MAY 2008

End of season – One of the season’s ski highlights. The Midnight Sun skiing is truly a unique skiing experience to challenge any. It’s the middle of May and it’s powder and cold. Our goal, Store Kaagtinden 1228m on Kagen Island 40mins by Spirit of Lyngen. After our 11pm beach drop off we began skinning to reach the summit at 2am. From the pedistool summit you are surrounded by mountains, space and ocean reaching to Greenland and the North Pole. The skiing is powder down endless playfull terrain and to cap it all under the warmth of the midnight sun’s rays. This is surely one of the finest ski summits on our planet. This was our first day before the start of our 2009 season we close the season here and would like to send out a heart warming thank you to all of our friends who have visited us and for following and supporting this exciting project. Lets ski here together next season! All photos from today… Hallelujah – We will keep skiing until Mid June with some visiting film crews.Week11_01
Felix Milns standing upon the airy summit of Store Kaagtinden 1228m soaking up the midnight sun views – 3amWeek11_02
The climb begins 11pm up the west face of KaagenWeek11_03
1am and the sun’s glow warms the horizonWeek11_04
John looking north over the Ocean stretching to the North Pole it was only -5 degrees at the summit todayWeek11_05
The ski descent begins from a small notch on the side of a large cornice. This top pitch is a peach of a line – right down the east face glacier to the beach far below that’s 1228m uninterrupted to the beach below.Week11_06
The view south on Kagen Island with midnight sun’s rays casting this wild pink light that lasts for hoursWeek11_07
Felix carving in the light powder down rolling terrain towards the nose of the glacierWeek11_08
Ben Eaton doing what he does best – a perfect specimen for photography!Week11_09
David Harmer big fresh tracks towards the sun and a smile to match.Week11_10
Our faithful – The Spirit of Lyngen and Skip Petter our perfect support team for all adventures

May 15– Midnight Sun ski touring madness has set in!! We set off at 11pm for with a few sleepy heads thinking that I had lost the plot heading out at night – but nevertheless they were excited about the prospect of skiing under the midnight sun at 2am in the morning! We also have journalist Felix from the UK Financial Times newspaper as a guest who has come to write about the lodge so he joined us today for the night tour. We began walking on solid frozen snow as the temperatures dropped to -4 degrees. It was so good not to be breaking trail through deep wet snow as in during the day and finally cold nights have arrived. It was simply breathtaking as the sun crept up at 1am from behind a jagged peak to the north and bathed us in pink light for the whole ascent of the north ridge of the magnificent Nordmannviktinden 1355m. The snow was powder from the top to just above the tree line giving 1000m of fluffy snow in mid May – the group went bananas! We arrived back at the lodge at 7am in time for breakfast.

I’ve added 8 pictures from today … I hope they give you some idea of the sensational atmosphere experienced.Week11_11
1pm – Ben, David, Ruth and John – tiredness has vanished and the midnight sun is definitely energizingWeek11_12
The midnight sun at 1.45am heading up towards the summit of NordmannviktindenWeek11_13
Ruth has to catch a bus back to Austria in 5 hours – but always time to squeeze in a cheeky ski tour!Week11_14
Arriving the summit Raimonda and JohnWeek11_15
The summit at 3amWeek11_16
Ben Eaton making the most of the cold powder. It was – 10 degrees at the summitWeek11_17
Ruth maybe late for her bus….but hey they’ll be another one..Week11_18
Felix from the FT newspaper putting in his first turns for the Summit To Sea concept.

