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Discover the Sami Reindeer Culture of Norway - An insight into Sami life

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For thousands of years, the people of northern Scandinavia lived a semi-nomadic herding lifestyle, moving from one fjord and valley to another. The Sami people (also known as Lapps or Laplanders) have a rich culture and history, one which they are proud to share with those willing to learn.

Lyngen Lodge is nestled on the slopes of the Lyngen Alps and is at one with its surroundings. The buildings are respectful of nature, and the food is sourced locally. Far more importantly, there is a strong relationship with the local community and the Sami traditions of Lyngen. You can use this opportunity to learn more about Sami culture, traditional reindeer sledding, and the Sami ways of life.

Sami Reindeer


The long History of the Sami people of Norway

The history of the Sami goes back long before modern national borders and the Kingdom of Norway. Arctic Europe has been their home for as long as anyone can remember, and the Sami population is now around 100,000 people. Traditionally, the Sami way of life has revolved around their large reindeer herds, moving from Lapland tundra to the coastal fjords in the long Norwegian summers.

Sami Culture

Discover the Sami Culture of Lapland with Lyngen Lodge

Lyngen Lodge is proud to have a strong working relationship with a number of local Sami people. Our Sami Culture programme includes:

  • Reindeer Sledding the historic way with a Sami guide
  • Visit to a traditional Sami lavvu tent
  • Detailed information on the Sami way of life, ranging from clothing and handicraft to food and history
Sami and reindeer
Reindeer Sledding

Winter Activity

Reindeer Sledding in Norway

The oldest and most traditional mode of transport for the Sami is the reindeer sled. Despite the oftentimes challenging conditions in the Lyngen Alps in wintertime, the native reindeer are perfectly suited to thriving in these conditions. Take the opportunity to get close to these majestic animals, and to learn about their vital role in the Sami way of life. Our knowledgeable Sami guides are on hand to take you through the stunning landscape of Lapland and northern Norway on a reindeer sled. This is a great chance to get close to these amazing animals, with a single reindeer pulling each sled through the amazing winter landscape. Evening trips take place under the eerily beautiful Northern Lights.

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Where do the Sami people live?

The Sami people inhabit a large area ranging from northern Norway and the beautiful Lyngen Alps across parts of Sweden and Finland to the Kola peninsula in Russia. Norway has the largest Sami population (around 40,000 people), and they have their own parliament (the Samediggi) in the Norwegian village of Karasjok.