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Summer Sea Nature Safari - Getting to know the local wildlife

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Floating in the middle of the Lyngen fjord, you are at the heart of nature. Around you, dense forests, stark mountains, and flowering pastures sparkle in the summer sun. Above you, the birds wheel in the sky. Below, a whole ecosystem thrives under the cool waters of the fjord.

Lyngen Lodge, a luxury boutique hotel in the Lyngen Alps, offers the chance to do just that with a unforgettable Norway safari of Lapland and the Lyngen region. Aboard the Spirit of Lyngen boat, the expert guides take you to the best places to see the fantastic wildlife that makes Lyngen so special.

The Activity

Summer Sea Safari in Norway

This tour exposes you to the post ice age geology and ancient fishing culture dating back to the Viking era some 1000 years ago. The tour will begin by crossing over the Lyngen Fjord to cruise below the gigantic walls of sheer rock that rise directly out of the fjord. Here we will go on land and take a short hike to the largest glacier waterfall of the Lyngen National Park. Afterwards, we will cross to the island of Uløya and visit the historical cultural site of Havnness where they are still practicing the Viking art of drying cod fish to this day.

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Summer Safari

Personalised Norway Sea Safari Options

With so much diverse nature so close to Lyngen Lodge, there are many different options to make your experience exactly what you want, whether you are particularly interested in certain animals, a specific area, or simply want to enjoy the experience as a whole. Tours typically last between 3 and 8 hours.

It is possible to combine this option with Deep Sea Fishing, or even to head out onto the fjord under the spectacular Midnight Sun.

Summer Safari

The Boat

Luxury Sea Safari in Norway

Our summer safaris take you out onto the waters in our private boat, the Spirit of Lyngen. This 15m Targa 44 cruiser enables you to travel in luxury, with the necessary conveniences, a good array of fishing equipment, and a well-stocked galley of tasty local food.


What you can see on Safari in Lapland and Lyngen

Every Summer Sea Nature Safari with Lyngen Lodge is unique, but a typical trip offers chances to see:

  • Flocks of migratory sea birds – particularly when sailing past the massive cliffs of Lyngen National Park and the bird sanctuary between the islands of Uløya and Follesøya
  • Mighty sea eagles (Havørn in the local Norwegian), the largest bird of prey in Europe – especially under the sheer cliffs of the Lyngen Peninsula
  • Grey seals in the waters around Uløya and Follesøya
Animal summer safari
whales in sea


More animals on Norway Sea Safari

  • Giant cod, halibut and many other deep sea fish – throughout the rich waters of Lyngen fjord
  • Killer whales, humpback whales, porpoises and Atlantic dolphins. You can find further information about the whales and specific details of our Whale Watching programme on our designated page.