The Unique Midnight Sun Experience

Encounter this incredible artic phenomenon from May to June

The midnight sun can be seen at the Lyngen Lodge from 18th May until 26th July. During this period we have no darkness in the night, the sun literally shines 24 hours a day, enabling you to enjoy the wonderful scenery all day and all night!

A visit during this time of year presents many opportunities for both relaxation, adventures into nature and photography. For example we recommend visiting the Reisa Canyon river to experience the raging waterfalls, the giant suspension bridge over northern Europe’s deepest canyon, a sea safari and hiking behind the lodge. To read more on the facts of the midnight sun see below the gallery.

The Facts

he Arctic Circle runs around the planet at 66.5 degrees latitude. This is the point where in summer the sun does not set below the horizon which results in 24-hour sunshine, on the flip side during winter the Arctic Circle marks the point where the sun does not rise above the horizon and the northern latitudes enter into the darker polar winter period.

Lyngen Lodge’s latitude of nearly 70 degrees (500km north of the circle) and experiences the midnight sun on May 17 until July 24 where the sun sets again giving the region in total 2 months of permanent sunlight. It is a wonderful time to visit as thousands of migrating birds fill the sky, the mountains are rich in green colours and the rivers and waterfalls are in full flow. Nature thrives as plants and trees grow 24 hours a day and the birds seem to stop sleeping. It’s a paradise for photography as the light is soft around the hours of 11 pm to 3 am.

Visit the land of the midnight sun and learn to capture it on camera with our photography courses and photo safaris Norway or visit us to walk along the beaches under the never-setting sun. Book a holiday or short visit and combine any of our activities as an add on to your stay

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Can be seen at Lyngen Lodge From 18th May – 26th July

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