Sea Safari Winter

A powerful fjord experience packed with culture, wildlife & undisturbed nature

The Sea Safari Lyngen on board our 15m luxury Targa 44 cruiser is built specifically for winter conditions. It’s only when you’ve been on the fjord do you fully appreciate the enormity of the Arctic Lyngen.

Our sea safaris are almost limitless in terms of where we can go on the Lyngen Fjord and the surrounding islands. The sea safari route taken is dependent on weather, wind and sea conditions.

Every Sea Safari is different from the last, that’s the beauty of the fjord and her ever changing conditions, weather and character. Our main attractions are Glacier Bay and a trek to the frozen waterfall. Cruising under the gigantic cliffs of the Lyngen National Park and spotting Europe’s largest bird of prey and the possibility during winter for Killer Whales, Humpback Whales and Atlantic dolphins. Viewing the last of the hanging glaciers over the fjord to the north of the Lyngen Peninsula. A visit to the National Heritage Site fishing port of Havnnes, a spectacular example of history surviving in a modern era. Traditional viking dry fish hanging is still lived and produced today. Here you’ll meet the local family keeping ancient tradition alive.

The Lyngen Lodge Sea Safari is one of the Big Top Four experiences of Lyngen Lodge alongside dog sledding, snow mobile and ice fishing and snow shoeing. Add your activity interest to the request form below or book it direct with your accommodation.

Duration: 4 to 5 hours

Price: 2750 NOK per person
For booking please add your desired activities on the request form or book directly at the lodge.

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