The only way to access the stunning snow covered mountains and forests between November and March

Snow Shoeing is the perfect way to walk and gain access to the snow covered forests and mountains directly behind the lodge. Guided tours can be tailored to suit all levels of fitness. There are numerous walks that lead to wonderful view points high above the Lyngen Fjord. Our classic is the tour takes 3 hours up to a spectacular Hammarsletta view point where coffee and sausages are cooked over our open fire inside a lavo tent.

Snow shoes are like modified tennis racquets that strap to your feet. They have been used for thousands or years by indigenous communities that lived long winters in the snow. They were originally made from binding tree branches together, however today’s snow shoes are made from lightweight aluminium and all you need is a good pair of walking boots. They work by spreading your weight over a larger snow surface area which prevents you from sinking and enables you to float on top of the snow while exploring the winter landscape.

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Available November – March

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