MAY 2009

87May: 20 – 24: The ski season closing group arrived from Oslo. We welcome Niels, Viggo, Preben, Håkon, Jonas, Simen, Hilde and Peter who came to film a documentary coming to your tv screens this fall called Temptation Mountain. Also Petra and Henrik journalist and photographer from Sweden. We all enjoyed three days of fine skiing beginning with a Spirit of Lyngen tour to Ytre Gammvikelva on the Lyngen peninsula, this impressive valley provided excellent skiing for the first day. The group were all excellent skiers so it was game on for the next few days. Second day we skied the mighty Sorbmegaisa and had an awesome spring snow which ended with a BBQ an beers back at the lodge. Day three the weather was warmer and the snow wet so we skied slushy snow on Nordmannviktinden to end this last day with a season closing party which headed well into the early hours of this morning! Photos from the last three days.86
Perfect troop deployment onto the shore line with the Spirit of Lyngen. Håkon holding the bow as Niels is heading back onboard to get his sandwiches.85
Reaching the col below Gammvikblåisen ridge, we passed a lone reindeer on the route up
Petra a journalist from sweden joining the group for an article report and enjoying her tele turns.
Niels cranking a few power turns just to show the group who’s the big daddy on this lads trip..
Viggo and Niels (two respected noses) nicely captured with my fisheye lens getting into the party nose, I mean mood for the after ski on board.
Day two and here we’re heading up the Sormegaisa which gave us sensational snow.
Ohhh, it’s an after ski tour BBQ on the deck and Elisabeth gets a tossing
Day 3. Up to Nordmannviktinden the weather was misty so we found a rock to jump off
Season end close and we had a shoot out on the shuffle board after a wonderful meal from Annette.

It has been a magnificent second season at Lyngen Lodge. Thanks to all our old and new friends for a wonderful happy season. See you all later on the mountain!

May 17: Norway’s national Day Hurrah! We welcome Flory Kern mountain guide from Germany with a group of skiers on an adventure photoshoot into the midnight sun. Today’s tour was a classic midnight sun start at 10pm until 5am – it’s strange starting a tour after a nice relaxing dinner! We headed to wonderful island of Kågen and a traverse west to east of the Store Kågtinden. It was a hard pack snow ascent to the summit and some moisture belw in on the summit at 2am concealing the view. Without too much delay on the summit we descended down into the east face and just below the cloud we met the sun shining and casting incredible rays through the clouds onto the fjord below. It was incredibly atmospheric and another midnight ski tour for the memory book. Photos from last night.
Christine Barth from Germany enjoying the later/early light on the Lyngen Fjord
Dropping anchor for a dingy drop off onto the rocky beach of Kågen.
Sensational light over Kågsundet
Christine skiing down the east face
Midnight sun light over Skjervø¸y
The Spirit of Lyngen heading back to the lodge for breakfast.

May 15: A journey to Kågen on the Spirit of Lyngen began the day for our 6th and last day for this week. The weather was promising as there looked like signs of the fog clearing which would leave us with views over the entire Lyngen Alps. The fog did clear on our ascent of Store Sandnestinden after we left the forest on the ascent. The snow was softening up in the sunshine and we skied perfect spring snow on the first descent crossing the island which lead to our second ascent to reach the summit proper. The views were spectacular and we enjoyed a summit lunch surrounded by fjords on all sides. The ski down from the main summit was a little tricky as the snow was now wet and we had to negociate a narrow valley which had seen some old wet avalanches. Safely through we met the bus which had a basket full of cold beers to round off the trip! Photos from Kågen today. Cheers all for another storming week.
The ascent towards Store Sandnestinden
The first descent led by Mish
Pat Macaleer boot packing up to the col of Store Sandnestinden from the east
Reaching the summit with the Lyngen Alps behind. Ian and Frank in this shot
Roger the Swiss wegel champion cranking out another set of fine wiggles 😉

May 14: An incredible day and I don’t think we could have packed anything else into it. The clouds cleared and a perfect day of sunshine arrived. Both groups headed straight to Ulø¸ya and a beach drop off to Blåtinden. We had a to hike to the snow line but once there the skiing and views were insane:) First off on the Spirit of Lyngen boat we were visted by a family of dolphins about 8 who played around the boat for about half an hour, diving across our wake from the engines and generally having a lot of fun. Once on the mountain it was a scorcher with hot sunshine…so what else to do but have a swim in the 6 degrees water from the beach after a quality descent in spring snow. Check the photos:)
66Heading across the Lyngen Fjord flat calm and suddenly a family of dolphins arrived
They buzzed the boat and put on a real display
The swam around and we were not sure who was more interested in who!
Roger “the swiss machine” romping up the hill
The spectacular summit of Blåtinden is a huge bonus sight on a sunny day.
He makes the web again…yes it’s old sweaty Frank
I couldn’t believe it… but they were all up for a swim at the beach…Pat’s belly flop sent a tidal wave right down the fjord 😉
Who’s chest is the odd one out?? me, Pat and the Frankster – it was not half chilly but super refreshing.

