Ski Lyngen Alps

May 29: Another midnight sun session with ultimate weather conditions! We ate dinner at 8pm and headed down to the Spirit of Lyngen boat for 10pm… still not getting used to the thought of skiing after dinner! Today or tonight’s ski was to point 1079m up the Koppangbreen to catch corn snow at 4am. After a short blast across the fjord and a close high speed pass directly under the Støvelen cliff walls we dropped anchor in the Koppangen bay. Strapping skis to rucksack we crossed rivers and reached the snow after 40mins of walking. Three hours later we reached out summit ridge warmed by the rays of the midnight sun. The sun warmed the snow on the steeper north east facing slopes to provide perfect spring skiing conditions. The tour was completed with a morning swim, fishing and lodge relaxing… Well that was it for the season… we’ll see all skiers next season 2011 and all look forward to welcoming all our summer guests for more adventures in the green and sunny mountains and rivers!Ski Lyngen Alps Norway
Eirik letting the skis run in perfect corn snow at 4am – this is better than sleeping!_DSC8129
Morten hopping the rocks…_DSC8022
Magnificent finish along the ridge to reach our midnight sun goal to point 1079m on the Koppangsbreen (glacier)_DSC8134
This spiky little chap will make a good soup

The skiing just keeps going… May 28:
So I thought the skiing was over, we no it’s not! We welcome our group from Oslo – 11 hungry skiers who are ready for action! So it’s back into the midnight sun skiing and we begin with Kågen on the flanks of Store Kågtinden by boat. The light was incredible with no clouds and pure sun shining over the ocean at 1am. We began at 11pm and climbed to 900m and skied down in sun warmed corn to the beach for 5am. We’re off again to night to Strupbreen Glacier so check back for tonights pictures._DSC7962
At 3am the sun was just beginning to soften the snow on the north east slopes of Kågen. Jan skiing the mid mountain of KågenSki Lyngen Alps
In the Spirit of Lyngen heading to Kågen down the Lyngen Fjord_DSC7902
The Oslo kids on the climb up_DSC7993
Alex skiing the last slopes down from Breidkågen

End of Ski Season 2010:
Our 3rd season at Lyngen Lodge has been amazing in every way. We’d like to thank all our guests who have travelled from all corners of the world to visit and ski with us through the Lyngen Alps and surrounding islands. February began with good powder skiing and the Northern Lights kept lighting the sky until mid April. March and April began with powder snow combined with good fishing and whale spotting on route to the skiing and finally May produced some of the finest spring skiing we’ve seen in years and an extreme warm period in mid May forced all the skiing to head to Kågen Island for some amazing midnight sun skiing.
Ski Lyngen Alps
Ruth skiing the crisp early morning snow on Kågen under the midnight sun

May 18: Another great ski morning with a return to Kågen Island with photographer Grant Gunderson, pro skiers Sven Brunso and Matthias Giraud for a shoot of midnight skiing for the Ski Journal magazine USA. The snow is becoming more compact and the skiing early morning around 3am was really great corn snow and we managed to shoot the skiing against the fjord lit by the low sun over the ocean. Here are a few shots of the night showing Sven and Matthias in action. We arrived back at the boat at 5am and went for a swim off the boat… super psyched up for some dive action off the Spirit. Simon headed up to climb the Svartfjellet and reported great snow at 5am down the east face, see his photos below the Kågen sequence.Ski Lyngen Alps
“Frenchie” Matthias fist time skiing the midnight sun
Sven Brunso cranking a few turns at 3am down BreidkågenIMG_8058_1
In coming from above – if anyone finds a pair of underpants in the fjord please return to Lyngen Lodge_DSC7730
View to the north next stop Greenland

Simon’s group
The view up towards Svartfjellet in the RotsundL1000430
Susan and Simon on the summit at 4am

