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Boat Tours in Norway - Journey into the heart of the Reisa river canyon

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Imagine climbing into a small traditional wooden boat. You travel up a twisting river flanked by wooded hills, which are suddenly replaced with 300m high canyon walls bearing down on either side. Eventually you reach your goal. Before you, the largest waterfall in the region crashes down with the full force of nature.

The Reisa River boat tours offered by Lyngen Lodge offer a bit of everything for those interested in the stunning natural beauty of northern Norway. Taking you deep into a famed national park, you can explore Norway’s stunning scenery at its very best.

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The Experience

Guided Norway Boat Trips

The boat tour takes you in specially designed boats up the Reisa river canyon. The varied topographies range from woodlands filled with local wildlife, to high rock walls that form the sides of the mighty canyon. After roughly 2 hours, you will reach the famous Mollisfossen waterfall. We are more than happy to devise a special guided programme for you that includes trekking tours as part of a longer day tour. Options include visiting other spectacular waterfalls such as the Imofossen, or even travelling back down the river in canoes.

Molisfossen Falls

The Waterfall

The stunning Molisfossen Falls

The powerful Molisfossen cascades some 270 meters, making it the largest waterfall in northern Norway. The boat tour takes you up close, allowing for fabulous photo opportunities. Lunch takes place over an open fire beside this wonderful waterfall.

The Location

Discover the Reisa National Park

The boat tour takes you deep into the Reisa National Park, a protected area since the 1980s. Apart from the stunning scenery that passes you on all sides as you travel by boat, this is also a great opportunity to glimpse various different birds of prey, along with local ptarmigans and grouse. As the terrains change along the way, keep your eyes peeled for wandering moose, reindeer, or wolverines.

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Info and facts about the Reisa National Park:

Did you know...

  • The Reisa National Park covers over 806km2 of nature in Troms County
  • The water level of the Reisa River can change rapidly as the snow on the banks melts every spring
  • The Reisa River is also famous for its good fishing locations, especially close to the Imofossen waterfall