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Kayaking in Norway - Exploring the majestic Lyngen fjord

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Step out of the intimate Lyngen Lodge, rush down to the beach, jump into a waiting kayak, and glide gracefully into the cool waters of the Lyngen fjord. Within moments you are at peace, gently floating on the beautiful fjord.

In the summer months, Lyngen Lodge always has a collection of sea kayaks at hand. With the relevant equipment provided by our trained guides, you can enjoy the feeling of freedom as you explore the coasts of the Lyngen peninsula by kayak.

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How to go Kayaking in Scandinavia

Lyngen Lodge owns a collection of high-tech one-person Wilderness Tsunami 145 kayaks, along with all necessary paddles, life vests and safety items. These fast and lightweight kayaks will have you zipping through the waters in no time.

Kayak Travel

Lyngen Fjord

Travelling by kayak

Lyngen Lodge’s one-person kayaks are a great way to move around the waters of the Lyngen fjord. Gliding across the water under the remarkable Midnight Sun is a truly unforgettable experience.

Discover more about the Midnight Sun.

The Experience

Guided Kayaking Routes in Norway

Kayaking anywhere in Scandinavia is fun, but if you are interested in heading in a specific direction, our skilled guides are available to discuss kayaking adventures in the area. In just a very short journey, you can cross to the vertical sea cliffs and bays of the Lyngen peninsula.


Extra information about kayaking in Norway

Did you know...

  • The northwestern parts of Norway are frequently considered the best areas for sea kayaking in Europe due to the climate, and narrow intimate sensation of kayaking the fjords
  • There are over 1000 fjords in Norway to explore by kayak!