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Winter Sea Safari - Experiencing nature up-close

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There is so much more to an Arctic winter than sometimes meets the eye. Beneath the flat stillness of the fjord’s sparkling blue waters, and high up in the skies, Arctic animals fill the space with sound, energy and life.

A sea safari in Norway is the best way to experience these wonders first hand. The luxurious Spirit of Lyngen boat takes you out into the fjord, so that you can fully

appreciate the enormity of the Arctic Lyngen. Every excursion and Norway safari with Lyngen Lodge is different and unique, based around specific weather conditions and animal movements. What is guaranteed however is a heightened appreciation of the relationship with nature in Lapland and northern Norway, and a service that goes beyond expectations.

Spirit Of Lyngen

Welcome on board

Our 15m luxury Targa 44 cruiser, the Spirit of Lyngen, is built specifically for winter conditions. Combining luxurious transport with the highest safety standards, the boat is equipped with a well-stocked galley, conveniences, and deep sea fishing equipment to enable you to try your hand at catching your own fish in the fjord.

Winter Safari

Different options for a Winter Sea Safari in Norway

There are many potential attractions that can be included as part of your Norway Safari with Lyngen Lodge, as the deluxe Spirit of Lyngen boat takes you out onto the Lyngen fjord and to the surrounding islands. Options include:

  • Whale watching during November and early December
  • A trip to Glacier Bay, including a trek to a beautiful frozen waterfall
  • Cruising under the enormous cliffs of the Lyngen National Park, home to numerous stunning birds of prey
  • Visits to the hanging glaciers north of the Lyngen Peninsula
  • Circumnavigations of the picturesque islands of Uløya and Follesøya

Arctic Wildlife

What to see on the winter safari

Whilst every winter safari with Lyngen Lodge is unique, here is a small selection of the different wildlife that can be seen during the winter period in the Lyngen Alps:

  • The Havørn (sea eagle) – the largest bird of prey in Europe
  • Giant cod, halibut and many other deep sea fish
  • Killer whales, humpback whales, and Atlantic dolphins


Stock Fish Culture Of Norway

The Lyngen Lodge sea safari also takes you out to the iconic fishing port of Havnnes, a National Heritage site of historic importance. Learn about the old dry fish hanging process, a traditional Viking method of preserving freshly-caught fish that is still used today. A local family will teach you about the area, and how they keep ancient traditions alive.


Winter Sea Safari Overview

A typical winter sea safari lasts between 4 and 5 hours, but is entirely dependent upon the ever-changing weather conditions during the winter months. For the same reason, it is not possible to book this activity in advance of your stay – it will be offered at Lyngen Lodge when favourable conditions allow.

Price: 2985 NOK per person