MARCH 2009

March 27: Sensational day on the island of Kågen, unbelievable powder and not another skier in sight. The day was blue bird clear and not a breath of wind on the mountain. For the last day of the week, this was really a high as we’ve had it all this week with storms and clear skies. We skied the main face twice as the snow was sooo good. Paul skied Sorbmegaiser and had powder top to bottom down the south west ramp from the south summit. Photos today from Store Kågentinden.
Thanks to all groups for a brilliant week.01
Skinning up to Store Kågtinden, this is my favourite mountain to ski anywhere.02
A room with a view please..

Thomas going for gold on the last run of the last day of this visit to Lyngen.04
Stephen reaching the summit with spectacular views over Barent sea to the north.

March 26: Super powder today from Sorbmegaiser’s middle ridge from the Northern summit. Sorbmegaiser is the mountain just left side of Store Haugen behind the lodge and is 1288m.The climb up through the open forest has an incredible backdrop view over the Lyngen Peninsula, the views really are jawdroppingly amazing. The snow mid mountain is really great powder and the upper slopes are wind blown from the strong SW winds that are blowing over the Lyngen Fjord. Paul’s group made a traverse of Ulø¸ya to Blåtinden summit and reported a real quality mountain day out. My group were happy campers today with the powder turns and summit ice bar…05
Petter Russel packing an extra sandwich today..06
Moving up to the summit of Sorbmegaiser with Thomas, Peter, Graham and Ian in action
The summit ice bar is open.. and Will is racking up today’s line up
Stephen the telemarker cranking out a nice line heading for the beach below.

March 25: Incredible conditions on the Strupbreen, which is the glacier just opposite the lodge. The snow was perfect today with powder from the summit to sea level. The scenery is absolutely stunning as one side you have a mass of beautiful mountains and the other a long glacier stretching to the fjords below. Both my and Paul’s group headed to the summit of Tafeltinden with about an hour between us. We skied the east face down from the Tafeltinden and the snow is showing signs of positive stability…what a day… just amazing. Five photos from the Strupbreen tour.
Mid mountain on the Strupbreen under a big halo around the sun
Climbing up to the spectacular Tafeltinden 1395m
Summit view over the Lyngen Fjord looking east, we climbed up the glacier on the bottom left
The ski descent down the east face of Tafeltinden, see Andrew skiing on the right side
The sun had a large halo with clear colours like a rainbow

March 24: You can’t have a ski tour in cold weather without a little whiskey to warm the bits the wind has frozen! Ian Standing’s hip flask was out at lunch and we all had a wee sip of Rusty Nail.. It was another stormy day with heavy snow showers producing good snow mid mountain, high up the snow is avalanche prone due to soft slab building. Both groups headed into the Rotsundalen two valleys behind the lodge for some forest action. Tomorrow it looks like a real weather break with sunshine so we hope to head a little north into the fjord.
Nothing like a shot of whiskey to fire up the engines in the legs for the ski down 🙂
Heading up into the Svartfjellet bowls, and today was the day I handed over trail blazing to someone else… well the wonderful experience of trail blazing in deep snow needs to be shared right ? 😉
Will (William) reaching the lunch spot when the clouds cleared for a moment to reveal there really is still a sun.
The trees were really great on such stormy days and in Rotsund has nicely spaced lines.

March 23: The snow is falling again and with no wind the powder is super light but the visibility has been quiet low above 600m altitude today as the weather is coming from the north which brings moist air in off the ocean which means powder snow too! My group skied up to Sorbmegaiser and the snow was falling so heavy that the tracks were covered after 10 minutes. Mid mountain was the best and tree skiing today was deep, fast and tight between the birch trees, my favourite! Paul skied Ulø¸ya with his group and reported powder top to bottom but poor vision above 600m, they finished at Havnnes and ate fish at the village shop.
Stephen telemarking through the birch trees
Elisabeth joined the group and definitely prefered the powder than the office today
Evening light skiing back to the lodge

