MARCH 2011

March 31: Waist deep fluffy powder today! Along the ridge behind the lodge is the un-named peak north of Staluvarri, this provided excellent powder skiing between the broken cloud and snowfall today. Probably the deepest snow of the week as Dirk was definitely needing a snorkel on a few turns!IMG_1521Dirk neck deep in KåfjordIMG_1504Drifting cloud creating a real Arctic environment on the ascent todayIMG_1508Approching the summit just as the cloud was clearing for lunch

March 30: Another sensational couple of days here in Lyngen, lots of snow and both Kagen and Sorbmegaisa provided an amazing skiing adventure for both groups.DSC_0687Daniel checking new ski lines for future visits on the Lyngen PeninsulaDSC_0720Island traverse of Kagen leads through wonderful contrasting scenery
DSC_0735Daniel’s group approaching the east side of Kagen
DSC_0726Deep powpow on the glacierIMG_2222IMG_4470High above the Lyngen Fjord
IMG_4497Powpow a la carteIMG_1502The Cod Father is home
IMG_1501Dirk meeting the new local talent…

March 28: Lyngen shows her true colours today with perhaps the lightest snow since October last year. Champagne powder over the entire range with a progressively stabilizing snow pack. Both groups used the boat to access some terrain which was nothing short of incredible.DSC_0490Heading up in good weather withe Lyngen Fjord on the opposite side
DSC_0471The Spirit of Lyngen lying on anchor for a beach drop off.DSC_0523Dirk from Belgium woop woopDSC_0515Thomas from Austria, super styleDSC_0562Show casing again, Thomas heading for the fjord
DSC_0644A perfect Apres Ski beach

March 27: Incredible powder day behind the lodge kicks off an excellent first day for our new guests at the lodge. We welcome Daniel Schliefsteiner guide from Switzerland and his group and my international group here for the week. There was a mixture of snowfall and sunshine today and super powder from Storehaugen.DSC_0667Untracked
IMG_4292It was so deep it took the goggles…IMG_4280It’s the first time in a while we’ve seen across the fjord… and we’re super happy to see it back!
IMG_1445A hole in the clouds, looked like the arrival of a new world
IMG_1458Thomas from Austria, lapping up the Norwegian powder
IMG_1453Lyngen Lodge fully covered in deep snow

March 25: The snow continues to fall and fall and the powder is extremely deep. Skiers headed into the Rotsund Valley for more amazing tree runs in light champagne powder. The forecast is for more powder next week.IMG_1466Skinning up through the trees of the Rotsund Valley
A short distance above the trees and the visibilty disappears, so it’s back to the trees for the best skiingIMG_0427
Heading off for another round of 500m of tree skiing

March 23: Heavy snow a wind made for some intersting skiing on the Uloyø island. Both groups headed up above the tree line and made it just short of the summit due to heavy snow. Good skiing on low angled slopes especially in the trees.IMG_1417
Moving up towards the summit of Kjelvågtinden
The steep walls below Store Haugen the lodge home mountain
A fast storm moved in so we headed for the trees for some excellent powder skiing. Sverre in action.

March 21: A truly top day for skiing on Kågen for an island traverse taking in the spectacular summit of Store Sandnestinden. The day started off fine with good sunshine and a little fresh snow from last night too covering mid mountain with a few cm’s of fresh snow. Our Norwegian group are fighting fit and and we made the summit in good time, just before the next approaching storm arrived. Back at the lodge it’s hot-tub time, afternoon tea and a 3 course fish dinner.IMG_0336
Lyngen Peninsula on the far horizon comes into view on the summit ridge of Store Sandnestinden
Knut boarding the Spirit of Lyngen ready for the journey to Kågen
Let’s check the course skipper
After the beach drop off it’s time for uphill action
Knut Aanesen climbing the steep final slope with skis on rucksack to the col of Store Sandnestinden
The descent to the east side of Kågen
Back at the lodge for what’s needed… relaxing, good wine and freshly prepared fish. Skål!!

March 20: We welcome Erland Bassøe’s group from Oslo who are returning after a last season’s weekend visit, this year they will for ski 6 days with Picco and myself. The first day we headed up to Hammarvikdalen to find some softer snow blown from the wind. Today was pretty windy so we stayed off the high summit regions. Snow was good and very nice snow in the forests back to the lodge.IMG_1314
First day is snow safety education for all groups, here we’re testing the signal on the avalanche transceivers. Knut approaching…IMG_1318
On the way uptowards HammarvikdalenIMG_1323
Super windy approaching the col between Storehaugen and SorbmegaisaIMG_1334 DSCN1418
Heading up towards Giilivarri above Olderdalen
On the summit and soon ready for an excellent ski down.

March 10: A wonderful day with sun and lighter winds! Our journey was to the north point of our islands in the Lyngen region to experience the amazing scenery from Arnøya Island. The Spirit of Lyngen was loaded with supplies and we headed 1 hour reach the base of Trolltinden on Arnøya. After the previous days winds we expected hard snow conditions but the views are outstanding and definitely worth the journey. Stefan’s group headed to Sorbmegaisa behind the lodge and reported firm snow conditions but excellent sunshine and brilliant scenery.IMG_1207
Andre boarding the SpiritIMG_1218
Heading North running with the waves, it’s going to a fun ride!IMG_1250
Up on the ascent where with every turn the views are just mind blowingly stunningIMG_1256
Anyone at home???IMG_1264
Summit team, Rolf, Glen, Irene, Gemma, Jamie, Bruce, Andre and skipper DavidIMG_1284
Andre styling downwards, his kit’s a bit old and knackered but he’s hardcore and well usedIMG_1308
Oh yer, Arctic beer served on deck – now that’s what we call an apres sea party….

