Salmon River Fishing

Experience the stunning canyon landscape with our guided fishing service available June to August

We provide a guided fishing service using a river boat to access the last 30km of the upper section of the river. The upper section enters a canyon style landscape and offers both pools and fast flowing sections.

We provide all equipment if required including rods for fly and spinning options, waders and licenses.

The river is 100km (70 miles) long and it’s source flows from the high Finnish tundra to finally meet the ocean at the Norwegian town of Storslett half an hour transfer from Lyngen Lodge. The Reisa is divided into 19 fishing zones over it’s 100km length, zones 1 to 10 are accessed easily via road from Storslett to Bilto. The river here in it’s lower reaches spans 30 – 50 meters wide and due to it’s meandering course deep pools, fast and slow currents can be found along the lower sections.

It is possible to fish for salmon on a day license basis on the picturesque National Park Reisa River.

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Available end of June – end of August

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