APRIL 2012

April 29 – Another week begins! We welcome groups from Norway and Italy (south Tirol). There’s been a few warm days lately but overnight it froze and the skiing was positively good on the home mountain Storhaugen (guided by Burkhard) and Paul guide has returned and is guiding one of the groups which headed to Uløya island today. Photos from Paul.DSC_0387
The weather cleared for great first day on the summit of Kjelvågtinden on Oløya Island
The weather cleared for great first day on the summit of Kjelvågtinden on Oløya Island
Safety breifing on board the Spirit of Lyngen – everyone looking more relaxed knowing that we have emergency beer on board!
Super style Monica! Getting into full swing for the first decent of the week
Tom telemark the hero of telemark…
It’s the first swim of the week for the Norwegains… tough guys

April 25 – Spring sunshine prevails and with some colder nights good corn snow conditions looks promising. Today’s mountain was the wonderful smooth ramp system of Sorbmegaisa south route from Egnesdalen. We love the views high above the lodge across to the Lyngen Peninsula and this truly is ski touring Norway at it’s finest. Photo today from Burkhard.DSC_0078

April 22 – A new week but still the same sunshine! We welcome William and Brigid from Australia, Stuart from Switzerland and from Oslo Hans the journalist, Pål, Lars and Andreas, all guided from returning Burkhard from our sister compnay Piste To Powder in Austria. First day was straight into the boat and down to Skjeret for a lovely beach drop off and ski from Blåtinden.DSC_0043
Dropping off at the lovely Skjeret deserted beach
The Norwegians striding ahead towards the summit high above the fjord
Who said reindeers don’t ski tour…?
Pål having some tele action
Cold beer anyone? This old 40 year old fridge on the beach comes in handy now and again!

April 18 – Blue Bird!! Early start to Ytre Gammvika and a crossing to Store Galten for Stefan’s group and Rissavarri for Neil’s group in Kåfjord. The conditions are sensational with cold powder on upper mountain and not a breath of wind anywhere.i-9ZLRSnS
A wonderful Arctic Sun Spectra high over the glacier
Smiles as the summit to reached
The spectacular summit at the northern tip of the Lyngen Peninsula is reached with views far out into the Barrent Sea

April 17 – The sun keeps blazing down and the fjord is mirror calm enabling smooth beach drop offs to Blåtinden on Uløya and Neil’s group to Nordmannvikdalen for a snowmobile drop off. Again great conditions and luckily all groups are seeing the best of Lyngen and the islands in lovely spring weather.i-L5dVK9g
It’s a beach drop off and by the looks of things, it’s fun already!
Heading up to Bøåtinden and the views on this mountain are totally captivating
There’s always one who shows the chicken breast!

April 16 – Another sun filled day in powder as Stefan’s group headed into the Nordmannvikdalen for a snow mobile pull into the long valley to access the wonderful peak inside the Kipperdalen. Neil’s group headed to Uløya and enjoyed fall line skiing directly down to beach… a snowboarding dream!S1040004
The lodge skidoo towing the group into the location for start the tour deep inside the valley
Heading up after the snow mobile pull into the Kipperdalen
Views from high up over the Lyngen Fjord
Have you guys been practising synchronized skiing before you booked your trip? … or did Stefan tell you to do it?!!
It’s a long descent in sweet snow and no one in sight!

April 15 – We welcome our new groups but very importantly we welcome our newest family member Finlay Roy Austick as the lodge team mascot! Finlay came to the world 12 April after a snowstorm drive to Tromsø at 2am. Veronika and baby are well and soon will be skiing! Groups wise we welcome back Neil Mcnabb snow boarding and our Norwegian X Olympic team members from yesteryear! Perfect conditions in Lyngen for skiing with sunshine and corn snow. Skiing photos soon to follow…DSC_4678
Finlay already has life in control “it’s time to chillout guys”…

April 9 – Lyngen skiing at it’s best with stabilizing conditions, great snow and sunshine. Petter and Paul’s group headed to Uløya, Pio behind the lodge and Elisabeth and I managed a few hours off to ski in a newly visited Valley and couloir on the Northern Lyngen Peninsula. Brilliant!!!