May 13: Team France still hold the fishing trophy, as a poor effort from the British team who brought home only a net full of sea weed….! The sun peeked through late afternoon and we headed up to Sorbmegaisa middle ridge through the trees to reach good snow up top. Stephan and the team Courchevelites skied Nordmanviktinden and skied interesting snow below 700m… Photos from Sorbmegaisa today.
Mish and Ian just above the porridge trees on Sorbmegaisa
Roger from Switzerland burning some turns on the way down.
Frank takes the photo of the day if only his fishing was as good as his skiing 😉

May 12: Fresh snow on the summits made for excellent skiing today on on the home mountain. First off, it was raining hard at sea level so groups opted for a fishing trip out on the fjord in the Spirit of Lyngen with fishing champ Glen. It was a success with 5 cod fish and a huge Steinbit (Wolf Fish) which will be served tomorrow night for dinner. The weather improved for the afternoon so we headed to Store Haugen for some great turns from 600m to 1100m below 600m it’s all a bit slushy. Photos from today from Store Haugen.
Pat having a moment
Colin and Frank heading up to the summit of Store Haugen
Irene and Timo (partners) had a fishing shoot out –
Irene loved getting her hands on a big one unfortunately Timo has only a tiddler… oh well sometimes that’s just life eh Timo ??? 😉

May 11: It was a stormy day with snow above 700m and a wind that reminded us we are still in the Arctic even in May. We headed to Sorbmegaisa and battled to the summit in zero visibility… the skiing down was actually good until 600m then the wet snow made for some interesting technique demonstrations 😉 We had a good laugh ad there were some clothing battle scars from the bush contact. trees 5 – skiers nil 🙂
Always good views whatever the weather, during stormy days is almost the best times for atmospheric shots.
Hardcore action through the forest – there was carnage 😉

May 10: First swim of the season, Timo, Pat Frank and I took the plunge.. 6 degrees aghh – stayed in for 3 minutes but then began to feel rather numb so we headed for th hot tub! We welcome three new groups this week, a French group from Courchevel who are guided by Stefan from the PTP team from St.Anton. A friend, Timo and Irene from St.Anton who are writing articles for the Dutch press and finally my group for the week who are a wild bunch who I previously know from St.Anton skiing. For the first day we headed to the main Lyngen Peninsula to ski the super valley of Ytre Gammvikelva that is nestled between some high and dramatic peaks. Team France skied Sormegaisa as well did Timo. Photos today from the main Peninsula.
I was chillyoff the beach below the lodge but it was possible for a full ducking under
The ascent up the ytre Gammvikelva on the peninsula is great spring snow
Pat on the way down from the col
A perfect calm fjord made for an ideal headland pickp direct on the bow
My group this week, left right Ian, Mish, Pat and brother Frank, Roger and Colin
Team France, Simpon, Anne Lyse, Marie Pierre, Claud and Amerik

May 8: Closing day of this week’s skiing adventures, Neil’s and pio’s group headed to Store Galten on the northern end of the peninsula via the Spirit of Lyngen and Hanne, Marie and I headed to Sorbmegaisa behind the lodge. It was again super spring corn snow skiing with sunshine and warm conditions. Thanks again to all for a great week and many fun memories. Photos today from Sorbmegaisa.
Havø¸rn (Sea Eagle) Europes largest brid of prey with a wiind span of over 2m circled over our heads on the summit only 30 meters above. It was quite an incredible sight.
Climbing up above the middle col between the Lyngen Fjord and Kippledalen
Climbing the upper slopes towards the summit.
Hanne and Marie skiing down towards Djupvik in great corn snow.
Hanne wrapping up the skiing after a super week above the fjords

May 7: Today’s journey was to Strupbreen across the fjord on the Lyngen Peninsula. There was some low cloud hanging around so instead of going to the Tafeltinden we headed to a neighbouring peak which offered a spectacular pedistool summit view. The climb up was pretty cool too with a 200m bootpack to the top. The spring corn snow was top draw right to the snout of the glacier. Pio also headed to Strupbreen while Neil was over the back in the Rotsund valley for a traverse of Svartfjellet and over back to the lodge. photos from the Strupbreen today…
Long way up the Strupbreen (glacier) but the skiing and the views are totally “Strup”endous 😉
The cool bootpack up to the summit
hanne de mora – loving it
Spring snow all the way down the glacier, top conditions and not a sole insight
Spirit of Lyngen as usual providing perfect support and beer in the fridge!

May 6: Another supreme spring day with blue skies and a beaming sun. Groups were up early to make the most of the early quality snow. Neil’s group and Elisabeth with two journalists headed to Kågen for an ascent of Store Kågtinden. I headed to Svartfjellet and a crossing back to the lodge over hammarvikdalen and Pio headed to Staluvarri south of the lodge. It was an epic day with huge smiles all round. The corn snow is just “Hammer good”. Check the pics from Svartfjellet traverse to the lodge. Kågen photos following shortly.
Heading up to Svartfjellet above. About a 1000m from here.
Summit photo over the fjord below.
Hanne skiing
Hammarvikdalen to lodge below.

