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Snowboarding - A thrilling adventure in the Lyngen Alps

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Snowboarding in Norway already has a great reputation, with top conditions whether you are in Lapland snowboarding, or you are all the way down south. Snowboarding in the Lyngen Alps is a feeling like no other however, with fall-lines that take you straight from Summit to Sea through breathtaking scenery in Norway.

At Lyngen Lodge, the expert guides and qualified mountain guides are there to make sure that you can enjoy the best descents possible, with invigorating and physical days in the mountains followed by evenings of luxurious relaxation offered by Lyngen Lodge.



What to know about Arctic and Lapland Snowboarding

The best times to carve up the Lyngen mountain sides are typically from March onwards. With such a vast area to explore however conditions can be extremely varied, and we recommend that snowboarders are technically competent to ride in all types of snow conditions. We also recommend that boarders use split snowboards, the safest and most reliable way to go snowboarding in Norway.

Snowboarding Mountains

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Snowboarding in Norway and Lyngen

The Lyngen Alps are a snowboarder’s paradise: there are countless long descents without any long toe or heelside traverses, or flat valley push-outs. You can enjoy the essence of boarding on these long and seemingly endless lines all the way down to the beach.

Equipment and Locations

Routes and Snowboarding Ideas for your stay in Norway

There are over 60 summits over 1000m flanking the stunning Lyngen fjord, providing hundreds of different lines for snowboarders to take. Our experts are there to help you choose what’s best for you.

Lyngen Lodge also offers an Ascent Ski system for rental (recommended for snowboarders under 65kg). The Ascent is a two piece aluminium ski with permanently fixed skins and a snowboard boot binding attachment.

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Professional Guidance for Snowboarding in Norway

At Lyngen Lodge, the Snowboarding and Skiing guides are fully UIAGM / IFMGA qualified, and also have over 25 years of experience. We also welcome independent guides with UIAGM / IFMGA qualifications if you wish to lead your own groups. Our experts offer morning safety briefings and evening log report assistance and are on hand to help you with any other logistics questions you might have about snowboarding in Lapland and the Arctic.


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