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During an Arctic summer in Norway, the days are long and the sun shines down for up to 24 hours per day. The fjords and mountains are filled with life during this period, with flowers in full bloom and the countryside filled with all sorts of animals. The arrival of the Midnight Sun also means all the more time for you to partake in the numerous activities on offer at Lyngen Lodge, and to spend a truly relaxing summer vacation in Norway.

The weather conditions during summer in Norway allow you to explore the diverse

terrains of the Lyngen Alps many different way, from Hikes and Trail Running to Horse Riding and Mountain Biking. Be at one with nature: get face to face with the fauna by Whale Watching, going on a Safari, Salmon River Fishing and Deep Sea Fishing, or immerse yourself in the stunning flora with trips to Glaciers and Waterfalls. Other wonders lie further off the beaten track, like the Kåfjord Canyon Bridge and the towering Mollisfossen waterfall, accessible via the Reisa River Boat Tour. Back at the luxurious comfort of the lodge, you can relax in the fresh waters of the Lyngen Fjord by Kayaking or Stand Up Paddling or partake in a serene Yoga Retreat.

Summer Activity in Norway

Glacier Hike

Not far from the comfort of Lyngen Lodge, a remarkable natural feature lays waiting for you. Following a winding path through dense forests, you will come across the remarkable Strupbreen glacier. Our glacier courses allow you to explore this icy wonderland with crampons and ice axes – and a trained expert guide, of course.

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Glacier Hiking

Summer Activity in Norway

E-Bike & Mountainbike Adventure

Norway during the summer is a cyclist’s paradise. The mix of terrains, from gently rolling countryside to challenging mountain assents, make for a thrilling activity whatever your ability. With both e-bikes and mountainbikes available to hire at Lyngen Lodge, there are numerous cycle routes to enjoy here during summer in northern Norway.

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Summer Activity in Norway

Summer Sea Nature Safari

One of the unforgettable features of the Lyngen Alps is the sheer diversity of animals that fill the fjord and mountains with life and activity. A guided summer safari takes you to the middle of the Lyngen fjord and to mountains and sheer cliffs, for the opportunity to see seals sunning themselves, fish feeding, eagles nesting and much more.

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Summer Safari
Boat Tours

Summer Activity in Norway

Reisa River Boat Tours

The canyon carved by the Reisa river is millennia old and holds many hidden secrets such as the Mollisfossen – one of Norway’s highest waterfalls. The best way to navigate this twisting canyon is via the river itself, in specially designed boats capable of taking you far up the Reisa river.

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Kafjord Canyon

Summer Activity in Norway

Kåfjord Canyon Bridge

Not far from Lyngen Lodge are the rugged and remarkable landscapes of the Kåfjord Canyon, the Gorsa Gorge, and the monumental Storfossen waterfall. If the view were not impressive enough from the winding track, you can also cross one of Europe’s deepest canyons on a specially built aluminium bridge to capture a memory for a lifetime.

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Midnight Sun

Summer Activity in Norway

Midnight Sun Experience

Between the months of May and July, the sun shines on the land north of the Arctic Circle for 24 hours a day – even at midnight, you can witness the beauty of the Lyngen Alps in the sunshine. Expert photography courses help you to capture the perfect photos of this unforgettable phenomenon and of your perfect midnight sun experience in beautiful Norway.

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Visit Norway in Summer

Summer at the Lodge

Summertime in the Lyngen Alps is characterised by long warm days and bright sunny nights. After fulfilling and invigorating days packed with activities, we know that it is important to be able to destress and relax in the evenings. The luxurious setting of Lyngen Lodge offers this in abundance, allowing you to admire the beauty of the midnight sun from the comfort of a jacuzzi, or to follow up an exquisite dinner with some drinks in the social ‘stua’ area. More detailed information about the summer climate in the Arctic and Lapland can be found on our page about the summer weather in Norway.

Summer Activity in Norway

Horse Riding

Some of the friendliest locals to be found in the area are the Lyngshest horses, a breed uniquely suited to the landscape of the Lyngen Alps. Our guided horse rides allow you to travel to stunning lakes, rivers and viewpoints, all from horseback.

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Horse Riding

Summer Activity in Norway

Visit the Waterfalls

The landscape of the Lyngen Alps is dotted with numerous waterfalls of varying shapes and sizes. From the imposing Storfossen and the dramatic Mollisfossen to many smaller falls, summertime is one of the best times to explore them, whichever way you choose.

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Summer Activity in Norway

Your Yoga Retreat in Norway

The tranquil setting of Lyngen Lodge finds you in the midst of nature. This relaxing environment is the perfect setting for a restorative yoga retreat. This safe environment offers sessions for all levels of experience and guided excursions, and is led by the renowned Minna Skirgard.

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Feedback from our guests about their stays at Lyngen Lodge and visiting Norway and Lapland in summer:

“Thanks for a wonderful stay!”

“We had five days of beautiful weather, great adventures, lots of fresh air and exercise and, of course, fantastic food! We leave with many memories, and hope to return.” 

- Katherine and Petter (USA)

“A great ‘thank you’ to all of you for making our stay here so enjoyable”

“Your hospitality and attentiveness to our needs are greatly appreciated! Had lots of fun dog-sledding, chasing the lights, and just chilling out! Thanks for offering a great Arctic experience!” 

- Jia Liang and Si Yin (Singapore)

“Thank you for the amazing stay at the beautiful Lyngen Lodge!”

“We enjoyed all the activities, as well as the delicious food (much appreciated) and the great company. It really felt like home.” 

- Arjan and Tirza

“Thank you all for the great stay”

“We had a great time with all the laughter and activities.” 

- Wee Jeh and Annetta (Singapore)


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