Fat Biking Adventures

Get ready to be thrilled with guided E Fat Bike tours. Powered by HAIBIKE

Fat Bikes are mountain bikes but with extra fat tyres that effortlessly swallow every lump, bump and rock in their path. Couple this with the Electric battery offering 4 modes of assistance on demand while peddling and you’re set for an exciting day, riding along trails in stunning fjord and mountain scenery.

E Fat Biking is suitable for everyone and with various levels of fitness. You choose the power mode and off you go!

We offer guided tours:

The Bikes

We are proud to cooperate with Haibikes SDURO Full Fat Six full suspension. This model allows for full flexibility and comfort whatever the terrain. The power is provided by Yamaha with 500Wh that provides hours of assistance on demand.

Gearing and brakes provided by Shimano Deore XT