May 17: Norway’s Independence day – Hipphipp Hurrah. The summer has arrived and temperatures are very warm so all ski days have been moved to the night time, we have 24 hrs sunlight now so it is perfect for night skiing. The best snow is out at Kågen Island accessed by boat. So this morning we boarded the Spirit of Lyngen and headed to the eastern side for some excellent morning soft snow under the midnight sun. Photos today from Christoph.L1000266
Simon, Marianne and Susan climbing up the east face of Breidkågen with the midnight sun light over headL1000314
Pick up at 4amL1000331
The route south back to the lodge down the Lyngen Fjord was lit with this incredible light from the low rising sun.IMG_0066_1
Left to right Team Swiss/USA – Christoph, Marianne, Simon (guide) Solina and Susan

May 13: Well.. you all know we’re about skiing during May but today I have to tell you about the fish that was landed on the boat as Glen was waiting to collect my group of skiers from the Strupbreen glacier. One of our guests on the boat landed a 22+ kilo Cod mamma that is large enough to feed a family of 10 for about a week, it’s the biggest we’ve landed. Of course Ruth was in on the action and it’s the first time I’ve seen a fish bigger than Ruth! Now for the skiing, another memorable day on the ski-licious Strupbreen glacier and the summit of Tafeltinden 1395m in super spring snow conditions. Manfred headed to Kågen and his group loved the scenery. Photos from Ruth the fish…Sea Fishing Northern Norway
The cod fish is the one wearing the red jumper… Hans one of our guests caught the fish … but Ruth is seen here taking all the glory.
Ruth is Lyngen Lodge’s bookings manager read more on Ruth here>>IMG_9269
My guys heading up above the scenic bay of StrupenIMG_9274
Just heading over the glacier moraine with our planned summit for the day in the back ground – TafeltindenIMG_9294
Just below the summit – I liked this mood of fast moving clouds and the sun burst just off the top of the summit towerIMG_9308
We skied down the glacier just behind the rocky spire summit – this is not a staged shot, they are genuinely happy to be there 🙂

May 12: A perfect “blue bird” day for a Kågen island traverse to Storesandnestinden. The boat Spirit of Lyngen left the harbour at 8am and headed north for a beach landing on the west shore of Kågen. This tour is a journey into kind of a hidden world of peaks, valleys and lakes. The views are amazing and from the summit you’re just surrounded by water on all sides. Manfred’s group headed up Sorbmegaisa for some corn snow down the west face. Photos from Kågen._DSC7228
The Spirit of Lyngen dropping off at the Kågen beach_DSC7250
Steve making meters up to the first col_DSC7257
The first of two descents down to the kidney lake in compressed powder_DSC7301
There are so many ridges and routes on Kågen – the possibilities are endless_DSC7263
Michie cruising the first descent in nice snow

May 11:
The snow didn’t freeze so much over night due to a cloud covered sky so the snow conditions where a little wet already by midday, but never the less we had fun skiing Sorbmegaisa. Manfred’s group headed to Uløya and Blåtinden and reported the same snow but also had a funny day on the boat with some waves on the beach pickup.IMG_9259
The cross over from south to north summit of Sorbmegaisa – there’s a big 500m drop straight down on the left side so good visibility is helpful hereIMG_9264
Mark dispite his blisters is enjoying these turns

May 10: This week is like hitting the jackpot – sunshine everyday, no wind, still fjord and mega spring snow like I’ve never seen it before. Lots of positives about the day and especially the early starts I love the most…. We’re leaving the lodge at 7.30am.. hey that’s early enough for a skier my age! We took the boat to Uløya and made a traverse of Blåtinden east / west to the beach. The snow was immaculate. Manfred took his group up to Kjelvågtinden and was jumping with joy at the end of his day.. Photos from Blåtinden today. Enjoy 🙂Skiing in Norway
Michie skiing the smooth lines down to the beach – a mixture or powder and spring snowSki touring norway
Boat drop off – best you don’t slip off this one… without the life jacket you’ll sink with the ski boots._DSC7026
The only green pine tree breaking the white_DSC7082
Michie leading the lads up the mountainSki by boat norway
The summit party hipphipp hurrah_DSC7107
Any guesses where Mark and his hat comes from? I’m expecting the kilts to be broken out at some point! Mark skiing towards the boat moored at the beach at skjeret beach.guided skiing norway at Lyngen Lodge
The pink devil has returned and as expected she’s still a little rebel. Ruth from our bookings office is here for a extended visit

