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Snowmobile Adventures - Touring the striking Arctic landscape

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Across northern Norway and Lapland, the arrival of winter also brings a sense of tranquillity and peacefulness to every fjord and mountaintop. Animals go into hibernation, nature dies down, and snow covers the landscape. Jumping on a snowmobile in Norway, you can go right into the heart of this wonderful scene.

Lyngen Lodge offers snowmobile adventures that take you far and wide across the diverse terrains of the Lyngen Alps. Speeding across frozen lakes and up to the summits of high inland mountains, you get a true sense of the peaceful tranquillity of an Arctic winter.

Snowmobile Landscape


What you need to know for a Snowmobile Adventure in Norway

A snowmobile tour can be included in your booking before you leave, or added as part of your Arctic experience once you have arrived at the lodge. Beyond a regular driving license, nothing further is required to drive one of our comfortable snowmobiles. Simply jump on, power the throttle, and head off into the vast expanse before you.

Snowmobile Adventure

Our Experts

Professional Snowmobile Guidance in Norway

Our trained tour guides are on hand to help you with any requests or desires you may have whilst on a snowmobile adventure. They know all about riding snowmobiles in Norway and Lapland, and the different terrains and topographies hidden beneath the snow.


The full Lapland snowmobile experience

A full tour with Lyngen Lodge provides a full snowmobile adventure in Norway that makes for a truly unforgettable experience. The guides will take you far inland, where the vivid Arctic colours are even stronger. Once at the frozen lake, you will have the chance to drill through the ice and fish for Arctic char. Afterwards, you can head to a mountain hut to warm yourself by the open fire and enjoy some legendary fish soup. The grand finale of the adventure comes in the late afternoon, as the violet colours of winter light up the Arctic sky.


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