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Northern Lights Experience in Norway - The unbelievable & the unforgettable

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The best holidays are those that leave a lasting impression and create memories for a lifetime. And few sights are as memorable as the mesmerising Northern Lights in northern Norway.

A natural light display caused by strong solar winds, the Northern Lights (or aurora borealis) are a magical phenomenon that are seen to be believed.

The luxury boutique hotel of Lyngen Lodge is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights in Norway, whilst our knowledgeable staff are on hand with presentations and photography masterclasses to help you capture images of these hauntingly beautiful displays.

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The Location

Where to go to see the Northern Lights in Norway

One of the many brilliant things about Lyngen Lodge is that you do not need to travel far to see the Northern Lights – they are frequently seen directly above the lodge itself! A long way from the disruption of city lights, the lodge is nestled in the perfect place, looking out onto wide open spaces, snow covered mountains and a glistening fjord. This is a truly stunning backdrop for the amazing Northern Lights.

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The Experience

When to see the Northern Lights in Norway

Due to the location of Lyngen Lodge in the Lyngen Alps of northern Norway, the highest success rates for seeing the Northern Lights come in the period November to March. Months of clear skies can mean regular appearances of the multi-coloured lights dancing across the sky. Lay flat on your back to fully experience the sensation, but dress up warm, as temperatures can be low at night during this period.

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The Unforgettable

Northern Lights Photography

Northern Lights photography is something of a skill – the rich tapestry of intertwining colours can require patience and timing to capture in all their beauty. During a stay at Lyngen Lodge to see the Northern Lights in Norway, we offer 2-hour Northern Lights photography classes each evening to help you understand more about both the Lights themselves, and the complex settings of your camera. Any camera with controllable long shutter opening times is enough, and our helpful staff will provide tripods for your use.


Northern Lights

Northern Lights Experience

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Feedback from our guests

“Thank you for the great hospitality you have shown us in the days we were here.”
“The kindness, the great food and a stage for the most wondrous Aurora Borealis? The year couldn’t have had started or ended better without you folks at Lyngen! This amazing adventure will forever be etched in our minds. Thank you x God Bless.”

– Lan Family & Chin Family