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Visit Norway in Autumn - A season of change and transformation

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After the bright warmth of the summer months, autumn brings yet a further change to Norway in general, and to the Lyngen Alps in particular. Oranges and yellows dominate the autumnal landscape, magnifying the beauty of the Norwegian nature. This then is an excellent time to immerse yourself in the stunning fauna and flora of northern Norway and to spend you autumn holiday in Norway.

Before the chill of winter takes hold, this is a great time to explore the many Waterfalls of the Lyngen Alps, or simply to take in the remarkable landscapes that you can find all around you – either Hiking on foot or going on a Horse Ride. It is also a time for reflection and contemplation, something which you can do on a professional-led Yoga Retreat, or simply in your own way gazing up at the mysterious Northern Lights dancing in the skies above you.

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Autumn Activity in Norway

Visit the Waterfalls

Amongst the many stunning natural beauties of the Lyngen Alps, the waterfalls are amongst the most memorable. Dramatic falls like the Storfossen or Mollisfossen are unforgettable for their raw power and grace. Explore them the way you want to, via hiking trails or even in a river boat.

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Visit Norway in Autumn

Autumn at the Lodge

An autumn trip to Lyngen Lodge highlights the sheer beauty of the natural world, in all its mesmerising colours. The beauty of autumn in Norway can be appreciated whilst out and about, but also from the luxurious comfort of Lyngen Lodge itself. From a relaxing sauna to an intimate library room, the lodge offers the best for your autumn vacation in Norway, along with the enticing and exceptional culinary experiences. Further information about the autumn climate in the Lyngen Alps can be found on our detailed page on the weather in Norway and Lapland in autumn.

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Autumn Activity in Norway

Hiking in Norway

The Lyngen Alps of northern Norway offer real variety when it comes to hiking. There are so many different terrains to explore, from beaches to woodlands and lofty summits, and each location offers the same raw and breathtaking beauty. Our guides are there to help you construct a perfectly tailored route just for you, whether you are interested in a gentle stroll, a wilderness trek, or a challenging mountain hike. Going for a hike is highly recommended, especially during the autumn holidays in Norway.

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Autumn Activity in Norway

Your Yoga Retreat

For those wanting a truly invigorating experience during their autumn vacation in Norway, our yoga retreats offer true serenity in a picturesque setting. Led by the expert Vinyasa flow teacher Minna Skirgard, these courses are guaranteed to leave you happy in healthy – in body and in mind. 

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Horse Riding

Autumn Activity in Norway

Horse Riding during Autumn

Sometimes, the mountainous terrain of the Lyngen Alps can be difficult to negotiate on foot. Native Lyngshest horses on the other hand can cross these landscapes with ease. Guided horserides on these strong and good natured animals are a great way to travel to hidden lakes and stunning viewpoints high above the fjords in Norway.

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Boat Tours

Autumn Activity in Norway

Reisa River Boat Tours

The canyon carved by the Reisa river is millennia old and holds many hidden secrets such as the Mollisfossen – one of Norway’s highest waterfalls. The best way to navigate this twisting canyon is via the river itself, in specially designed boats capable of taking you far up the Reisa river.

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Feedback from our guests about staying at Lyngen Lodge and visiting Lapland in autumn:

“Thanks for a wonderful stay!”

“We had five days of beautiful weather, great adventures, lots of fresh air and exercise and, of course, fantastic food! We leave with many memories, and hope to return.” 

- Katherine and Petter (USA)

“A great ‘thank you’ to all of you for making our stay here so enjoyable”

“Your hospitality and attentiveness to our needs are greatly appreciated! Had lots of fun dog-sledding, chasing the lights, and just chilling out! Thanks for offering a great Arctic experience!” 

- Jia Liang and Si Yin (Singapore)

“Thank you for the amazing stay at the beautiful Lyngen Lodge!”

“We enjoyed all the activities, as well as the delicious food (much appreciated) and the great company. It really felt like home.” 

- Arjan and Tirza

“Thank you all for the great stay”

“We had a great time with all the laughter and activities.” 

- Wee Jeh and Annetta (Singapore)


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