March 22: The weather has cleared and it’s been an amazing powder day in Lyngen. Our new groups arrived for this week, Paul Held and myself are guiding this week. My group headed to Ulø¸ya Island to ski Kjelvågtinden from the boat and Paul skied Store Haugen above the lodge for a great first day of the week. The groups are all charged up and super motivated to ski. The snow is becoming more stable so we’ll venture into some interesting terrain this week. Photos from Ulø¸ya today.
Skis heading to the boat..
A calm fjord this morning revealed fresh powder over the Lyngen Alps
Julian Bone standing on the summit of Kjelvågtinden
Back on the boat for a high speed journey back to the lodge for an after ski beer

March 20: Big storm hit in the night giving more snow. It became colder and skiing above 200m above the beach was good light snow. The avalanche danger has increased up the mountain so we skied laps of the trees from Dalbergen to the lodge. In the afternoon we fished from the Spirit and caught 4 good sized cod which Ali is at this moment preparing for dinner. Bruce headed around to the trees in Rotsund dalen and reported good snow but slab snow above 500m. Photos today from Store Haugen and fishing.
Store Haugen has been a great mountain this week offering great skiing in dificult conditions.
Jonathan agreeing speed is your friend and truning is cheating in the trees!
Not only did Barbara helm but she also sang o the PA system for the fishing lads out the back.
It’s a fishing fest.
A nice cod caught by Richard weighed in about 2kg, he’ll be prepared and eaten for dinner and the cod will be frozen 😉

March 19: are you ready for this…, super powder as heavy snow has fallen all day and skiing conditions are super sized at excellent. We headed into the Rotsund Valley to get improved visibility as the cloud was low on the fjord side. The trees are well spaced and the snow deep and perfect for high speed tree dodging! If you’re out next week you in for a ski fest as the snow will be excellent. 5 star points for John today as he didn’t get lost in the forest…
Finn weaving the trees
We found a cool rock with a roof for lunch
Jonathan on his planks
Finn sporting new sunnies and a hat from the lodge shop… He’s now looking cool and worthy of being called The big Finn..

March 18: Amazing snow but a total white out today…, more important was John Martin’s 60th birthday. We made a cake with loads of candles and it took the entire group to blow them out in relay. We also have Barbara who is a pro jazz singer and she sang just for John.
Congratulations John, there’s still plenty of life left in him as for the 6th year in a row he lost himself in the forest skiing just as he does in St.Anton every season.
Barbara singing, wonderful voice amd she can ski too 🙂

March 17: Ascent of Sorbmegaiser today with a little fresh snow but still some wind blowing strong on the summit. The forests stayed sheltered and the snow was fantastic, we skied a line to the far right through wide spaced trees. The clouds pulled in from the north this afternoon which made for some snow squalls that will deliver colder powder snow over night. Bruce’s group headed to Strupbreen and Tafeltinden and reported high winds on the summit but good snow lower down between the clouds! Photos from my group on the Sorbmegaiser.
Skinning up the Sorbmegaiser with dark contrasts of the fjord below
Stephan just above the lunch rock
Glug of the famous Lyngen Lodge “Troll Juice” drink powers you everywhere!
Jonathan skiing mid mountain just before the trees with Reindalstinden below.

March 16: Windy today… but as always Ulø¸ya (Island) gave super skiing down the west face to the beach, well, today we skied until the forest began then skinned back up to 800 meters then skied back to the harbour. The wind was blowing strong so skiing steep lee slopes now is out for the moment. Bruce Goodlad’s group headed up to Store Haugen and skied good happy soft snow all the way to the lodge. My group are behaving badly and John Martin our regular guest from St.Anton should not be let outside without supervision! See his antics below…aghhh
It’s a bad day as Ali beat my skinning record to Store Haugen of 1hr 23 minutes. new record 1hr. 20 minutes and 14 seconds. Still the wind was assisting blowing him up hill so there’s an inquiry to see if it’s qualifies! If it does I’m breaking out the lycra tights to claim back the title….
Skinning up to Kjelvågtinden on Ulø¸ya a good wind blowing us up hill.
John Martin, left alone for 2 minutes….
Lunch in a sheltered spot mid mountain
Super ski down to the Rund Stykke Klø¸ft (Bread Bun Gully)
Minnie stoked with the day.

