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Trail Running in Norway - Exploring the wilds of Lyngen

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Sometimes the simplest things are the best – with trail running, all you need is a decent pair of running shoes. Get into your running gear, and put on your shoes, and you are ready to head out into the enchanting wilderness of northern Norway.

Our dedicated staff at Lyngen Lodge have incredibly detailed knowledge of the numerous paths and tracks that criss-cross the Lyngen Alps. They will help you plan the ideal route that takes in some unforgettable scenery along the way.

Trail Running

The Landscape

The beauty of Trail Running in the Lyngen Alps

The area around the luxurious Lyngen Lodge is the perfect place to go exploring on a trail run. Directly behind the lodge, you can quickly find yourself running through a variety of different terrains from dense forests to open tundra, and from flat stony beaches to rolling grassy hills.

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The Phenomenon

Norway Trail Running under the Midnight Sun

The beauty of trail running lies in the unrestricted opportunities. You can head out anytime, anywhere. There is something truly special about running through the stunning landscape at midnight, with the sun still shining above you and filling the fjord with fantastic light.

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The Experience

Trail Running Adventures in Norway

During the sunny summer months, there are so many hours to fill with exciting activities each and every day. The guides and staff at Lyngen Lodge are there to assist in planning a suitable route based upon your interests, time constraints, and fitness level.

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Special Event: The Storhaugen Vertical Kilometer – Powered by Lyngen Lodge

Every July, a fantastic event takes place right outside Lyngen Lodge. The Storhaugen Vertical Kilometer starts next to the lodge, just outside the village of Djupvik, and takes you up to the summit of the Storhaugen mountain and back again. The traditional run is suitable for all different ages and abilities, but there is also a shorter route to Dalberget suitable for the whole family, and a superhero-themed run for those aged between 5-11 years.

You can find out more information about the Vertical Kilometer, along with registration details and relevant regulations at the Storhaugen Vertical Kilometer website.

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