Whale Watching

Experience this once in a life time experience from June to August

As part of our sea nature safari we offer the exciting opportunity to enjoy our whale watching experience. To view a Humpback Whale is a moment you feel extraordinarily privileged and the experience is an unforgettable memory.


Humpback Whales are Baleen Whales that are a type that filter food through plates rather than having teeth. Adults range in length from 12 – 16 meters and weigh approximately 36,000kgs they are truly massive. Their shape is distinctive, having long pectoral fins and a huge knobbly chin/head. Often very acrobatic, they can surge from the water exposing three quarters of their body from the water and slapping down on their backs.

They can be found all over the world but only feed in summer in the polar regions on krill and small fish. They migrate 25,000km to tropical climates to give birth before heading north to colder waters to feed.

Humpback Whales are now protected from hunting worldwide since a 1966 and there is an estimated 80,000 in the world today. One of them is in Lyngen Fjord! They also sing songs for 20 minutes at a time and repeat for hours – divers can feel the vibrations and studies believe it’s mating orientated or perhaps they just like singing….

Our sea safari tours observe the resident whales of our region which are the harbour porpoise, Springer whales, and occasionally the Orca.

The whales do not arrive every summer in the Lyngen Fjord so we recommend contacting us to find out their current movements here.

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