Our Ski Group Concept

We guide open groups to the classic and hidden Lyngen ski touring terrain.

The terrain is chosen to suit the mean average of the groups skill ability. Groups can expect to climb summits of 1300m maximum altitude in a single climb and ski terrain from 28 to 35 degrees steep.

Steeper terrain in excess of 35 degrees and couloir skiing is only offered to private groups on a lower guide to client ratio.

Accessing the mountains

A major part of the ski concept is accessing the skiing via our specially designed boat. You will board the boat wearing ski boots and carrying on skis. Transfers are between 15 to 45 minutes and drop offs are directly on beaches, headlands and pier.

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Behind the lodge

Directly behind the lodge is the Sorbmegaisa and the Store Haugen (home mountains), they consist of four major summits from 1200m that span along a prominent ridge offering brilliant tree and open face skiing with views directly above the fjord.

By vehicle

The lodge advantage is being able to access the inland sheltered terrain located east of the lodge. This region offers magnificent summits and fantastic link up tours ending directly back at the lodge.

Reaching the summits

Using wider off piste skis with ski touring bindings attaching special adhesive skins under the skis and freeing the heel from the binding allows for uphill travel, these skins are then removed and the heel fixed as in normal skiing for the downhill sections. There are advanced weeks and introduction weeks for those who have never toured before.

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The downhill

Vertical ascent and descent amount and the type of terrain skied depends upon group level of fitness and skill. You can expect to be climbing between 1000m to 1400m per day and skiing the same down. At sea level there is a lot more oxygen in the air than at altitude in the Alps so you have around 20% more stamina in Lyngen. You'll be surprised how good you'll feel while climbing up.

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The Terrain - zone 1

There are three terrain zones throughout the Lyngen Alps and surrounding islands where the skiing takes place. The region behind the lodge Sorbmegaisa including Rotsund. This area is usually filled with powder, the slopes are gentle to moderate and our favourite when there's fresh snow.

The Terrain - zone 2

North of lodge and accessed by boat are the islands of Ulø¸ya, Kågen and Arnø¸ya. These islands offer various spectacular summit crossings from one side to the other offering everything from gentle slopes to big open mountain skiing.

The Terrain - zone 3

The Lyngen Peninsula is filled with dramatic summits, large glaciers and hidden valleys providing some of the regions most spectacular skiing. This zone requires use of the boat as we access both deserted bays and rocky headlands for the skier drop offs

A Typical week

All ski weeks during the season are Saturday to Saturday and consist of 7 nights full board accommodation and 6 days skiing with a guide. You will usually spend 6 to 7 hours on the mountain and skin once or twice depending on route selection.

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Northern Lights

To witness the Northern Lights is truly an experience you'll never forget. Feb, March and early April are active times and the colours are regularly vibrant in this region. They are a definite must see!

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Lyngen Lodge Mountain Guides

All guides are fully qualified International UIAGM / IFMGA. All groups are led by guides, they know and understand the local conditions on land and at sea and will find the best snow and terrain to suit your skill level.

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The climate

The Gulf Stream flows along the entire Norwegian coastline which in turn warms the ocean and fjords creating a temperate climate, resulting in the fjords never freezing. Snowfall is plentiful too. You will not encounter extreme cold temperatures at sea level. The coldest recorded temperature at the lodge in January was - 16 degrees Celsius. On average, winter temperatures fluctuate between 0 and - 5 degrees C. On the summits however on a windy day the temperatures can reach -20 degrees C. Our equipment lists cover all appropriate clothing that will be needed.

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Various species of whales are in the Lyngen Fjord all year round and during your visit it is very likely that you will see whales during one of your boat journeys. Land animals include Moose, Wolverine and Lynx, all are extremely timid and seldom seen but you'll see the tracks regularly throughout the region while skiing.

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Safety and medical assistance

An excellent infrastructure is set up in the region. Injury rescue is provided by helicopter from Tromsø¸ city or from the Military. This service is reliable and efficient and provides full support throughout the region.

After skiing

Returning to the lodge, cakes waffles will be served by the open fire. You are encouraged to relax in the pine sauna and gaze out across the fjord through the panoramic windows or sooth the muscles by floating in the outside hot tub under the Northern Lights in Norway.


A full breakfast begins the day, a pack lunch is taken on the mountain and afternoon tea is served upon return. The evening meal is three courses and only the finest dishes will be served to complete your Norwegian experience. Our chefs specialize in fish from the Lyngen Fjord and game from our surrounding mountains. Our licensed bar will satisfy both the beer and wine connoisseur.

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We have a selection of double and twin rooms all with en-suite facilities. Each room has it's own unique Norwegian style. The lodge caters for 16 guests during winter. Read more on the lodge accommodation.

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Groups and single skiers

Single skiers, couples and groups are equally welcome. If you are alone we'll allocate you into an open group that suits your skill and fitness level. Whole groups of friends you can take a group booking with private guide. Group size max 8.

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