March 15: New week and new group from all over Europe, Germany, Slovenia, England, Scotland and Austria. The weather has changed and even 5cm of snow fell overnight which made for some nice skiing this morning up Store Haugen for the first day. Bruce Goodlad a UK guide is here this week also and his group boarded the Spirit of Lyngen and headed to Ulø¸ya for an ascent of Kjelvågtinden above Havnnes. The weather forecast is for heavy snow over the coming days.
The group from UK, Germany and Slovenia. left to right: Richard, Minnie, John Barbara 1. Barbara 2. Stephan, Jonathan and Finn.
Reindalstinden with some cloud.
Richard skiing Store Haugen mid mountain with some fresh snow from overnight.

March 14: Change over day.

March 13: Skiing down Gammvikblaisen from a boat drop off at yt Gammvik on the Northern end of the peninsula. The weather drew in a little during the day as we climbed the glacier. We were two groups today, Markus from Austria and my group. We headed up the glacier and split the decent between a nice couloir to the south east to In Gammvik which is beautiful hidden valley with 6000 year old stone age settlements close to the beach. My group headed down the glacier back to Ytre Gammvik. It was the last day of a great week and a big thank you to the great and fun guests who have stayed with us.
Skiing the gully down to Ytre Gammvik.
Markus Amon checking out the entry point to the couloir.
Annette skiing down the Gammvik Gully.

March 12: It was my birthday so I took it easy!

March 11: I literally woke up with a moose this morning 🙂 At 6.30am I found these three moose munching on my bushes, they hung around for some photos while I was running around in my pj’s and camera equipment. The ski plan today was to head over the fjord by boat to the Strupbreen Glacier and ski the Tafeltinden 1395m. This unique mountain touches the hearts of all who climb across the glacier as the scenery is outstanding and actually it’s hard to find words to explain just how amazing it is. The Austrian group and my guys teamed up and had a real fun Euro day out. We made the summit in 4 hours and the snow down to Koppangen was actually super good. Check my three new friends below!
Oy get off my trees…
There’s a moose loose around the hoos
Matteo from Italy skinning up the Strupbreen
Markus the guide from Clear Skies in Austria making tracks over the Strupbreen
Helen, Claude and Matteo on the summit of Tafeltinden 1395m
The wild Autrians enjoying a fine day in the mountains too.

March 10: Boat journey to Kågen today to escape the wind and try and find some snow that’s been hiding on the lee side of the wind that’s been blowing over the last few days. We moored against the fantastic natural harbour with a rock shelf at mid tide which makes for a superb landing and then skinned up away from the beach towards the southern S. Kågtinden. The snow was hard for the first hour up to 400m, the scenery is spectacular with towering rock walls above your head on both sides of the valley. We reached the fine col below the summit of Kågtinden and enjoyed good skiing on compressed powder from 1000m to 400m where it turned hard again. The boat pick up was direct off the beach and the team were back at the lodge for tea at 4.30pm. Five photos from today.
Helen from France enjoying the fine scenery in the glacier bowl.
The skinning up with the Kobbepollgrunnen below (great fishing ground!)
Helen and Claude just above the col.
Matteo skiing the first turns.
Ideal conditions for a beach pick up. Petter working it.

March 9th: It’s been windy today but above the lodge the Sorbmegaiser has been offered good skiing. It hasn’t been cold just very windy with some big waves in the fjord. This week we have two groups at the lodge, an Austrian group and my group who are from France, Germany, Italy and Norway, real EU competition! I’m sure the Austrians will soon begin to yodel but I think they are waiting for the Northern Lights first.
Today was Sorbmegaiser which is located just right and above the lodge. The Austrians went to Ulø¸ya and enjoyed an exciting boat journey in big waves! Photos from Sorbmegaiser today.
Lunch break at rock shelter
Amazing views open up as we ascend the final ramp to Sorbmegaiser South summit
Alexander telemarking through good snow above the tree line.
Remember… there are two types of trees in Lyngen – Ones that bend and ones that don’t 🙂