May 14 – Fantastic weather has arrived and the snow is now consolidating well. It’s now the midnight sun time and the sun tonight will not set so I’ve decided to take my group out for a midnight sun tour starting at 11pm. We had to turn back from a tour this morning as it was just too warm with wet avalanche risk so I’m changing around our days and skiing in the midnight sun! Guy’s group skied Uloya Island and the Blaatinden traverse to the zone 4 beach pick up and reported excellent skiing. Photos will follow but when I’ve returned from our night mission. It’s going to be strange having a beer in the hot tub after skiing at 7am in the morning! Photos from Guy Willett’s group on the Blaatinden traverse.Week11_19
Left to right: Guy, Steph, Dom, Ole, Tom and Ri.Week11_20
On the summit of Blaatinden.Week11_21
Tom skiing to the Lyngen Fjord below

May 13– And it keeps on snowing! Estimated today 60cm of snow has fallen over the last two days. With the current snow pack being saturated and the amount of fresh snow we’ve been extremely cautious about which mountains to choose and the degree of slope to ski. The morning brought flat light and heavy snow so there was no advantage to use the boat so we opted for the Store Haugen as the angle of slope is safe due to amount of snow we’ve received. Breaking trail through the forest was like wading through thick custard but as soon as we left the tree line the snow chilled and fluffy powder was skied from the summit for around 400m. The weather is now breaking and a two days of sunshine are forecast. Ruth from PTP St.Anton is with us and she’s so pleased to be in a new office looking at a new view 🙂 Photos today from Guy’s group.Week11_22
Guy Willett’s groups left at Dalbergen above the lodge forest
The storm is breaking and the sun’s rays are reaching down to the fjord
Ruth’s view from the office window…… 🙂

May 12– Huge fresh snow fall over night and continuing throughout the whole day. 40cm of fresh snow at 600m and above. Due to this amount of fresh snow, groups where only able to keep to low angled terrain for safety. Guy’s group headed up towards Store Haugen and my group took the boat to Uloya for a try on the Kvelvagtinden but due to poor vision, heavy snow and wind both groups headed home mid mountain and raced for the hot tub. For the middle of May the conditions are incredible with so much fresh snow right down to sea level. Only a couple of photos today as it was just too stormy to break out the camera.
Fresh snow Falling to sea level 12 May – The lodge is covered again! Make the most of a late season ski as the snow will last well into June
Heavy snow laden trees made it feel like January

May 11– Week 11 welcomes some St.Anton PTP skiers, Ben Eaton 2nd time Lyngen and his brother David, John from the UK and Riamonda from Italy. Also we have Guy Willet’s “Dream Guides” company from Chamonix France with his group from France and the UK. We’ve had fresh snow down to sea level which has provided good skiing above 500m. It’s become colder so even now in the trees its possible to ride on top without sinking too deep into the wet snow from last week. Guy’s group headed to Sorbmegaiser behind the lodge and skied good snow but didn’t see too much of the summit area as the cloud pulled in. It’s our first day, so just to warm up nicely with my group we headed up to Store Haugen (Reindeer Mountain). The weather is still changeable so the visibility around the summits was low but we got a lucky break and skied down in good vis and even a little sun. The snow was fresh on a wet base and surprisingly good. Photos today from Store Haugen.
A happy band ready for the off
Through the birch forest behind the lodge
Reaching the northern summit of Store Haugen
Ben Eaton surfing the fresh snow around 700m
David cranking down towards the fjord
John just about to launch a wee jump before a text book double ejection landing!! 🙂 sorry no photo of that!

May 9– Sunny Bluebird start to the day and for the last day for Peter and Jan group it was time for a traverse of the main Lyngen Peninsula from Gammvik to Store Galten at the northern tip. Today I also guided a friendly couple Ingrid from Norway working in Switzerland and Mark from Paris, we headed to Uloya for a Kvelvagtinden ascent. The sun gave way to cloud by mid day but the snow above 600m was good and below a little slushy. We fought through the forest as the snow is now receding but it’s all good fun hanging off the trees! It’s now our last evening and time for a little celebration… Photos today from both groups.
Ingrid and Mark checking out Havnnes
My guys skinning up to Kvelvagtinden
Daniel from Sweden cranking down the upper open section
Our fish buffet is served for tonight’s evening meal