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Our chefs are truely passionate about what they do, not only for their creativity on the kitchen but for the environment they have chosen to work in. Our main ingredients are local and some of the freshest that can be found anywhere. Out of the kitchen our chef can be found foraging for local herbs, mushrooms and mountain plants that bring not only exquiste flavours to the dishes but also promote Arctic health and balance to your dietry experience.

The Cuisine

Culinary Excellence

They always say that the kitchen is the heart of any home. At the luxury Lyngen Lodge, the kitchen and dining area really is at the centre of the whole lodge. Our Executive Chef Marianna uses only the finest local ingredients, from reindeer and lamb from the neighbouring countryside to fish caught in the Lyngen Fjord. With the world-class food matched with wine from our extensive cellars, we look forward to spoiling you with the very best of traditional Norwegian and International gourmet cuisine.

Hear more from Chef Marianna

Our Chef

An Interview with Marianna, our Executive Chef

When did you start at the Lodge?
In early winter 2019.

What is your speciality?
It's working with all the wonderful local fresh ingredients and being able to bring out the best flavours with the plants, herbs and berries that I enjoy foraging from our natural surroundings.

Would you say it is an international cuisine?
It's fusion cusine. Our products like fish, reindeer and lamb are local and the purest you can find, so I enjoy showcasing their natureal state but of course flavours are essential and by using the natural herbs found here it's really a chef's dream to work like this.

Do you also prepare vegan and vegetarian meals?
Yes. Guests usually tell me their preferences in a booking form. So I know when they are coming and can prepare in advance. 

What do you do when not in the kitchen?
I enjoy to be outside on an adventure with friends and my dog, but I'm often foraging for seaweed, herbs, plants, mushrooms and of course berries depending on the season.

What is your favourite dish you like cooking?
Every meal is an adventure and when the guests smile, that was of course my favourite dish!

Do you also have recommendations for wine?
We certainly do, we have a fine selection of wines that complement our dishes. I'll leave these decisions up to the hosts as I'm rather busy creating in the kitchen!

When you think about other chefs, what do you think makes your kitchen/ your cooking special?
I have a passion for sourcing natural ingredients grown in the purest way. There is so much growing outside in the Arctic right that naturally compliments the food in the most extraordinary way. Our kitchen is different because unlike a city we are surrounded by natural resourses outside our door.

Corporate Events & Privacy

Business Conferences & Private Events at Lyngen Lodge

Lyngen Lodge also has great experience in hosting private and corporate events, ranging from private events, board meetings to management development programs and workshops. The ultimate Norwegian experience includes full-board accommodation, an equipped seminar room, and a full program of the various activities on offer, to deliver the full 5-star service. The tranquil serenity of the Lyngen Alps offers the perfect contrast to the pressures of everyday life and is the ideal place for a refreshing corporate event.


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