Sea Nature Safari

A unique way to experience Lyngen's incredible natural world available June to March

Experience marine life and dramatic scenery aboard the Spirit of Lyngen boat which provides fast access to the areas of outstanding beauty and interest around the Lyngen Fjord and surrounding islands.


This scenic journey is filled with dramatic coastlines filled with glaciers and mountains rising vertically out from deep fjords. Observe Europe’s largest birds of prey the Havørn (Sea Eagle) and numerous migratory sea birds nesting on the high cliffs. Humpback Whales and Springer Whales will be feeding throughout the Lyngen Fjord and try your hand at fishing for cod and halibut from the boat with expert guidance in the rich waters of the fjord.

During the winter season, the journey begins aboard the high speed boat the Spirit of Lyngen. First port of call is the historic fishing village of Havnnes on the island of Uløya to see the “Dry Fish” hanging process. Boarding the Spirit again you will circumnavigate Uløya island and visit the bird sanctuary nestled between the two picturesque islands of Follesøya, here it is possible to sea the grey seal and some early settling migratory birds.

Heading further to the eastern shore line of the Lyngen Fjord you’ll experience the mountains and shear cliffs of the Lyngen Peninsula at close quarters from the deck of the Spirit boat, here nesting along the cliffs the giant Sea Eagle (Europe’s largest bird or prey) can be seen. You’ll have the chance to deep sea fish for giant cod fish, spot whales and finally visit the spectacular glacier fed Strupen Bay.

Tours range from 3 to 8 hours, create your own tour and contact us here for options.

Please note, Winter Sea Safari is not bookable in advance during November – end of February due to the likelihood of extreme weather on the fjord. It is offered only when favourable conditions can be guaranteed while at the lodge.

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Tours operating June – October & November – March (subject to weather conditions).

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