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In the Lyngen Alps, you really are spoiled for choice. Gentle hills, challenging mountains, grassy pastures, dense forests, glittering beaches, open tundra…

Where will your hikes take you? Whatever activities you choose to do at Lyngen Lodge,

the chances are high that it will involve some hiking in northern Norway. Our guides and staff are always available to help you come up with the perfect walks and Norway hiking tours that make the most of the specific time of year.

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The Experience

Hiking holidays in Norway with Lyngen Lodge

There are so many possibilities open to you in the Lyngen Alps that you will never find yourself at a loss or repeating the same thing. The diversity of scenery is breathtaking, ranging from mountains and hills to beaches and woods. This expanse is so large that we can confidently assure you that the only other groups you will encounter on your travels will be a reindeer, ptarmigan, or perhaps the odd moose…

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Our Experts

Guided Lyngen and Lapland Hiking Tours

Despite the beauty of the Lyngen Alps, nature is a powerful force, and conditions can change rapidly. Our trained guides are there to ensure your safety and to help you make the most out of your guided hikes in Norway. Whether you see yourself as a casual walker, dedicated hiker, or serious trekker, we can facilitate your plans and go beyond expectations. If you are particularly interested in Trail Running, you can find out more on our dedicated Trail Running page.

Activity in Norway

Hiking Holidays in Norway

If you come to Lyngen Lodge between the months of May and July, you can experience the magical phenomenon of the Midnight Sun, when the sun shines on the land north of the Arctic Circle for 24 hours a day. Going hiking in Norway through the night, with the sun still shining high above you, is an amazing and unforgettable experience.

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Our Transport

All Transport for the best Hiking in Norway is included

We are fortunate that some brilliant hiking tours start straight from the front door of Lyngen Lodge. For other routes, we provide transportation in 4x4, or on our special boat, the Spirit of Lyngen. The 15m long Targa 44 cruiser is the definition of luxury, complete with a well-stocked galley of tasty local food, conveniences, and fishing equipment if you ever feel like fishing.


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