The Lyngen Alps & Islands

With over 60 summits over 1000m flanking the Lyngen Fjord's shores, skiers are provided with an incredible choice of terrain.


Kaafjord Djupvik

Height: 1228m
Ski Descent: West and north possible
Average Angle: 28 degrees
Character: Lodge home mountain providing long open slopes with a consistent angle. Holds powder well and also offers excellent spring skiing. Forest open and provides good lines.



Height: 1288m
Ski descent: West, South and South West
Character: The Sormegaisa offers huge potential for freeriding with many high quality mountain lines to choose from. Sorbmegaisa classic routes range in the 30 to 32 degree angle but there are more serious exposed descents in the mid 40 degree angle that are often highly avalanche prone.



Height: N.Summit 1335m
Ski descent: North
Character: A wonderfully long wide mountain ridge that soars above the fjord with spectacular views of the Lyngen Fjord. This mountain is superb in the midnight sun.


Rotsundet - Uloya

Height: 1064m
Ski descent: West
Character: This mountain is also suitable for poor weather days and when steeper slopes are less stable. Kjelvagtinden is a wonderfully wide mountain face that stretches what seems for endless turns to the beach. The summit ridge to Blaatinden is a classic traverse.


Rotsund - Uloya

Height: 1142m
Ski descent:
Beach pick up West face
Traverse East or West to Havnnes or Uloybukta
Character: There are many variations from the summit of Blaatinden. It's a legendary ski with long slopes and the west beach pick up is only accessible by specialized boat.



Height: 1183m
Ski descent: East
Character: A unique character to Lyngen away from the fjords. This mountain is high alpine looking and the central bowl is over shadowed by high towering rock walls. The ski is long and perfectly angled with superb forest skiing.


East Couloir

Height: 1077m
Character: Storetinden East Couloir - was skied by Graham in August from the boat Spirit of Lyngen.
Couloir was a whopping 900m on fairly steep skiing right down to the sea - life jacket needed! The couloir has permanent snow inside so can be skied all year.



Height: Summit 1291m.
Ski descent: SW
Character: A link up with Stortinden and descend to Kippeldalen to Nordmannvik.
Safety note: Large faces along the entire Kippeldalen - late spring sees some huge late afternoon wet avalanches here, but keep an eye on slab as these faces are big and steep above.



Height: 1228m
Ski descent: West or East
Character: The Storekagtinden is a world class ski. The summit is dramatic the climb demanding and the ski exposed to nature. Much of the mountain is slightly convex so it seems as if you're skiing directly into the sea. There are many variations from this summit and all are serious undertakings and experience in good snow.

Storsandnestinden North Summit


Height: 930m
Ski descent: East or West Couloir
Character: Excellent variation with many skis and climbs combined into one tour if starting from the West face by boat.


Lyngen Alps

Height: 1219m
Ascent slope: West
Character: Storegalten offers one of the longest consistently angled slopes in the Northern Lyngen Alps. It's steep and provides exhilarating skiing. It can be combined with a traverse from Gammvikblaisen.

Gammvikblaisen Storundtinden

Lyngen Alps

Height: 1219m
Ski descent: Various
Character: This wonderful glacier access some incredible terrain. It's possible to ascend Storundtinden and descend back to Gammvika or traverse to Storegalten down the impressive west face to Nordlenangen or via a technical ski down to below Peppartinden to in Gammvika.


Lyngen Alps

Height: Approx 1000m
Ski descent: East
Character: Approx height only known here as it depends from where you ski from. This is a technical and serious route requiring good mountaineering judgement additional to skiing. The glacier mid section is seraced and depends on snow years if it's possible to descend the left exit couloir.


Lyngen Alps

Height: Approx 1000m
Ski descent: East and North
Character: Ascending the Rappdalen you enter into an amphitheatre atmosphere with towering peaks and couloirs coming at you from all sides. It's a wonder just to walk in this hidden valley. The ski is from a hidden glacier to the north.


Lyngen Alps

Height: 1132m
Ski descent: East and North
Character: Challenging ski under taken in compact conditions with solid cover below 300m. Sea state key to pick up, often exposed to high sea. Avalanche prone area from south/east aspects above Storskora. Recommended early summer.


Lyngen Alps

Height: 1327m
Ski descent: East and North
Character: Ascending the Reindalen below the north face of Reindalstinden is quiet a moment. This massif is the king of the Northern Lyngen Peninsula, it's impressive from all angles you happen to see it from. The Reindalsblaisen is further up the valley and offers a fine ski inland amongst impressive peaks.


Lyngen Alps

Height: 1395m
Ski descent: East or South East
Character: A spectacular journey across the Strupbreen Glacier that passes under the majestic Strupbreentinden and Lenangstindane that would be at home in the high ranges of Alaska. No visit to Lyngen is complete until you've stood and seen the view from the summit of Tafeltinden.



Height: 821m
Ski descent: West
Character: A wonderfully sheltered area that offers a variety of descents with interesting traverses and multiple ski days directly above the ocean.


Lyngen Alps

Height: 1289m
Ski descent: East
Character: Kavringtinden is a classic and offers a fine ski from the north summit down long consistent slopes down to Lyngseidet.


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