First pictures from Peter’s group…P1000139
Captain Idse describing the route for the day onboard the boat the Spirit of Lyngen
Docking at Havnnes in wind still conditions
Lisi and Christian heading towards Kjelvagtinden on Uløya Island
Thomas wedel meister

Pio’s group next up… enjoying top conditionsIMG_1780
Skinning with nice safety distance on the top steep ramp
Sylvia laying tracks down the top section
and she won’t stop….
Sylvia, Mirjam, Pio guide and Gisela – Photos from Thomas

An office day out into the Goddeskoarru Lyngen peninsulaDSC_4609_1
Conditions stabalizing well and our plan for the day was to climb and ski this nice couloir located inside the Goddeskoarru Lyngen Peninsula.DSC_4547
Straight off the boat it’s steep up and away from the beach
Incredible scenery in an isolated place
Steep dominating rock pillars – good rock for a summer climbing visit
Elisabeth climbing the upper mountain section
A strange legged animal up ahead
Not the best place for lunch but the skiing began steep off the top, Elisabeth waiting under the rocky ridge
Good snow and Elisabeth in full flow
Another jewel of a ski line that ends right into the sea
Taxi rank?

April 8 – Welcoming back groups from 2 seasons ago. Sensational conditions are here to stay with todays groups experiencing great snow conditions, sunshine, reindeers on the mountain, a sea eagle and 3 big cod fish! Below Pio’s group and second Peter Gross’s group.Lyngen_Lodge_-_Graham_Austick_2
Pio arriving Havnnes via the boat. These Kastle skis rock!
Talk about a donkey following a carrot! I’ll follow Mirjam anywhere!!
Pio, Thomas, Gisela, Sylvia and Mirjam working their way up
Sylvia on her second visit to the lodge is back in the groove
That’s a good sign right there… a 5kg cod!
Beautiful cod… but she’s a female and full of eggs and about to spawn so she’s gonna go back into the fjord
This one’s a male and a keeper for tomorrow’s dinner. Thomas hooked this beauty!

Peter Gross group on Storhaugen today, enjoying freshies all the way from Summit To Sea.P4080021
Lizzie in full flow just loving the Kastle’s new touring weapon the TX 97!
Loving those curvesIMG_2178
Peter Gross (guide) feeling back at home
Group avalanche training always takes place on the first day at the lodge.

April 4 – Snow from the north – sun from the south – the weather changed today every 5 minutes! Daniel’s group headed to Sorbmegaisa middle ridge and I headed first to Kågen but we were beaten back by intense snowfall and then headed to Helgeli for some visibility in the trees.DSC_4471
On route to Kågen on the Spirit of Lyngen
The sun broke through into magic trees of Helgeli
Bjorn squeezing through some tight treesP1030470P1030473
Trixie from Ausrtria smiling from morning til night
Atospheric light over the Lyngen Alps
The forest fights back this week…

April 3 – Another bluebird day, no wind and powder. Groups headed to Egnesdaltinden north ramp and Daniel over to Tafeltinden on the large Strupbreen glacier on the Lyngen Peninsula. Brilliant another dau in ski paradise!!!DSC_4394DSC_4407
Bjorn and Michael (father and son synchro)
Jana getting some freshies
None stop powpowtop to bottom

Daniel’s group heading to Tafeltinden on the main Lyngen PeninsulaIMG_5497April 2 – Havnnes beach off and lovely ascent and descent from Kjelvågtinden direct to the beach in perfect powder. Daniel’s group headed to Store Kågtinden for another great day in the sensational snow.P1070130
En route to Store Kågtinden
P1030331P1030315Graham’s group on Havnnes
Arriving Havnnes via the Spirit of Lyngen
Classic skiing norway views
The view from Kjelvågtinden across towards the Lyngen Fjord
Ales in full tele mode
Boat skiing Norway – it’s something special fisnishing your skiing on a sandy snow covered beach

April 1 – New groups arrive and we welcome 2 groups from Austria, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, UK and Belgium. Perfect conditons with cold temperatures and mega powder!DSC_4136DSC_4155
Karen approaching Dalbergen
On route up towards the week’s first summit for a good warm up
Ales from Sweden telemarking like a proper Scandinavian
Karen’s 40th Birthday -I thought it was her 21st!! It’s been a long ski day… John’s eyes are locked onto the dessert!