Skill & Fitness Level

Our aim is to provide you with a safe and enjoyable skiing experience under the guidance of our professional qualified guides.

To assist us in this aim we require you to rate your off piste/back country skiing skills and ski touring experience as described below with the highest accuracy possible. This will enable us to allocate you into the correct group and week for the season.

Terrain will be chosen to suit the mean average skill level of the group. Open groups ski Classic Lyngen Terrain ranging from summits up to 1300m high and angle from 28 to 35 degrees. Steeper terrain and couloir skiing is only possible with private group bookings.

Intermediate Level

You have day ski touring / randonee experience with skins. You are a competent off piste skier and able to ski safely in control in all types of snow conditions including power snow up to 20cm deep, wind packed snow and tight forest skiing. You can ski off piste in full control of speed and linked short turns in the fall-line. You can put skins on skis unassisted and have basic knowledge of skinning/walking techniques.

Intermediate – Fitness: it is important you rate your current fitness level. You need to be in good personal physical form in terms of endurance and stamina. You will climb minimum 1000m and need a minimum ascent rate of 300m per hour.

Advanced Level

You have many years of ski touring / randonee experience and advanced skills of the skinning/ascending techniques, uphill kick-turns, (spitzkern, switch-backs) and can handle steep mountain ascents.

You are a competent / advanced off piste / back country skiier and able to ski moderate to steep terrain over 38 degrees with good edge and speed control. You can handle without problem deep powder, hard pack snow, wet slush snow and tight forest skiing.

Advanced – Fitness: It is important you rate your current level of fitness as this should not be influenced by your skiing skills. You need to be in excellent personal physical shape. You are able to ascend minimum 1300m of ascent per day at 450m per hour ascent rate.

Check Availability

Please tell us when you are wanting to visit and we will advise on availability.