helm and trying to send a call to confirm that the hot-tub will be ready!
Matthew cranking some turns mid mountain just before the bush whack.
Skinning up to Kjvelvagtinden and the snow looks good without any wind today.
Fish heads – We visited the Toerrfisk fabric (drying fish which you hang up for 3 months outside) tastes great with beer. The heads are best kept for making for soup.

March 25. Heavy snow over night and during the whole day delivering at least half a meter above 600m. Visibility was low and due to the heavy snow the avalanche risk was increasing so we opted for Sorbmegaiser behind the lodge which offers great forest skiing and moderate angled slopes within safety of the avalanche grade for today. The powder was incredibly light and with very little wind results in dream skiing conditions. We had a blast through the forests with one or two splendid wipeouts!
Tom picking up speed through the open birch trees
Caroline showing off with a perfect somersault…oppps!
And still smiling
Lunch rock cafe – is the perfect stop en route
Light powder covered the entire forest and all were looking forward to the journey back down between the trees.

March 26. Super sunshine and not a cloud to be seen. Temp -5 and avalanche grade 3. Funnily enough the group appeared early for breakfast and all loaded up with the porridge – somehow they knew it was going to be big day! We headed out the back of the lodge in fresh powder and skinned through the forest to Storehaugen summit, we skinned twice and skied two mega lines. The views today were quite incredible over the entire Lyngen Peninsula and the snow was top quality powder from Summit To Sea! Yeehaa..
Fresh pow right from the back door
Up through the forest with views over the Lyngen Fjord below
The summit ridge is quite a view both downwards and out to sea
Mad Mike from the US giving the thumbs up
Mad Mike tele madness – he doesn’t stop talking even when he skis!!!
Tom cranking the powder down the left gully

March 27. Weather system moved in from the North West bringing snow showers and sunshine varying from minute to minute. Actually it’s great weather as it creates an amazing atmosphere with vibrant contrasts between bright snow and dark grey clouds swirling around the fjord with beams of sunlight reflecting off the water – good for photos! Our mission for the day was to traverse the Oloya Island east to west and ski from the summit Blaatinden. The clouds pulled right in on the summit, just as we planned our ski!! Aghh – but it was great powder snow right down to sea, views improved half way and managed to shoot a few pics of the guys….
Spirit of Lyngen at anchor just off the beach of Oloya
Caroline arriving at the summit in windy conditions
Julian at about half way mark just through the clouds
Caroline enjoying smooth turns – no somersaults today!

March 28. Film day… Discovery Channel are filming a documentary on the Tromso area and featuring the lodge for the skiing section. So we headed north and shot some footage between the snow squalls that blew in over the ocean from the NW. I couldn’t carry my camera today as I had to assist with helmet film cameras and tripods, so no real action shots today. Anyway it was the last day with my group and just like to say a SUPER SIZE thanks to the group for a week full of laughs and the BROCHURE states you’re all welcome to come and we are thankful for you all to leave….! That’s for Mad Mike from the New Mexicooow…