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Midnight Sun Experience in Norway - A unique and unforgettable phenomenon

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Imagine opening the door and stepping out from the luxury of the Lodge. The sun is shining down on you, the birds are singing in the trees, and you get ready for your next activity. It’s broad daylight, but it’s midnight.

During the summer months, the whole region of the Lyngen Alps hardly seems to sleep. Due to the high latitude, the sun shines for 24 hours a day. Being a part of this is an unforgettable experience, whether you are taking part in an activity, partaking in an expert photography course, or simply sitting back and appreciating the best midnight sun experience.

Midnight Sun Fishing

Midnight Sun

What is the Midnight Sun in Norway?

Between the 18th May and the 26th July, the Lyngen Alps and Lapland are blessed with a sun that shines for 24 hours a day, with no darkness during the night. Lyngen Lodge has a latitude of 69.9 degrees, lying 500km north of the Arctic Circle. This means that the sun does not set below the horizon in the summer months, providing a unique and unforgettable experience.

midnight sun fishing

Summer Activities

Experience the Midnight Sun in Norway your way

A visit to Lyngen Lodge during this period presents many opportunities for relaxation, adventures into nature, and specialist photography classes. We especially recommend visiting the Reisa River Canyon with its raging waterfalls on a special Reisa River Boat Tour, heading out onto the fjord on a midsummer night’s Sea Safari, or simply going on a night-time Hike in northern Norway in the stunning scenery behind the lodge.

Our Experts

Midnight Sun photography - Capture an unforgettable experience

The staff at Lyngen Lodge are on hand to ensure that you fully appreciate all the wonder of the best Midnight Sun experience, going beyond expectations to allow you the opportunity to photograph this remarkable phenomenon. Our 2 hour photography sessions teach you the best techniques and methods during the period between 11pm and 3am, when the ambient light is at its softest.

Midnight Sun Walk


Activities under the Midnight Sun in northern Norway and Lapland

The majority of our unforgettable summer time activities can be conducted throughout the night, allowing you to glide across the waters of the fjord, head off on an invigorating hike and much more, all under a brightly shining midnight sun. More details about the Summer Activities in Norway at Lyngen Lodge can be found on the detailed page.



Feedback from our guests about the stunning Midnight Sun experience:

“Our honeymoon was really incredible”
“We had such a great time at the lodge, our honeymoon was really incredible and more than we could have hoped for. We keep saying that the best part was our first few nights in Lyngen and the first night seeing the Midnight Sun. But especially how great you, Steve and Laura were to us, we really appreciated the warm hospitality!”

– James and Julia (USA)

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