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Snowshoeing in Norway - Seeing Lyngen's natural beauty first-hand

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When winter falls in northern Norway, a blanket of snow covers everything in a pristine white layer. The beauty of the Lyngen Alps is magnified within this peaceful tranquillity, the blues of the fjord glitter brighter, and the colourful Northern Lights in the sky shine stronger. Strap on a pair of snow shoes, and dive straight into this Norwegian winter wonderland.

Lyngen Lodge offers many different guided snowshoe tours of the areas around the luxurious lodge in Norway. With various routes and options available, unforgettable memories are guaranteed for everyone of all skills and abilities – Lyngen Lodge offers snowshoe hiking in Norway that goes beyond expectations.

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Everything you need for Snowshoeing in Norway

Unsurprisingly, the one thing you need to go snowshoe hiking at Lyngen Lodge is a pair of snowshoes. These, along with extra equipment such as trekking poles / hiking sticks are all provided by Lyngen Lodge. Traditional snow shoes were made by binding tree branches together like a kind of tennis racquet. Now though, our snow shoes are made of lightweight aluminium. All you need is a good sturdy set of walking boots.

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Our Experts

Professional Guidance for Snowshoe hiking in Norway

A pair of snowshoes provide you the freedom to explore the whole snowy landscape of the Lyngen Alps. With so many choices, our expert guides are happy to help you design a tailored route based on your interests, fitness level, sporting ability and so on, ranging between 1 and 4 hours. Whether you want some exercise, a serious trek, or simply some time in the snow, we are on hand for you to make your snowshoe hiking in Norway an unforgettable experience.

The Experience

Norwegian Snowshoeing Adventures with a purpose

A stay at Lyngen Lodge is defined by the perfect blend of physical activity and luxurious relaxation. This is equally true when you go snowshoe hiking. Depending on your requests, our guided tours typically lead to a traditional lavo tent at the spectacular Hammarsletta vierwpoint, where you can feast on some sausages and coffee from the open fire. Alternatively, evening excursions can take you to our mountain hut high above the fjord, where you can indulge in a glass of wine or some hot chocolate under the magnificent Northern Lights.

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Feedback from our guests

"Thank you for a very welcoming & relaxing place to stay"
"We have enjoyed our activities - Dog sledding & snow shoeing. Your hospitality has been wonderful, the food delicious! We got to see the beautiful Northern Lights what more could you ask for"

- Noeline and Jerry (Australia)