March 9: Super strong winds made for interesting ski touring today! Both Stefan’s and my group headed round to Rotsundalen to try and find a wind shadow within the forest as the winds on fjord side were extremely strong today. We made it to 700m before the wind made the decision for us to return to the valley below. Good soft packed skiing mid mountain gave way to excellent breakable powder for the last 200m in the trees! All in all a great Arctic experience…IMG_1197
After the ski day concluded and the storm abated we headed to the bird sanctuary for some sight seeingIMG_1169
Glen and Gemma shouldering the strong windsIMG_1172
A well behaved group today!IMG_1176
To escape the wind we grabbed a sandwich at this wonderful newly opened mountain restaurant!IMG_1189
The view from the bird sanctuary on Spåkennes

March 8: The sun made an appearance today, and finally we could see the mountains! My group skied Giilivarri above the village of Olderdalen and found great snow on the massive open slopes that are just perfect for freeriding. Stefan with his group skied Kjelvågtinden on Uløya Island and reported the same fast compact snow.IMG_1126
Glen and Andre reaching the upper section on Giilivarri
Gemma high above the fjord with a strong breeze creating a smokey surface
The summit partyIMG_1142
Rolf carving it up with views from Summit To Sea!
Oh yes the effort was well worth it… the jacuzzi is best motivator for any post summit climbIMG_2517
And at the other end of the fjord was Stefan’s group heading up to Kjelvågtinden on UløyaIMG_2519
Urs from Switzerlandhigh on Kjelvågtinden
Summit 5’s getting ready for the wide carving slopes leading back to the boat
Left to right: Peter, Jutta, Monica, Anich enjoying a beer in the hot-pot post skiing!

March 7: Another snow storm rolls in and drops 20cm of snow upon us. Stefan headed down to Giilavarri for a tree line run and I headed up into the forests behind the lodge for some action between the bark. Snow squalls raced in off the ocean to give us good visibility one minute and a full storm the next. Interesting conditions! But the trees skiing today was top draw.IMG_1074
Left to right: Bruce (SA) Andre (SA) Glen (NZ) Jamie (UK) Gemma (UK)
Irene (CH) Rolf (CH) Graeme (Aberdeen Angus)IMG_1077
Tracking through the silent forest towards DalbergenIMG_1084
The upper slopes in good powderIMG_1096Happyclappy Scot (Graeme)IMG_1100
Andre carving down – high 5’s all round…

March 6: We welcome this week a international selection of skiers from South Africa, UK and Switzerland. Improving conditions today provided some excellent skiing on Uløya with a direct line to the beach. We began with an avalanche safety briefing with practical session before heading onto the mountain. Above 500m the snow is hard wind blown but nice to ski and below in the forest good sheltered powder snow. My group skied Uløya and Stefan’s behind the lodge at Storehaugen.IMG_1020
The Mr. Graeme from Scotland causing trouble as usualIMG_1028
The dry fish racks at Havnnes, provides a historical tour before we skiIMG_1043
The weather clearing as we reach 600m with super views over the fjord belowIMG_1058
A direct line through the forest to the beach was sweeeetIMG_1060
Who let the boarder in??? Andre from South Africa enjoying a different type of beach life to Cape Town SA!

March 3-5: Good snow has returned after a few days of strong storms that kept groups skiing in the trees lines for some days. On Friday we managed to reach a the fine summit of Kjelvågtinden on Uløya island. Despite the challenging conditions all groups enjoyed some good turns and good life in the lodge.IMG_0936
Liz boarding the SOL after heavy snowIMG_0952
Mark, Claire and Liz working their way up through the forest on UløyaIMG_0979
A quick stop in the forest before the we headed into the upper part of the mountainIMG_0982
Claire cruising the powder back to HavnnesIMG_0998
Mark last turns before skiing to the boat

March 1: Good visibility today enabled groups to head both up the centre ridge on Sorbmegaisa and to the south the Engnesdalen route. Due to warm temperatures the snow is wet to the top of the tree line and good snow was found from 600 to 1000m. The forecast is for snow and colder temperatures over the coming days.IMG_0889
Mark working his way up through the forest on SorbmegaisaIMG_0906
skiing down the open slopes above the fjordP1010670
Oliver would like more females to take up ski touring… I mean how could they resist this…

February 28: Fresh snow fell overnight creating surprisingly very nice skiing conditions, although the cloud level was at 500m it did make for some interesting navigation to ski on the mountain today. Hannes took the Spirit of Lyngen to Havnnes and skied Uløya and I skied 2 rounds of the trees on Storehaugen. Guests seemed to like the hot tub this afternoon, there seems to be something about sitting in a hit tub with a beer and fresh snow falling around the lodge.IMG_0880
In the trees at Storehaugen above the lodge
Mark getting in the flow with the fresh snow falling this afternoonSAM_2082
Team extreme checking out the store and the “dry fishies” in HavnnesIMG_0884
A full house just seating for dinner with Elisabeth introducing tonight’s Norwegian dishes.