May 5: Trip to Kågen and an ascent of Store Sandnestinden and a traverse from west to east of the island. It was an amazing day with perfect corn spring snow. Check the pics..
Glen the skipper is a happy chappy at the helm.. he’s waving as he’s off fishing…
Spring is well and truely here with waterfalls and rivers opening up and the sound is great!
Kågen is perhaps the finest skiing island in the world, there is so much to ski and the scenery is mind blowing.
Super skiing down the east face of Store Sandnestinden.

May 4: The sun has returned and even the cold weather overnight freezing the snow above 300m. We were very suprised at how good the skiing was. Up top above 700m it has snowed a few centimeters on a soft base which made for some sweet turns. Neil headed to Ulø¸ya with the boat, Pio’s group and Hanne and Mad and myself headed to Store Haugen for our 1st ski day warm up. I think this week we’ll see some “hammer good” spring snow. See photos from today below from Store Haugen.
Hanne de Mora from Norway and “Mad” from France and two spare legs.
Skinning up Store Haugen
Along the spectacular ridge to the Southern Summit
Mad skiing towards the Lyngen Fjord in great spring snow.

May 3: It was a rainy day for our group of new guests. Neil Mcnab’s from Chamonix arrived with a group of snowboarders, Pio from Austria with a group of 3 and I’ve a private group of two friends Hanne and Mad for the week. There was no skiing today as the weather was foul so we all went fishing and the results were huge!!!
Neil with the biggest cod of the day… he’s now changing jobs from mountain to cod guiding.

April 31 and May 1: We struck lucky and woke to a blue bird day at 5am. The entire team were on their feet and ready to fly with the heli by 6am The plan was to shoot as much as possible and use the helicopter to film different locations in Kåfjord behind the lodge and Kågen island.
We first flew to Svartfjellet, this mega peak provided a super 360 degree fly by summit shot and then a bonus of perfect spring snow down the east face. The guys were getting charged up as we headed over the ridge with the heli to Sorbmegaisa. Perfect weather and a mirror calm fjord provided Lyngen skiing at it’s best and ideal for portraying just how amazing our region is. Next we headed to Kågen and skied the exposed north ridge of Blåtinden with it’s spectacular 400m vertical cliff face. Chris, karine, Lorraine and I had a blast on this line and the camera crew were super happy with take. We stayed on Kågen until around 7pm and filmed super shots over the ocean. Enough said check some of the pictures from this epic day. It’s been a pleasure skiing with the ski pros from Kastle Ski’s and working with warren Miller guys and a really speciial thanks to Tom Andreassen our super skilled pilot from Heli Team Harstad who flew like he was being chased by enemy air attacks “just Hammer man” !!! We want more 🙂
The engines are fired up and final discussions on the plan for the day with Chris Davenport and karine giving the thumbs up.
First summit – Svartfjellet we skied from the right summit.
The camera crew flying into position towards Sorbmegaisa
Flying with the Strupbreen galcier behind
Chris, Karine and Lorraine heading down towards the mirror calm fjord
Hiking for more lines
Heli pick up for the crew after some great filming shots
Next.. skiing the exposed ridge of Blåtinden on Kågen… shot from the heli
kågen fly over
Lorraine skiing the mid mountain of Kågen Blåtinden
It’s happy days all round for the camera crew. Josh, assistant Ali and photographer Peter Mathis.

April 30: Film team are waiting for the weather to clear, so we began with a pre flight safety breifing from the pliot Tom. I nipped to the shops and took the heli. Kurt skied Tafeltinden and was taken across the fjord via the Spirit of Lyngen and reported good skiing but a little wet snow on the glacier.

Some good productive filming took place today. Tomorrow is the big day as the weather clears and we’ll film skiing as well as the Spirit on the fjord.
Safety breifing
Just nipping to the shops Liz… will be back in 5..

April 29: A low pressure weather system moved in for today bringing rain and snow. The film crew decided not to film today and instead check out the area for interviews and further locations for the sunny days later this week. Kurt’s group braved the elements and headed up to Store Haugen. Our helicopter arrived today and will be flying in the region over the next few days filming some ski action. We did however go fishing and the basket came home not empty!
The big whirly bird lands… don’t worry it’s just for filming 😉 we haven’t turned into a heli lodge…

April 28: Two new groups arrived this week Kurt Wolf from Austria is back for his second visit with Jenny, Mark, Mans and Rob. And the second group is the Warren Miller film crew from the USA with pro the skiers Chris Davenport, Lorraine Huber and Karine Falck Pedersen. We’ve had a run of poor weather lately but this week the conditions are improving and today the weather has been fantastic which allowed us to film for 14 hours on the mountain. We headed to Ulø¸ya with the Spirit of Lyngen to the zone 2 drop off to film some classic Lyngen skiing above the fjords and the results where perfect. Some photos from today.
Arrving on the beautiful beach of Ulø¸ya via the Spirit of Lyngen
Chris, Lorraine and Karine with Peppardtinden on the main Lyngen peninsula behind
Tom Day from Warren Miller setting up shot for the summit shoot on Blaatinden
Tom Day and Joshua Haskins
Lorraine Huber skiing the wonderful open midsection of Blåtinden
Chris Davenport in cruise mode towards thebeach in evening light 9pm