MAY 2012

May 28 – Cold snow returned to Lyngen! Our groups for this week are Peter, Ingunn and Mats from Sweden, Jon from USA, Kjertil from Norway and 2nd time vistor this season Ruth from Germany all guided by Mikal. Sunday saw high winds and the group pushed on up to Storhaugen. Today Monday saw excellent snow from 500m upwards. It’s soon June and it’s powder!Midnight sun skiing photography
Midnight Sun season.
IMG_2980_1IMG_3015IMG_3021_1IMG_3086_1May 25 – Still skiing the midnight sun! Good snow cover to the north of Kågen and Arnøya Islands. Thanks to our Swiss guests from Alpine Legends and special thanks to Ronny our bank partners Sparbank 1 Nord Norge Tromsø for their conference visit and midnight sun ski.DSC_5707
After a good evening meal of king crab it’s off for a night ski
It’s a great feeling reaching the summit under such amazing colours in the sky and the snow
Ronny on the ridge
Pure telemark style under the orange sky
Team Switzerland and Austria heading for the same midnight sun action
The whole region seems to be untouched my time, this bike is from the war and is still a sweet ride! Chris Balmer from Alpine Legends swapping skis for two wheels
Two “old timers” meet new!
Eveline from Zell am See Austria showing how the girls carve it up on Arnøya
Mind the gap madam
Ursala and Thomas celebrating their 25th Wedding anniversary at the lodge. Skol!!

May 16 – Extraordinary! Midnight Sun skiing, what more can I say except I wait 365 days to do this again and again year after year… come and join us…Midnight sun skiing photography
A moment you could freeze in time
Graham Austick photography Midnight sun photography DSC_1430
Spring joy on Uløya
Calm waters at Havnnes today
Susie taking break mid mountain
The views from Blåtinden Uløya are some of the finest across to the Lyngen Alps Peninsula

May 14 – high winds today made for some combat skiing high on the mountain on Sorbmegaisa for Paul’s group. It was however perfect conditions for ski kiting, so we took to the wind on Storhaugen who needs lifts anyway?!P5142137
No skins on skis needed to climb – the kite can take up way up the mountain. I prefer wind still and powder but you’ve got to make the most of what we have!

May 13 – What a start to the week, fresh powder!! It feels like March not May. Brilliant skiing and fun all round.IMG_1329
Sweet conditions for May
Now there’s a criminal looking bunch! One Kiwi, One Swede and One Norwegian
Elisabeth outh the office and loving the thought of every step is one more fresh powder turn
Helping hands carrying Inge upwards
A climb to the top is perfect for….
A yoga pose
An endless winter seems to be here…

May 10 & 11 – Long boat journey to ski the scenic Trolltinden on Arnøya Island. Bonus today was seeing thousands of Reindeer on their migration path to the coastal regions for the their summer feeding. Another weeks wraps up and I’d like to thank all our new friends for great week skiing at the lodge and welcome back again!DSC_1138
Something feels out of place when you walk past a fishing boat in your ski boots
Storehaugen skied today – mid angled mountains providing the best skiing at present
DSC_1210 DSC_1107
Jeff and Mary feeling the Summit To Sea spirit of Norway
Intriguing shadows break up the ascent route high above the fjord
Spring conditions allow for safe group skiing on the descentLyngen Alps
Nina and Rolf Erik from Oslo on the summit of Storhaugen
Frank apart from being an excellent skier he’s also a shepherd in his spare timeDSC_0082
Frank off to a fine start from the summit of Storhaugen

May 7 – New groups from USA, UK, Norway and Sweden. Paul’s group Tom, Rob, Mary Jeff from USA and Johan and Kenneth from Sweden. Burkhard’s group welcomes return guests Frank, Pat and daughter Justine from UK, Steve UK, Rolf & Nina Norway and Colin journalist from UK. Paul headed up behind the lodge and Burkhard to havnnes.DSC_0010
On the boat with safety briefing and route for the day explained
Onwards and upwards
Mary from the USA in great form above the lodge
Burki’s group – let’s see how fresh the look come Friday!

May 4 – Bluebird day and it’s off to Kågen for a traverse of the island in perfect powder and a great last day for the groups this week.
Thanks to all for a very nice week including the Norwegian humour!DSC_0145
Skiing towards the beginning of the east descent traverse of Storesandnestinden
Ready for the off, it’s great powpow below
so amny different views and slopes make this traverse a favourite
Climbing the magic tower ridge to ski the almost never skied bowl of powder
The bowl to somewhere
Thank you for the creation of snow!

May 1 – Woopii!! Fresh snowfall overnight to sea level! The Norgies and Italianos with paul and Burkhard enjoyed excellent fresh snow turns from summit to sea. More snow on the way so May is getting off to a great start.DSC_0478
Arthur ripping it tele style… he’s a pro
Knut chatting with the locals…
Monika and Michael from South Tirol Italy climbing through the wonderful forest above the lodgeDSC_0492
Coffee break middle ridge Sorbmegaisa, who’s got the biscuits?