Discover the Lyngen Alps and the raw beauty of north Troms

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Norway is a country of extremes and contrasts, be it the descent from the heights of the Lyngen Alps to the low-lying beaches of the Lyngen fjord, or the change from the long dark nights of winter to the ever-shining sun during the magical summer months. These contrasts are certainly not limited to the area of the Lyngen Alps and northern Norway

though. To fully discover Norway, we encourage you to enrich your experience of Arctic and Lapland adventure with time spent visiting the rest of Norway, from the urban hubs to the stunning natural landscapes of the countryside on your own Norway adventures.

Explore the different seasons

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Discover Winter in Norway

Norway takes on a whole different character in winter, and this is especially true north of the Arctic circle. The earth falls under a blanket of crisp white snow, whilst the skies fill with mesmerising colours and lightshows. Skiing, winter activities and other Arctic and Lapland adventures make this a truly memorable time of year to visit Norway.

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Discover Summer in Norway

During the summer, the Arctic shines with an inner radiance and beauty. The long days of sunshine provide the chance to go trekking, biking, and to experience the local wildlife, amongst other things.

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Discover Autumn in Norway

The colours of Norway change once again with the arrival of autumn. As humans and animals alike prepare once again for a long winter, this is the time for a Norway vacation to take in the stunning landscapes on long hikes, or to have a contemplative yoga retreat.

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Gateway to the Arctic

Tromsø – The Paris of the North

Tromsø is the closest city to Lyngen Lodge, and may be your entry point to northern Norway. Indeed, Tromsø has been known for centuries as the ‘Gateway to the Arctic’, serving as a regional hub and the starting point for many historic expeditions to reach the North Pole. Its second nickname, the ‘Paris of the North’, points to the trendy and fashionable nature of Tromsø and its residents. Time spent here will undoubtedly add to your holidays in Norway and deepen your appreciation of the full Norwegian experience.

The Arctic and Lapland Adventure

Discover Northern Norway

Outside the larger settlements, the landscape of northern Norway offers many stunning areas to appreciate the power of nature. Lying entirely within the Arctic Circle, the regions of Troms and Finnmark are characterised by stark terrain, with bare mountains, ancient glaciers, and sparkling fjords. For those in search of further Lapland adventures and Norwegian experiences, these areas are the perfect places to appreciate phenomena like the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights.

Culinary Excellence

The Cuisine

Experience Culinary Excellence

Some people are surprised when they discover the world-class quality and skill involved in high-end Norwegian cuisine. They shouldn’t be. With access to the most amazing ingredients right on the doorstep, Norwegian cuisine celebrates the strengths of fresh and high-quality local ingredients. We are proud to share this culinary experience with you from the comfort of our luxury boutique lodge in Norway.

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Oslo – The Capital of Norway

Oslo is the largest city in Norway and has a long and rich history. With settlement dating back to the medieval period, it is possible to feel the weight of this accumulated history in just a short time; the diverse museums and architecture of the city point to the countless cultures and peoples that have influenced the shape of the city over the centuries. Oslo is far from a backward-looking city though. Regularly celebrated as a top tourist destination for its lively bars, bistros and cafés, it has something special to offer for everyone looking to visit Norway.