May 9:
Hello and welcome to the end of the weekend and the start of a new ski week. We had a little fresh snow overnight that fell low down into the forest. It was just a covering but at 5cm it was perfect on top of the smooth hard base under foot. So we welcome a full lodge this week and introduce into the ring our group of 7 Scots and our next a mixture of German and Austrian skiers led by guide Manfred Lorrenz from Austria. What a day to start, fresh snow and sunshine – everyone ws fully motivated and I hardly had time to eat breakfast as my Scots were fired up on porridge and ready with skis on. We headed up first day to Storehaugen and performed our weekly avalanche safety training. We made the summit by 2pm and enjoyed fantastic skiing that ended in the jacuzzi by 4pm.Lyngen_Lodge_Ph-_Graham_Austick_1
Steve in full swing on day uno

On the summit ridge amongst broken cloud creating a real sky lofty atmosphereSki Norway
First experience skiing down to the waterLyngen_Lodge_Ph-_Graham_Austick_2
The broken clouds and glimpses of mountains through them create a sureal atmosphere on the climb to the summitLyngen_Lodge_Ph-_Graham_Austick_3
My team from Left to right: Steve, Michie, David, Colin, Mark, Ben and Angus

May 6: Sensational weather and 3 top destinations skied today. Thomas headed over to Tafeltinden, Paul and his ladies traversed Uløya and Blåtinden and I skied with Tim journalist from Big Lines in Canada skied Store Kågtinden west to east. Incredible day all round and photos from all over today:DSC_0578_1
The Spirit of Lyngen in action pulling away from the Strupen today.
Photo: Gary GoodmanL1070121
Paul and his ladies week. Out of 6 gorgeous girls it was a surprise that no one helped Paul pack his rucksack today. Anyone have a spare pair of skins for Paul please…_DSC6628
Tim moving up and away from the west beach on Kågen_DSC6651
Tim dropping into the east face of Store Kågtinden_DSC6678_1
Great sunlight and shadows deep inside the east face_DSC6795
Skiing down to the sea – there is nothing else quiet like it.

May 5:
It turned into a swimming day – first swim off Uløya island for the season, the charge led by Jim and Andrew. Thomas’s group headed to Blåtinden and Paul’s group to Sorbmegaisa for a round trip and down the central ridge in great powder. So without any further delay lets see some Arctic swimming shots in +4 degrees water…. good on yer lads.. some ski shots will be added after dinner!IMG_2669
Andrew – wishing he could change his mindIMG_2670
How cold…IMG_2672
Monster from the seaweed

May 4: Sunny day, calm sea and perfect skiing conditions on the mountain, it’s already May but the snow conditions are like end of mid April with good powder on the top half of the mountains. Paul headed over to Storesandnestinden for a west east traverse of Kågen and came back with big smiles. Thomas Hallen’s group loved the Sorbmegaisa traverse above the lodge for that priceless combination of powder snow and scenic therapy. Photos from Paul’s group.IMG_8124
It’s important for safety that we check the depth of the snow daily
On route up to StoresandnestindenIMG_6330
Eveyln and Julia from Austria, St.Anton skiers visiting Lyngen for the first timeIMG_8129
Group photo over a summit lunch stop

May 3:
Happy new month! We’re into our May skiing and soon the midnight sun will be here where we ski through the night and take breakfast in the jacuzzi! This week we welcome our US/Canadian/Swiss group led by Swedish guide Thomas Hallen and our second group led by our own Guide Paul who is leading the Euro mixed group including one Kiwi! It was a sensational day to Uløya with different ascent routes and beach pick ups. The highlight was not the skiing but the dolphins playing with boat on the way home. Photos today from Andrew Goodman.DSC_0339
Dolphins surfing some boat wavesDSC_0253
High above the fjords and as the weather cleared, the first real views of the week can into viewDSC_0301
Climbing up with the Lyngen Peninsula on the opposite side of the fjord