February activities with Aurora, sea safaris, sea eagles and ok some deserved lodge relaxation after snowshoeing adventures to see the fjord scenery above the lodge.Lyngen_Lodge_Graham_Austick_001
Two sea eagles displaying just how nimble their are in flight for being Europe’s largest bird of prey.

The eagle above has lunch in form of a fish and the eagle below wants a piece of it too.
Snowshoe extreme! It’s off up into the woods
Thorvald’s very informative tour of his fish factory for the famous cod dry fish
Sea safari in sub degrees temperatures. Great dolphin display too
Perfect example of ice age carving the mountains on the east side of the Lyngen National Park
The Spirit of Lyngen – performing the sea safaris.

Northern Lights season is in full swing with continued strong Aurora viewings direct from lodge. Dog sledding, ice fishing and snow shoeing experiences are top of this activity list at the moment.
The sun soon returns and the famous Arctic light is at it’s most colourful in the days ahead with pinks, violets and dark blues lighting the sky.Lyngen_Lodge_G_Austick-3
Direct from lodge – we created a new viewing / photography platform this season which is proving excellent for our budding photographers.IMG_0353
Sea Safari day across the fjord to experience the towering mountains diving directly into the fjord. Photo Daniel Ganzer
The lodge boat in action. Photo Daniel Ganzer
Fishing and a good result with one cod for dinner. Photo Daniel Ganzer

The magical pink and blue Arctic light, that never fails to captivate
Evwn from the jacuzzi!
Open fires at the ice fishing location
Ski doo and trailer to sit in for all the family
Sea Safari to the steep cliffs of the Lyngen National park
The historic dry fishing harbour of Havness to visit the museum. This harbour is still in full operation.
Strong Aurora to the north across the Lyngen Fjord
Navigation on the boat by radar when the light gets low

December has begun with record snowfall and a winter Arctic wonderland as a result. Our Northern Lights season has begun with dog sledding and guests from every corner of the world. Photos below taken from Daniel one of the lodge’s activity guides who will host your stay this winter.
Eight dogs and a wooden sled pulling you tirelessly through the forest towards an open fire lunch in the wilderness. Sounds like fun…
Reindeer skins and open fires is the authentic way of life in these parts of Norway
Marta and Laura warming by the fire while the dogs rest and coffee cooksLyngen_Lodge_Norway_-_Graham_Austick_copyright_2
Your cosy rest at the middle of dog sled tour.

The Northern Light displays are up to their usual tricks with spectacular displays right from the lodge property. Those of you arriving for a visit this season remember to bring lots of memory cards with you to shoot the action!Lyngen_Lodge_Northern_Lights__291
Early winter snow has arrived, bringing cold stable weather to Northern Norway. Already we’re seeing very good displays of the Northern Lights. This is the year!Lyngen_Lodge_Northern_Lights__293
The sled dogs are soon ready for our December start into the wilderness!